This map game is now archived as an Inactive Map Game.

China World Map is a map game designed by me, User:Rechardz3z. I have written a small story to kick off the game.

Important Content/Rules

For those new to this kind of game, I'll post some rules.


  • NO racial slurs or foul language, otherwise, you will be banned.
  • New One player one nation/faction only.
  • Please remain civil.
  • If you do not post for more then 10 turns your nation will be taken away from you and it will be available for other people to take.
  • Please, please, please be plausible! This is a must if you want to play this game! If you do not post plausibly, your implausible edit will be deleted.
  • Both parties must agree to an alliance/treaty/barter.
  • If you feel that you have been unfairly treated, please write your complaint in the comments.
  • The game creator's word overrides all others.
  • The Head-Mod's word overrides all others except for the game creator.
  • Only the Head-Mod and game creator can appoint new mods and the map mod.
  • Every turn is one year
  • A new turn starts after at least 5 players has put in their turn (new).
  • Mods are able to create random events and will represent a NPC nation (i.e. Mongolia isn't going to sign its land over to Pakistan or something stupid like that), Mods also help to make that implausible stuff doesn't happen.
  • After you do 3 implausibilities you are banned from the game.
  • If you'd like to quit the game, please comment.
  • Every 25 years are to be archived to limit the amount scrolling that needs to be done to get to the latest year. Be sure to check back to ensure proper continuity!
  • Please, I must implore of you, if you plan to play this game, be active and check back each day!
  • This isn't a rule, but I'd like to encourage you to put your country's flag before your turn on the bullet list.
  • Have Fun!


You have to apply to be the Map-Mod. Apply below, stating why you want to be the Map-Mod. Unlawful adding will result in a ban.



Map Mod:Milla34


Map Moderator: Eaglelooker - I believe that a regular and quality recreation of maps that represents this map game's universe can become an empowering tool for visitors and participants to fully utilize and understand the political and geographical background. Without an easy and updated visualization of the game itself, players would need to read decades of history to grasp a good imagination of it. Lastly, the official China World Map's 'map' is outdated, and has since never improved despite complaints. Producing interactive visualizations of the game's universe not for only signals quality, but attracts visitors and future players, expanding the life of the map game. Map-making, Vexillology and Image Portfolio: - - -

Moderator: Eaglelooker - .Aside from the wonderful work our current Moderators made, the map game lacks moderator participation [Mod Events, NPC Representation], interaction [Comment section] and a paced timeline [Managing the annual summary. The summary sometimes miss events in the previous year, which could have contributed to the story-line]. Combined with a long experience and determined contribution, I hope to make your experience better than ever.




Add the US State or other nation you would like to play as and sign your username (Use four '~' marks consecutively to add your username OR hyperlink your profile's URL). We're welcoming new players!


- If your country's claimed territory is overlapped, occupied by, or disputed by another state, you may either start a battle campaign to control the territory OR alternatively find a solution in your turn in order to achieve it. Otherwise you cannot take the territory. If 100% of your state's territory is held by another state, your nation will automatically be considered an insurgent group until territory, government and international recognition are all acquired.

- We recommend reading the China World Map archive to understand the storyline, which will help you make better judgment when putting your nation! Be sure to regularly check the map for updated illustrations of the map game. Official map [Milla34 - Official Map] - Community map [Eaglelooker - 2066 map] - Community map #2 [Eaglelooker - Encyclopedia of the China World Map Universe]

- Before going to war with someone, we recommend checking your power index! The more power index you have, the more chance you have of winning battles.

- Your maximum limit of army size and your troops strength is limited to 1 percent of your power level. For example, if you have a power index of 50,000,000, your maximum army size cannot exceed 500,000 troops.

- "Moderator countries" and "Locked countries" cannot be used by players. EG: The United Eurasian Empire of Russia.

- A flag is required to represent your nation. If you are unable to find a flag, you are permitted to request a Moderator or a player to produce one for you.

  • Power Index / Nation list is copied from the Battles section. Both lists are equally updated.


