United Federation of Europa 

In Divasiti Väraint (United In Diveristy)

Flag of Europe
Capital Brussels
Largest city Moscow
Official languages English, Spanish, German, +40
Regional Languages Over 200
Demonym European
Government Federal Representitive Parlimentary
Legislature House of Progression
 -  Declaration 2046 
 -  Establishment 2047
 -  2038 census 560,425,112 (3rd)
GDP (PPP) 2015 estimate
 -  Total $21.124 Trillion 
Currency Euro (EU)
Time zone


Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .eu
Aircraft registration EU

The United Federation of the Greater Expanse of Europe and Europa, or the European Federation, is a Federation located in the Continents of Europe and Asia. Its Capital City is Brussels while its largest City is Moscow, after the integration of the Eurasian Union. It consists of  __ Former sovereign countries. The Numerous Republics are run by a Federal Government which decides much of each Republic's Laws, taxes, and development projects. Each Republic also has its own control over much smaller decisions, for instance the redevelopment of run-down areas.

It boasts the world's fourth Largest Economy after China, Indonesia, Brazil and India. Its Exports include, Citrus Fruits, Electronics, Cars, Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals, Food Produce, Wines and Alcohol among many other items. For the most part it is a Self-Sustained Nation where the goods from all part of the nation are distributed among the citizens.

It officially formed in 2036 after a fascist uprising that left the continent divided, The former members of the European Union united to work for a common good. In 2073 the Eurasian Union, after picking itself up off its feet from the fascist revolutions, joined The Federation. Its damaged infrastructure and the risk of another uprising were so great it joined the Federation.

The Declaration of the Act of Union was signed on 3rd December 2046 and the original Union was implemented March 8th 2047.

Government and Politics

Political Parties




Transport in Europe is one of the most connected in the world. You can get a Train in Reykjevik, Iceland and get a train straight to the United Korean Republic's border.

The average Maglev Vactrain

Maglev Trains

Europe is served by hundreds of small train routes, as well as large, high-speed "missile" trains. Every Major city in the Federation is connected by the Trans-EurAsian Europa Rail Network. The system is served by Underground, Magnetically Propulsed Maglev Vactrains. Trains were above ground in the late 2020s but ear-damaging sonic booms became a problem so trains were put in underground tunnels with little oxygen. Each train is 0.7 miles long and,  if carrying humans, consists of a restaurant, an hourly Daycare, a cinema, a Nap area, a Recreation room and a Dog Kennel. 

Trans-Atlantic Tunnel


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