Swedish general election, 2042
2038 ← 14 September 2042 → 2046

All 349 seats to the Riksdag

175 seats are needed for a majority

Jurgen Trittin
Katja kipping
Leader Måns Johansson Kristina Söderlund Rasmus Ericsson
Party Social Democratic Green Moderates
Leader since


2038 2032
Seats Won 103 102 93

Villy Sovndal
Simone Peter
SFP Pia Olsen Dyhr
Leader Hans Vikström Linnéa Granqvist Moa Rehnquist
Party Centre Pirate Party

Sweden Democrats                   61

Seats Won 80 73
Leader since 2042 2038 2038
Stig Grenov
Leader Anton Lagerquist


Seats Won



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The Swedish general election, 2042 was a very close election between Social Democratic Måns Johansson and Green Kristina Söderlund

The main topics of the election was the ongoing Arabian War, many debates and speeches were held at the Almedalsveckan.


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