Rules on Nuclear strike

Important note: nuclear weapons can only be used if the players has successfully played the game for 10 straight turns and further he can only use 2 nuclear missiles per strike he must state the city he is hitting,a player's nuclear arsenal is .00000 percent of his power index example if you have 50,000,000 power you have a stockpile of 5 nuclear missiles every missiles used will be deducted from your current arsenal, every nuclear missile used will be counted as (-1), you can earn a nuclear missile every 7 days of playing, it will be counted as (+1), if you ran out of missile you cannot launched a nuclear strike until you replenish your stock


(n)- Nuclear Missile (p)-Population (ns)- Nuclear Strike


One battle per turn / per day just chose a 3 number combinations and chose whose nation your  battling against ,to win a state or nation you must win 10 battles straight, winning a battle will win for you a county,a province in a particular nation or state, to know how many province or counties a particular nations have, check it in the country's Wikipedia page, to win, your 3 number combinations result must be higher than your opponent EG. 345=45,000,000 vs 786=56,000,000 so 786 wins and takes a province ,enter the site battlefields to start playing (You must wait for your opponents turn after your turn before the battle result is known just put your 3 number combination on the page after your country)


1 nuclear strike reduce the player's nation power by 1 million and kills 1,000,000 of his population

* Power Index / Nation list is also copied into the Nations section. Both lists are equally updated.

(pls do not blank or delete the power index, until the page creator or head mod has agreed,deleting it without approval from them constitute vandalizing and may incur sanction) 

Power Index (according to google share) you can find out your state's power index on this site,just type your country[1]

Top states and nations by power

  • Flag of IndonesiaIndonesian Revolt (InRe): 276,000,000 [2]                (P) (255,461,700) [3]
  • China-0China: 249,000,000                (N)(26+2)(ns=0)[4]      (P) (1,376,049,000)[5]
  • NewyorkflagNew York: 214,000,000          (n)(22)[6]                    (p) (19,795,791)[7]
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralian Liberation Front (ALF): 183,000,000              (n)(11)[8]                   (p) (24,063,900)[9]
  • Ukflag6United Kingdom: 172,000,000 (n)(18)[10]                    (p) (64,716,000)[11]
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: 133,000,000                (n)(15)[12]                   (p) (205,338,000)[13]
  • Mexico2Mexico: 133,000,000             (n)(16+2)(ns=0)[14]      (p) (119,530,753)[15]
  • SpainSpain: 106,000,000                (n)(11)[16]                   (p) (46,439,864)[17]
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: 96,400,000             (n)(13)[18]                  (p) (43,417,000)[19]
  • Thflag44444United Liberation Army (ULA) Philippines: 81,000,000     (n)(8)[20]                     (p) (103,073,200)[21]
  • Flag44Chile: 80,500,000                   (n)(8)[22]                    (p) (18,006,407)[23]
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: 74,300,000                 (n)(8+1)[24]                (p) (20,271,272)[25]
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: 68,600,000               (n)(7)[26]                    (p) (10,214,860)[27]
  • 56666Vietnam: 68,400,000              (n)(8)[28]                    (p)(91,700,000)[29]
  • New Russian Empire FlagRussia: 63,300,000                 (n)(6)[30]                   (p) (144,192,450)[31]
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: 63,000,000         (n)(4)[32]                    (p) (76,424,338)[33][34]
  • Flag of JapanJapan: [Unknown]     (n)(17)[35] (Phrase: North Japan) (p) (36,134,624)[36][37][38] [39][40][41][42][43][44][45][46][47]
  • Th67890Cuban Union: 48,000,000        (n)(4)[48]                    (p) (11,238,317)[49]
  • Flag of OhioOhio: 41,500,000                   (n)(4)[50]                     (p) (11,613,423)[51]
  • Th45United Arab Emirates: 39,700,000 (n)(4)[52]               (p) (4,106,427)[53] [Used 2005 census as 2015 census is disputed]
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania: 34,000,000      (n)(3)[54]                     (p) (12,802,503)[55]
  • Congolese flagDemocratic Republic of Congo: 28,800,000 (n)(2)[56] (p) (81,680,000)[57]
  • THAT WE ARE THROEEEIcelandic Union: 28,600,000 (n)(2)[58]              (p) (329,100)[59]
  • 5a126244abe1758ed52ddc2bdc95f5dc89f13f5dMidwest Government (NPC): 10,900,000                      (p) (101,797,012) 
  • ThlyhoyoMeccan Army: 2,880,000       (n)(0)[60]                     (p) (?] 
  • Republic of California (WEU) User:mrcoxy100 1,150,000 (n)(0) (p)(37,470,000) 
  • FLAGThe Free City of Canterbury: 10,000 (n)(0) (p)(45,000) 
  • Union States of America: 2,500

