Operation Freedom Tehran (2028)

Part of the 2027 Invasion of Iran

Operation terhan
A MegaMark Patrol in newly "Liberated" Tehran
Date June 8–16, 2028 (8 days)
Location Tehran, Iran
Result Decisive American victory;

  • Fall of the Executives of Construction Party and President Mehdi Balkhi

Flag of Iran  Iran

Flag of the United StatesUnited States
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Iran Mehdi Balkhi                                
45,000 30,000
Casualties and losses
5,250–7,720 Military killed (Independent estimate)

23,320 Military killed (U.S. military estimate)   Over 20,000 Civilians (UN estimate)              213 Civillians killed (US estimate)                       6 Dutch tourists

6 killed                           2 MegaMarks destroyed 36 Roboldiers destroyed 1 Journalist

Operation Liberation Tehran, known commonly as the Terhan Transaction (due to is effect on the transition of Iranian soverignty to the USA), and Celebrated in the US as Patriot's Day was a military invasion of Tehran by the US army that concluded the invasion of Iran.

Tehran suffered large damage in Governmental Areas and a tower block collapsed after the rushed into production MultiMegaMark collapsed into it, killing over 7,000 civilians although US "President" Jon Freeman denied such an amount, stating it as "Russo-European Propaganda"


After the Fall of Masulè, the US army pressed forward, capturing various towns and small villages on the way. The remains of the Military surrounding the city were forced back into the city and the US began planning for the invasion 2 weeks prior to it's execution. The Main goal was the execution of Mehdi Balkhi who was believed to be hiding in his Palace.

Tehran Earthquake

On 10th June an 7.3 Earthquake hit Tehran, weakening much infrastructure and killing over 6,000 people many of whom were from the Iranian Military, an explosion at an Iranian military base destroyed almost half the Royal Iranian Air Force, with this it is quite possible the battle might have turned out differently.

Battle of North Tehran 

The Suburbs of North Tehran were home to the more wealthy citizens of Tehran, many of whom were supporters of the US invasion. After the Iranian Military clashed with the US Military in the largely Pro-Iranian Division of Jordan a suicide bombed leaped from a four story window onto a MegaMark, exploding on impact, it then collapsed, blocking the street which worked in the Advantage of the Iranians as they could fire from in between the wreckage while the Mega Marks and Roboldiers (Robot Soldiers) had to take longer to scan to see behind the wreckage, allowing the Iranian Military to fire on them as a 5 second scan became 12 seconds. In response the MegaMarks fired upon all nearby buildings

Overthrow of the Government

On the 8th and final day of Operation Liberation Tehran President Mehdi Balkhi was captured and forces to surrender, he and his senior officials were escorted to the Abrisham Bridge where they were executed on live TV, aired in the US and much of the Middle East.

Media and International response

The 8th June worldwide was known as "The day the World turned it's back on America". Tensions were at an all time high after the installation of what many governments called "An Illegitimate dictator" and the seizure of Iran. Many journalists attacked the moves as that of Imperialism

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