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MegaCity One
Offical Autonoumous region of MegaCity One
Megacityone photojoiner

Clockwise, from top: Rows of Blocks in Former rural New York, Blocks in Trenton, Blocks in rundown Boston, Rows of Blocks in coastal New Jersey


Megacityine flag
Nickname(s): The Giant Apple, The Block
Megacity one

Location on the East Coast

Location in the world

Settled 1600s
Incorporated 2094
 • Type Mayor–Council
 • Body Unified City Council
 • Mayor Maria De Santiago (CP)
Elevation[4] 33 ft (10 m)
Population (2189)
 • Total 1,002,305,807
 • Rank 1st, U.C
 • Density 67,778.7/sq mi 
Demonym Boswashian
Time zone Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)
 • Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
geoTLD .MC1

MegaCity One, informally known as Boswash, or Bosnywashia is North America's first Mega City that spans from Manchester, New Hampshire to Richmond, Virginia in the United Commonwealth. It houses over 1.2 billion people, making it one of the largest cities on planet Earth, with North Africa City being the largest in size. The City has a large degree of Autonomy but many of the corrupt Commonwealth policies still apply there.


In the 2170s many people flocked to the East Coast of the crumbling United States. Many feared the Union would collapse after the war with Mexico and the current Civil war, while some regions seceded, the US finally reclaimed the south. As the North East became an unstable population centre, the US started one of it's first Mega Projects. MegaCity One, or at the time known as Project Horizon A. 

Construction began in 2078 and by 2082 over 1000 Blocks had been built, each housing over 50,000 people. In total that number of blocks could house 50 million people. The current population of the region at the time was 90 million and over two million of those were homeless, 80% living in poverty.

The Project was completed in 2094 and the states around it were dismantled, forming the state of MegaCity One Greater Area. Mass Migration to the city occurred and by 2110 the population was 200 million during the American Baby Boom.

The Political Union with Canada that lead to the formation of the United Commonwealth in 2099 lead to political turmoil in the city as corruption in the new government lead to the city becoming a symbol of Poverty.

The MegaCity Expansion and Revitalisation Project in 2149 that effected 28% of the city's poorest areas and blocks led to a dip in crime for over 20 years.

The South part of the city (D.C-Richmond) has a vibrant Middle Class while the rest of the city is noted as being the poorest place on planet Earth. Decades of Local corruption, Focus on Mega City Two and National Corruption have left it the most crime ridden place left on Planet Earth. 

The greater Autonomy provided to it has served to it's disadvantage, unlike MegaCity Two, which has prospered.

US government promotional posters were a common sight nation wide in the 80s and 90s

Despite good planning, the city's demographics as well as various other factors like the blocks themselves meant the city was a doomed experiment, waiting to fail. Despite early factors showing this, the US government continued to promote it as a place to live, mostly to de-populate rural areas.

Law and Capital Punishment

The laws of the city usually side with the rules of the Commonwealth, but enforcement is very severe as it is the only place on earth with a high murder rate, an organisation was set up by the Commonwealth in 2126 to fight violence with force and suspicion. The Force of the Armed Protectors or TFT-AP, or known insultingly as T-FAP (which is headed by the Justice Department)  by much of the untrusting populace rules the city with an iron fist, they ignore the laws laid by the government and have their own rules. 

The TFT-AP is very corrupt, and violent. All non-death crimes are punishible by Castration after the rape crisis of the 2140s. After the World Court outlawed the Death Penalty, the Commonwealth, surprising to most, complied. When the city police would not stop public executions of all those suspected or accused of major crimes such as drug dealing, Block Militias and Murder. The Commonwealth receive threats worldwide and in a panic it sent in the Army to occupy the city. Because the Blocks could go into lockdown mode, and the city was specifically designed to win a war with the Slavic Union (which is no longer existent) the army was over whelmed. The city was finally occupied on November 31st 2106 for 14 days, where the rebels managed to push them out again.

As internal terrorist groups threatened an attack on MegaCity Two and Paris, the World Court made an exception, but it ruled that MegaCity Two is a rogue nation, collapsing its crippled economy, which furthered the need for the death penalty in the city after the still present spike in crime. This is Known as the Oxfam Oxymoron as the conference which agreed to this was held in Oxfam, The Greater London Megopolis.

The Blocks

The city has over 8,000 tower blocks, each holding 50,000 people (800m in total of 1.2 billion city pop.). Each block is equipped with supermarkets, stores of all kinds, schools, a police station, four community centres, Government buildings like Post Offices, Leisure, etc. A person can live their whole life in a Tower Block and never leave, and it is estimated 12% of each Block's population never will. In case of an emergency such as an epidemic, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and most importantly war, the Blocks go into Shutdown mode. All windows, doors, vents, etc, are sealed with blast absorbent metal, which also blocks radiation. This mode can only be turned off from each block's personal control centre, which many block militias control.

Most Blocks have their own militias. 

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