List of members of the Coalition of free nations

(please put your nation here if your interested of joining)

  • Mexico2Mexico
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida
  • NewyorkflagNew York
  • SpainSpain
  • GliugiohlSweden
  • Uk4United Kingdom
  • TexasflagTexas
  • ColombiaColombia
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia
  • JugikjklRepublic of Maine
  • LovesIcelandic Union
  • Flag of OhioRepublic of Ohio
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania
  • GeorgiaGeorgia
  • Flag44Chile
  • France
  • FLAG The Free City of Canterbury (FCC) Kent

List of Allies of China [Sino-Russian Pact]

  • NkoreaNorth Korea
  • 5a126244abe1758ed52ddc2bdc95f5dc89f13f5dMidwest Government (NPC)
  • 56666Vietnam
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina
  • New Russian Empire FlagRussia: (Mod/NPC)
  • Flag of JapanJapan (Semi-member)

Non Align Nations

  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil
  • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa
  • Th45United Arab Emirates
  • Flag of JapanJapan

Terrorist Groups/Rebel/Insurgency/Guerrilla Factions

  • Thlyhoyo Meccan Army
  • Thflag44444United Liberation Army (ULA) Philippines
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralian Liberation Front (ALF)
  • Flag of IndonesiaIndonesian Revolt (InRe) Indonesia
  • Rebel Flag Union States of America (USA) Midwestern America


  • The granting of North and South Carolina to Georgia
  • China-0China: abstain
  • Mexico2Mexico:
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida:
  • New Russian Empire FlagRussia:
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil:
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina:
  • NewyorkflagNew York:
  • SpainSpain:NO
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: NO
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: yes
  • TexasflagTexas : Currently Abstain (will vote later)
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia: No
  • ColombiaColombia: Yes
  • LovesIcelandic Union: Yes

Brasilia Nuclear talks

post your nation(participants) (voting is closed)

  • China-0China
  • SpainSpain
  • NkoreaNorth Korea
  • Mexico2Mexico
  • GeorgiaGeorgia
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida
  • NewyorkflagNew York
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Viginia
The player who launches a nuclear strike will be banned for how many turn?

The poll was created at 19:32 on October 20, 2015, and so far 60 people voted.

3 Day Ban for Ceasefire Violators

BAN (3 Turns) for ceasefire violators

propose by

  • Mexico2Mexico
do you agree?

The poll was created at 04:53 on February 23, 2016, and so far 40 people voted.

Total Ban of Nuclear weapons

which means the total destruction of the nuclear arsenal (voting is closed)

propose by

  • SpainSpain
The total destruction of Nuclear weapons, do you agree?

The poll was created at 20:30 on October 27, 2015, and so far 46 people voted.

Ceasefire between China and the Coalition of free nations

(voting is closed)

Propose by

  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil
Do you agree?

The poll was created at 20:34 on November 6, 2015, and so far 45 people voted.

Do you condemn the Warlike action of the United Arab Emirates

Propose by

  • NewyorkflagNew York
Do you agree?

The poll was created at 02:34 on January 16, 2016, and so far 37 people voted.

Brasilia Interim Talks

Propose by

  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil:
Do you agree with?

The poll was created at 03:30 on April 10, 2016, and so far 43 people voted.

The Wabino Initiative - Action for Japan's complete independence (Peaceful withdrawal of Japan)

Takashima conference

Takashima Conference - International Forum to discuss and act on international headlines and highlight obstacles to peace

