United Commonwealth of North America
The united commonwealth

"In Safety we Stand" (official) 

Anthem: "The Two Great Cities"

The contiguous United Commonwealth

Capital Chicago Sector, MegaCity Two
Largest city MegaCity One
Official Laguages English, Native American Languages
Recognised regional languages
National language English
Demonym Commonwealther
Government Corrupt Technocracy
Legislature Hall of Gods
 -  Upper house Hall of Majors
 -  Lower house Hall of Minors
 -  2185 estimate 2,020,206,000
Currency Inter-Galactic Credit 
Drives on the right
Calling code +1
ISO 3166 code UC

The United Commonwealth of North America, more frequently called the United Commonwealth  or the Commonwealth is a union of states and provinces of former East Canada and the United States.

It formed in 2099 on April 1st on the Act 2099 after The remaining US and Canada's economy began to collapse. The Partition of the United States happened after a Slavic Union victory of WWIII which was succeeded by The North American Civil War. The US maintained its existence on the great plains to east coast.

The Commonwealth is divied into Four main zones Northern Lakes, East Coast, Tropics and The Great Plains. Labrador is considered a autonomous native Euro-Region meaning it is shared under control by Native Tribes and The Franco-Iberian Union.



Most of the Commonwealths population live in the highly deprived MegaCity One (over 1.2 billion). Its population is owed to the baby boom of the 2040s where over 400 million babies were born in two decades in the US, an extraodinary even still unexplained by Population Statistics people.

MegaCity Two, a relativley wealthy city holds 500 million people.


Supposidly the Government ellects a person to a role based on their knowledge of the subject, but this has mostly been corrupted. Almost all attention is focused on MegaCity Two as it is a economic powerhouse as well as a tourism and industrial one. The President of the Commonwealth is elected by the Hall of Majors every 12 years. 

Relations with Atzlan

The nation is noted for its strenuous relations with the Atzlan Republic. The two have been in a cold war since the Mexican invasion of the United States in WWIII. Soon after forces were pushed back to Colorado whre they remained. The two are known as one of the only disputing counties left on Earth.

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