To ask to put the logo of on the stadium of the King of Los Angeles stadium. if it's possible. Of course, these kind of partnerships are always.. complicated since people are already there, but, this is only proposals.

To build the Las Vegas Stadium in Vegas and to ask to Berkshire Hathaway if they want to be a sponsor and put their logo on the stadium.

To put the logo on the new football team development of Fullham F.C. (if this is new and if the colors are blue, white and orange, with a new name for the football team : "Avakl", we could do it) well..I think it would be good. The team would be new, fragile and would experiment on the football league. His older brother would be FullHam in red, which would be more classic and experimented/educated. What is important here is to.. get a seat.. if there are no more.. partners who want to .. be .. involved or has registered or "rented" etc.. "planned" or signed/contracted.

I sent the mail/paper letter for the creation of the Cogeco Mobile new company, the last division to build in the cell phone industry, everything is explained there, the design of the booth, the perfect booth of the future, and I also sent the new formula 1 car proposal for all the partners involved in the Cell Phones group/team. Alain Prost could be the designer of it, it's explained on the papers. It must be beautiful and be approved by my eyes. What is important in this is.. to.. bring all the partners together and show it beautiful and sane and .. "right/square" I mean.. not random. the logos must not be random.

To send money to Agon so that he can build a programmer hub or programmer building for the perfect creation of, a new player. in .. Tetovo

To see and export this, all around the world.

To get money from the Hells Angels so that I can travel, learn on false money, and fill in my royal bank account so that I can pay my bills. From The Trois Rivieres chapter only. thanks. if they are able. And no.. I don't take drugs, I try to be vegan like Steve Jobs. thanks.

To verify if Canada Post has.. grown or added more partners in their Postel web application, so that nobody can use papers.. if they want to.

To fix the.. delivery of the web grocery application of IGA, so that I can get food, easily.

To see a design of a private prison where people will be able to learn, read, like religious people.

To invite people all around the world to make videos on youtube, so that they can have an electronic biography from them, everybody, like Johnny Crying (esti)

on continue !

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