Occupied/Annexed/Fallen Regions

  • Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi: Occupied by the People's Republic of China, later merged as administrative provinces of the Midwest Government.
  • Virginia: Annexed into the Republic of Pennsylvania.
  • Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, British Columbia, Alerta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario: Occupied by the People's Republic of China, later formed the Imperial Arctic Domain.
  • Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia: Occupied by the People's Republic of China. The Hanoi Declaration of Imperial Possessions created the semi-autonomous Imperial Unincorporated SAR of Quebec.
  • Nepal, Brunei, Yogyakarta: Occupied by the People's Republic of China. The Hanoi Declaration of Imperial Possessions created the semi-autonomous Imperial Unincorporated SARs of Nepal, Brunei and Yogyakarta.
  • South Korea: Annexed by the Democratic Republic of Korea [North Korea]. The territory has de jure claims by the Government of the Korean Republic, who are in asylum in Amsterdam.
  • Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Anguilla: Merged into the Cuban Union.
  • Lebanon, Hatay [TRK]: Annexed into the Syrian Arab Republic. The territorial acquisition has de jure claims by the Lebanese Free State Front for Independence(LFSFI) and the Republic of Turkey.
  • Northern Turkey: Occupied by the United Eurasian Empire of Russia, later formed the Constantinople Dominion. The Dominion has de jure claims by the Republic of Turkey.
  • Turkey: Occupied by the People's Republic of China, later formed the Imperial Turkish Domain. The Domain has de jure claims by the Republic of Turkey.
  • Greece, Northern Epirus: Occupied by the People's Republic of China, later formed the Imperial Xila Domain. The Domain has de jure claims by the Kingdom of Greece.
  • Kyoto, Osaka, Tottori, Hyogo, Okayama,Wakayama, Nara, Shiga, Fukui, Gifu, Ishikawa, Toyama, Karafuto, Aomori, Hokkaido, Kuril Islands: Achieved separation to reestablish the Sovereign State of Japan.
  • "Japanese mainlands": Occupied by the People's Republic of China, later formed the Imperial Japanese Domain. The domain has de jure claims by the Sovereign State of Japan.
  • Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Donetsk, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Crimea: Voluntary annexation into the United Eurasian Empire of Russia. [2014~2019 Referendums]



  • [[]]



Chinese amerika

China is in complete control of the North American landmass after the Invasion of the U.S. Mainland .But after years of Chinese domination several former US states has risen up and has started to fight back."

  • China-0 China : Launched divisional offensives on Texas in pursuit of American insurgent forces',lately hearing of some former US states trying to set up their own governments again we will stop this movement at all cost, but at the moment nothing can stand up to the Chinese supremacy' just a ragtag band of rebels running around the countryside


American insurgents are on the run after multiple Chinese offensives in Texas and Arizona regions, scattered fighting continues as Chinese troops pursues the American rebel forces

  • China-0 China : Pacification drive well underway killed 12,000 American insurgents and captured 20,000 more, 2 divisions rushed to Tucson, Texas to break the siege of the guerrillas there


Chinese red armies continue their offensive against American insurgents in Texas and the southwestern region, guerrillas has been hitting isolated outposts and towns the past months, so the Chinese are rushing in reinforcements to the beleaguered areas. The American insurgency rages on it is also the beginning of a wider conflict known as the The Rebellion Conflict

  • China-0 China: so the Mexicans are rising up to defy China ,we respond by sending 200,000 red troops into northern Mexico,we call on the rebel government to lay down their arms or face annihilation (Mexico response needed)
  • Mexico2Mexico: We send 250,000 troops to stop your red armies, we want peace but it seems we look like a colony to you and we are not we will not bow down to China and we will establish a democratic republic of Mexico we urge other nations and the former US states to rise up against your red master we fight and we will rid America of the red Chinese long live Mexico


Fierce fighting raging between Chinese red armies and Mexican republican troops in northern Mexico, the Chinese has forge several armored spearheads into Sonora, while Mexican forces rush north to meet the Chinese, the battle for northern Mexico is on

  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We join Mexico in its struggle to free itself from Chinese control
  • Mexico2Mexico: We welcome Florida in the struggle for independence as you know we successfully blocked China from going further south of Mexico, making our our capital safe from the occupiers we need your help because we are short in arms and ammunition if you can provided us with this items and we will gladly trade for raw materials for this, We also hope you can urge other American states to form their own republics and help fight the Chinese invaders (Florida response needed)
  • China-0 China : China send another 100,000 troops to crush the Mexican army opposing it in addition 100 tanks and 100 warplanes are rushed to the front, the Chinese are advancing along the Sonoran desert despite heavy Mexican resistance


