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In the great while of darkness for some civilizations, after they have a new golden age and everything changes. In the Roman Empire they were built on the golden age of a new started kingdom after wars for territory and more (even though the empire had fallen in 476 AD) by wars. Many things like this has happened in the past, but after the great war from Iraq and Afghanistan, the whole world went into a new golden age even if there are wars after and many things would change in technology. The new world would go under great changes, with some that are good and some that cause great casualties.


  • Hawaii was lost to Sweden in 2028.
  • The papacy was abolished in 2047 after a war in Rome.
  • Democracy is the main party for the USA.
  • The Moon has been terraformed and it is sustained for human life in 2060.
  • The first manned mission to Mars is successful and the astronauts stay on Mars for research.

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