Lunar Alliance

Motto: "In ora venarum mundi

Anthem: "The Miner's Ballad" 
Moon map
Capital Armstrong City
Largest city Persia City
Official languages None at  federal level
Recognised regional languages

Lunar (Current)                             Miner (2078-2107)

Government Federal presidential Industrial Workers republic
 -  President Jillian Roberts
 -  Vice President Florence O'Neill
 -  Chief of Defense Neo Boehner
 -  Chief Justice Castille Roberts
Legislature General Assembly
 -  Upper house Greater Senate
 -  Lower house Lower Senate
Independence from Various Countries
 -  Declared July 28, 2063 
 -  Recognized May 19, 2067
 -  Treaty of the Mines May 27, 2070
 -  2174 estimate 34,761,200
 -  Density 12.2/km2
Currency Sol Credit ($OL)
Drives on the right
Calling code +M 11
Internet TLD .m   .gov   .mil   .edu 

The Lunar Alliance, Luna, or the Moon is a federal collection of former city-states and mining operations with an undisputed claim to the entire planet of the Moon, although much of the planet's wilderness and abandoned mines are not administered. The Planet contains four cities and over 240 active mining Operations and three of its four cities are Industrial Centres while Armstrong City is the Administrative City, noted for its beautiful Gardens.

The five Districts - Buzz, Collins, Armstrong, New Iran and Wilderness Unorganized District. The Lunar Alliance is very diverse ethnically, with the most common race being Arabs (34% of the populace). Whites and Asians soon follow, with Black Africans being the lowest on the list (6% of the populace). The Weather on the Lunar Alliance is mild in Summer and Cold and Stormy the rest of the year. Electro-Magnetic Storms can be a problem in isolated Mine Areas in Winter, cutting off Communications during Winter, when most Miners are trapped by Snow in the Small Villages built around Mining Operations, the largest of which, Kenai, has 5000 residents.

The Lunar Alliance has a medium standard of Living. It is in a violent Transition from an Industrial Economy to a Manufacturing economy as apart of the Lunar General Assembly's Controversial Lunar 2200 plan. The Plan threatens sanctions from consumer countries such as Earth and Venus. While it is supported by Mars, another Industrial Country.


The planet was first settled by humans in 2049 by a Mining Company, MetaMine Inc. By 2054 Over 300 people had been places for temporary living by over four mining companies. By 2056 over 3000 Residents had moved after Iran founded the Persia Colony to help with the growth of the Industrial Smelting of Ores Mined nearby. By 2056 over 24,000 people were living on the moon. 88% of which were enticed to move there by funds from the Iranian Government. The Population rose to 300,000 by 2060 as refugees fled from the aftermath of WWIII.

Before its Independence the Moon was ruled by separate countries as colonies. The Lunar standards and regulations, Taxes for Industry, etc. Were different than the home countries, and many thought they were treated unfairly.

Independence was declared on July 28 2063 in Lunar City, by the next year the Lunar Independence Movement gained a following as many thought that ore and corporation taxes were too low, as was safety regulations as they were taken advantage of as just. The UN declared it a Special Administrative Zone in 2065, free from colonialism, but the new rule was worse, in 2067 The UN recognized Lunar Independence. Most Countries did not follow until 2070 as the Treaty of the Mines was signed by the world's most influential countries, all agreeing to recognize the Independent Lunar State.

Terraforming began in 2077 and ended in 2099.


Rural areas often export lumber from the planet's giant boreal forests that span most the planet. Rural areas also export raw ores or send them to the big cities such as New London, where they are smelted.

The Large cities often export things such as spaceship parts, 

Survivalists Vs Marxists

After the extreme rise of Poverty as the population became greater, Marxism became increasingly popular, many feared this would give way to Communism (banned in 2105 by the World Court, excluding Cuba which signed a Politico-Economic Co-Operation agreement). In 2167 the People's Lunar Liberation Front (PLLF) was founded in New London. Their views and  influence with the public has been quoted as "Disturbing" by Communist leader Philip Castro.

In rural areas, many have moved from overcrowded cities on planets from all around the Galaxy to start homesteads on the Unadministered regions of the Moon. This has given rise to extreme Survivalism and distrust of the planet's corrupt Government. The rise of the PLLF has also created rural fears of an Authoritarian Government, establishing full control of the unadministered regions. 

The Socialist Survivalist Movement has gained followers in the recent years, who believe they should defend themselves from the pro-corporate current government.

The Lunar Civil War (2187-Present)


Mars slums

The slums of Persia City

Although Armstrong city is noted for its lavish citizens and architecture, much of the major cities are home to vast slums, homes to millions of Industrial workers. New London is the most Industrial City, while Persia City is the most Poor, having the second lowest standard of Living in the Milky Way after the Martian Federation. 
Armstrong city

Armstrong City

Armstrong city became the capital after the foundation of the Alliance in commemoration of Neil Armstrong. The city is fully electrified by biomass lumber plants. The city is home to the rich and famous of the Lunar Alliance, over 1.7 million people. Armstrong is walled off from the rest of the planet and Armstrongians are regarded by the government as having a higher status in society, and are usually the product of moguls, tycoons and CEOs of powerful Earthian business people who fled as the UN organized its Communist and Capitalist witch hunt of the 2110s.


Live or Die is perhaps the most popular show on TV in 2189, a product of the corrupt corporate government. People accused of the smallest crimes such as robbery, and crimes such as "Treason" and "Anti-Corporatism" are forced to compete in a game show known as LIVE or DIE where people compete against each other and an AI to win the "greatest gift of all-Life" (official motto)

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