Warfare spike last year as Mexico tries to break away from the Chinese yolk, Mexican military forces of the newly establish democratic republic of Mexico battles the Chinese red armies in northern Mexico which quickly turn into a bloody stalemate with neither side gaining the upper hands, Florida has recently rose from the ruins of the former United States to proclaim a republic of their own, meanwhile Russia is consolidating in Europe after the successful campaign known as the as Russian Invasion of Europe, China and Russia are strong world allies and closely manage the north American territories

  • China-0 China: Action plan for the year: subdue the Mexican rebellion, harvest the first wheat since the liberation, press far into the east to Georgia, and the building of the massive Shiloh base mega camp that will house no less than 30,00 troops
  • Mexico2Mexico: We restart our oil industry and encourage wheat farming that is subsidize by our new government we are also revitalizing our textile industry this all are in line to provide our armies with fuel foodstuff and clothing, the new Mexican armed forces is now at 1,200,000 troops with 2,000 tanks and 800 aircraft, we are building defense works and trenches all thru out the northern front to contain the Chinese attacks, we are rushing more troops to the front
  • New Russian Empire FlagRussia: With China Distracted we start attacking them through Siberia, we also send aid to Mexico we also Majorly beef up our armies by increasing your defense budget to 200 billion dollars, making 1.5 thousand more tanks and 1000 more aircraft, we also draft 10 million men into our ranks with more to come each month.
  • China-0 China: We rush 2,000,000 red troops to meet the Russian offensive and we remind Russia that we have a non aggression pact that cannot be ignored and may we ask why the sudden aggression toward China an erstwhile friend
  • China Diplomacy: China wants a resumption of talks with Russia we urge the Russians to come to the negotiating table to talk peace,battlefield report state that tens of thousands of Russian troops were killed when elaborate Chinese defenses diverted the whole Russian army some 1,000,000 troops into the Mongolian region. which has been transform into a kill zone the Russians has been surrounded on both northern and southern flanks by the 5th ,7th and 9th PLA fronts (2,500,000 men) they are being squeezed into an ever tightening pocket,we agree to spare this army from annihilation only if the Russians agrees to a new peace talk. (We have the option to use nuclear weapons on your cities if you don't pull back your military forces)
  • New Russian Empire FlagRussia: Our men fight through the blockade and come back to Russia .And draft men from our occupied European territories. We send 5 million more men to fight Chinese soldiers and asks Mexico and Florida to help us in return for some of the Chinese land.


Russia has traitorously attack China its former Allie,but was beaten back after its initial attack thru Siberia,meanwhile fighting settled down as stalemate prevail in northern Mexico as both Mexico and China builds strong fortifications and trenches all along the front,China now focuses its attention to the Russians

  • China-0 China: We sends 3,000,000 men and invades Russian held territories of Kazakhstan and the central Asian republics the stunned Russians broke and ran leaving much of their tanks and artillery while our warplanes bomb Russian military convoy fleeing to the north destroying hundreds of tanks and vehicles Chinese fighters also destroyed Russian bases and airfields destroying hundreds of Russian planes on the ground while fierce dogfights resulted in overwhelming Chinese air superiority,we estimate 500,000 Russian troops were either killed or made prisoners along with 1,000 tanks and 700 warplanes destroyed
  • Mexico2Mexico: We welcome Russia to the fold of freedom, we are hard press in northern Mexico as Chinese forces steadily reinforce their armies we have strengthened our front line defenses and we see a long attrition fight in the trenches, can Russia provide us with more arms (Russian response needed)
  • New Russian Empire FlagRussia: We send more men and we obliterate the Chinese Army and capture the country.:
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: Florida send weapons to Mexico as well as foodstuff we are urging other former US state to take up arms against the Chinese overlords, we are moving 200,000 troops north to defend our borders, we will join Mexico in its planned nuclear strike against China
    • Florida diplomacy: Is Russia surrendering to China this soon hope not, we need them in the struggle against Chinese aggression we also urge Mexico to sign a mutual defense treaty with us, to unite both our nation's defense (Mexico and Russian response needed)
    • Mexico diplomacy: We agree to sign a treaty with you and we hope for future military cooperation with you against China
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We establish a new republic and we like to be a peaceful nation so offer trade rights and diplomatic ties to the warring countries (China, Mexico, Russia and Florida} we are not taking sides or anything those interested to trade with us are welcome, we have lots of natural resources to offer like coffee, sugar and rubies we will trade this for machinery and tech stuff just message our diplomatic channel if any countries are interested to trade with Brazil
  • New Russian Empire FlagRussia: We send 10 million more men to the front lines and destroy all of the Chinese armies and take over all of China
  • China-0 China: We offer Brazil weapons tanks and warplanes in exchange for coffee,rubies and sugar,we also going to open an embassy in Brasilia,to further cultivate our growing diplomatic ties and we admire Brazil for not taking side in the war


