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Flag of New York City

Flag of New York

NYC Empire State Building

The Empire State Building

Established 1625
Mayor Thomas Willett (1st)
Country United States
State/District New York State

New York City (Or Simply Known as New York) is the name of a city located on the East Coast of the United States. New York is the largest city in the United States and is the world's most important.

Future History

Like Boston, New York told its citizens to watch their money. The City became the staging ground for the Social Democratic Protests that would sweep the entire country. 

In 2027, Daniel Andersen, a Young Scholar teaching at Colombia University, became the most powerful man in the United States. Andersen became the leader of the Social Democrats, and demanded that the U.S. Government take action to reform the Economy. 

New York State served as one of the largest manufacturing districts in the United States after the 2030s Revolution. The City, alongside another East Coast Town, Became the largest shipping port for Goods in the United States. 

But, despite its success, New York had another problem, Flooding. It had taken into consideration, Scenarios in the Past, But lacked real plans and fianancing to pull it off. The City constructed a Massive Flood Barrier System in 2040, Protecting it and the surronding areas from any future floods. This system, not only contained water, but also had it sent to desalinization plants and redistributed throughout the United States. 


Team Name Stadium (Open) League (Conference) Established
New York Rangers Madison Square Garden V (2023) National Hockey League (Eastern) 1926
New York Islanders Barclay's Center (2012, Moved in 2015) National Hockey League (Eastern) 1972
New York Giants MetLife Stadium (2010) National Football League (National Football Conference) 1925
New York Jets MetLife Stadium (2010) National Football League (American Football Conference) 1960 (As the New York Titans)
New York Knicks Madison Square Garden V (2023) National Basketball Associaton (Eastern) 1946
New York Nets* Barclays Center (2012) National Basketball Association (Eastern) 1967 (as New Jersey Americans)
New York Yankees Yankee Stadium (2009) Major League Baseball (American) 1903 (as New York Highlands)*
New York Mets Citi Field (2009) Major League Baseball (National)


New York City FC Yankee Stadium (2009) Major League Soccer (Eastern) 2015
New York Cosmos Red Bull Arena (2010) Major League Soccer (Eastern) 2022

(*) Indiciates that team underwent name change or record transfer. 

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