The Chinese offensive continues in central Asia, while Brazil and Argentina has joined the world stage their leaning are still not revealed, will they support the new world order imposed by China or defy it like what Russia, Mexico and Florida has done, The conflict between China on the one side and Russia, Florida as well as Mexico on the other has settled to a stalemate with neither sides gaining grounds or losing it

  • Mexico2Mexico: We welcome Argentina and Brazil to the fold of free nations and we hope that they join our struggle against the Chinese overlords and fight for freedom ( Argentina and Brazil response needed), We placed more minefields and bunkers along the northern Mexican front and is starting to build a 30 foot high and almost 1,000 miles long wall and a field of tank traps in front of it, this is to stop any enemy advance into our territory, this are manned by 1,000,000 Mexican troops it is patterned like the famous Maginot line, there are underground railways to transport troops from one point of the wall to the other, When finish this will be impregnable from Chinese offensives
  • China-0China: we offer to talk peace with Mexico as a bloody trench warfare is now prevalent in the Mexican front we see no use to further push the fighting, If Mexico agrees we will recognize it as sovereign and independent nation (Mexican response needed), We also send greeting to Argentina and offer it trade and political ties if it agrees (Argentina response needed)
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We urge Mexico not to accept China's overture, we don't trust China we must continue the struggle we will send Mexico foodstuff and weapons if they continue fighting the red Chinese (Mexico response needed)
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We join the struggle for freedom against the Chinese domination, we ship arms, tanks and artillery to Mexico and we rush 40,000troops to help your country, just let us know if you need more aid


War rages on the planet as the free nations battled the communist military forces of China, with Mexico leading the fight, Russia has been knockout of the war because of the coup de tat that toppled the democratic forces and restored the tyrannical nationalists to power, in other areas famine is plaguing the world because of the break down of many societies following the war that China instigated to conquer the world but hopes remain.

  • Mexico2Mexico: We harvest our first wheat since the establishment of the new republic of Mexico, We are ready to export raw materials and we will trade with those countries interested, our factories are now fast tracking the manufacture of weapons, tanks, artillery and planes to be rush to the war fronts
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: we are interested to trade with Mexico but we refuse to enter the war on either side we like the war to be resolve and a peace treaty signed we will talk to Mexico and China to end the fighting to make peace last and for the reborn nations to develop
    • (Mexican diplomacy): We do point out to Brazil the danger of not seeing China's aggression as it is, we must bond together to have a chance to defeat China so we implore Brazil to reconsider its international position of not choosing sides, one day red Chinese troops might be marching thru your streets as well
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We send another 50,000 troops to Mexico to help fight the Chinese invaders we implore Brazil to join the fight for freedom ,we have restarted our factories to build tanks and planes and we are harvesting more foodstuff and we send much of this to Mexico to sustain the war effort we don't trust China there will be no peace until it is overthrown, viva liberty
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We also send 500 tanks and 25,000 marines to Mexico to help fight the red Chinese, we also urged other former US states to form their own governments and fight China, we urged Brazil to join the cause for freedom (Brazil response needed),we are sadden by the news that Russia is again on the side of tyranny but we will not be discourage, the war continues


Hope burns bright as a swelling of new nations rise up to challenge China's iron grip on Earth, one sad note a coup in Russia brought it back to the sphere of tyranny as fascist nationalists overthrew the shaky Russian democratic republic and reinstated the new Russian Empire, Mexico is now leading the fight for freedom

  • NewyorkflagNew York: We join the fight for freedom and we raise 2 million troops and we march to take Tennessee, we are also organizing our militia to join the attack, we urge other nations fighting with us to send tanks , planes and heavy artillery we will trade this with wheat and tobacco, long live the fight for world freedom
  • Mexico2Mexico: We welcome new york in the ranks of the freedom front we assure New York that we will aid you in any way we can,we will send tanks, artillery as well as rifles and we urge you on your planned offensive on Tennessee long live freedom


Better strategic position of the anti Chinese world coalition has put China in a defensive position, facing multiple fronts, her resources is stretch to the limit yet,the new allies doesn't underestimate China's resolve to hold on to its world empire, the war continues

  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We are happy to welcome New York to the struggle for freedom and rest assured that Florida will support the new coalition of nation against Chinese tyranny,we would like to report that our scientists are researching nanobot technology to be use for military purpose as well as robotic soldiers,we are looking for nanobots to be injected into our soldiers that will repair battle injuries so that we could suffer less death in the battlefield,autonomous fighters is also in development as well as drone bombers, We still need some funding to do this and we urged the coalition to help us in our AI research (Players response needed)
  • SpainSpain: Spain joins the resistance and battle Russian forces in our northern borders we need help
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We welcome the nanobot research of Florida, we would like to send our scientist to your country to help in your research we are rehabilitating our nuclear power plants to bring electricity back to our cities and return to normal the way of life of our citizens, but still we are on a war footing ,we have drafted more than 2,00,000 men into our army and rush 1,000,000 troops to the Appalachian for the planned summer offensive against the Chinese forces in Tennessee we would like our coalition partners to contribute arms and tanks so that we could drive out the Chinese from Tennessee (player response needed)
  • Mexico2Mexico: Mexico welcomes Spain to the freedom coalition and we will send military aid to help you fight the Russians, to Florida we are glad that your progressing in your research on nanobot technology we also send our scientists to help you on your research, To New York we send tanks,planes and heavy artillery to help you on your summer offensive against the Chinese,in our front our great defensive line has thwarted several big Chinese offensives killing thousands of enemy troops and destroying hundreds of tanks,we continue to strengthen our northern front placing heavy guns on our front lines, the fight against China continues with much vigor
  • Argentinaflag]Argentina: We welcome Spain to the freedom coalition and we agree to send it arms to help it fight the Russians. We also send our scientists to Florida to help in the AI and nano research programs, We also send arms as well as troops to Mexico for the continuing war effort, Soon we will restart our nuclear power plants to bring electricity too our cities,we are also jump starting our own research program on autonomous robots in the that someday send robots to the battlefield


Spain joins the growing list of freedom loving nations fighting against China's world hegemony, an informal coalition of allied nations has bonded together to share resources and manpower in its war effort, Coalition nations are rebuilding their cities and putting back a semblance of the normal way of life before the Chinese takeover, China on the other is reinforcing its forces around the world and fast tracking it research on AI technology to put robotic war machines on the field sooner than the freedom coalition can

  • Mexico2Mexico: Were sending some high level scientists to Florida to assist their scientists in their research on nanotechnology we are particularly interested in the military application of the experimental nanobots especially in the regeneration of damage tissue of soldiers wounded in battle, this would greatly enhance the survivalbility of soldiers in the battlefield , we are also interested in the deployment of autonomous robotic troops,we will lend our scientific know how in the AI program of Florida
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: Florida welcome the help of the free coalition nations to our ongoing research on advance AI technology, soon we will be able to apply this technology to not only the military field but also to the civilian side , We are currently making great progress on autonomous machines such as the first fully AI operated drone tanks,and cyborg troops,we are currently testing this technology and will be field testing sometime next year,we hope that more funding could be provided so that we will progress faster in our research and development (players response needed)
  • SpainSpain: We also send our best scientists to help Florida in its research into the autonomous machine technology, As you know we are hard press fighting the Russians in our northern borders but were able to hold the line thanks to the steep Pyrenees mountains blocking the way,we have held up an entire front of Russian troops (1,000,000 men) in a narrow pass of Patagonia with just 100,000 troops,were reinforcing this with an additional 300,000 troops,we believe we can hold them for some time, but we need bullets and ammunition for our artillery to continue fighting on, we ask the freedom coalition for military aid (player responses needed)
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We send arms,tanks and planes to Spain and we send some scientists to Florida to help with research on AI technology, we are also restarting our nuclear power grid to bring back electricity to our cities ,were manufacturing spy drones that we planned to send to the Mexican front to spy on the Chinese forces on the ground, were also building solar power plants to create clean energy


China and the freedom coalition nations are in a tight race for the first to put robotic troops and war machine on the battlefields, both expending their finest scientists on advance AI research programs, soon autonomous fighting machines will dominate the field of fighting, but who will be the first to do so hangs in the balance as the rival nations raced to this ultimate goal

  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We still insist of our country's not siding with any country or group of countries, We like to trade peacefully, Brazil still believe in world peace and we welcome China's push for a ceasefire, war is terrible instead of wasting our energy in warfare we can use it better in peace ,this world really need peace and order, We really hope that each side reach a peaceful solution to the conflict ,we will support any peace talks, peace is better than war (players response needed)
  • NewyorkflagNew York: Brazil should not push peace with China, because the Chinese cannot be trusted, remember when they invaded America they succeeded because of treachery ,they knock out America's defense grid by launching a surprise EMP attack, giving them the chance to trick us again will result in the ending of hope for democracy in this planet, join us and fight for freedom (Brazil response needed)
  • Mexico2Mexico: we are gathering bright students all over the country and training them to be scientists , as the research for AI technology comes into high gear, we are finding it important to adopt futuristic hardwires to combat the advance Chinese weapons, were partly interested in the drone tanks Florida is developing and we wish order units as it become available for mass production, were sending funds to help Florida move forward in its important research, were hearing that China has called on its ally , North Korea to help combat the freedom coalition we will be ready for any eventuality, we reject Brazil's calls for peace talks and condemn Brazil for siding up with China

The great leader with his generals 'we are friends of China and we will help to crush the rebellion'

Drone fighter

The mig-100 drone fighter

  • China-0China: We welcome the North Korean help and we are fast tracking our research on artificial intelligence (AI), we have perfected the drone fighters, the mig-100s which can fly in zero visibility and at night time and cannot be hit by guided missiles ( at mac 7 it can outrun any missile),this will be deployed sometime next year,were also perfecting our drone vehicles mounted with cannons and anti tank weapons as well as drone armored carriers,all this will be online late next year,but still we urged those states rebelling against us to sit with us in a peace table ,we can grant them Autonomy if they agree to lay down their arms,amnesty will be granted to the secessionist leaders and we assure them that we will have a just peace settlement


The AI arms race continue unabated this year both world rivals, China on one side and the so called freedom coalition nations on the other, has promised to deploy their first fully autonomous AI units in the battlefield, but it seems Chinese technology has the upper hand with the deployment of its deadly autonomous AI drone fighters the MiG-100s, on the other hand, the coalition has the strategic drone tanks and robotic troops, But China is still pushing for a peace settlement to what it terms as a rebellion, by offering the secessionist nations full autonomy, so much at stakes depends on this peace push by China

Spider bots

Spider Bot

  • Mexico2Mexico: We are perfecting our AI glob bots that resemble giant spiders that is design as an anti personnel and anti tank weapon, it can burrow underground and waits for its targets to get close then emerge and engage the enemy, were deploying this machines by early summer on the northern front. Update we have some 1,000,000 troops in the northern front along with 3,000 heavy artillery pieces and 1,000 tanks, About the Chinese proposal for peace our political branches are studying the possibility of a Chinese withdrawal at least to the Canadian border and the granting of full independence to former US states ,before any talks is possible,for the meantime we will aggressively defend our borders with both men and AI units (China response needed)
China National anthem Chinese & English lyrics

China National anthem Chinese & English lyrics


  • China-0China: Were deploying our advance mig-100s to the Mexican front,this will show our resolve to put down the Mexican rebellion,were sending 1,000,000 troops to Tennessee to meet the Americans massing there with North Koreans pouring into America to reinforce our armies we have freed some fronts so that we can meet the armies of New York and Florida massing in the eastern region of the former United States, as we stated our channel is open for peace talks but we will not permit the rebels to run rampant in North America
North Korean National Anthem - "Aegukka" (KO EN)

North Korean National Anthem - "Aegukka" (KO EN)


Argentine National Anthem (English Subtitled)

Argentine National Anthem (English Subtitled)


  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: Were not afraid of North Korea ,we will hunt down their spies and hang them in the desert,We will never bow down to the Communist tyranny, we send more tanks and troops to Mexico and we promptly rejects China's overture for peace because we know that this is just a ruse to buy time to beef up their forces around the world , we will launch our own research on AI technology and we will soon march north to join our main army with that of Mexico so communist China and North Korea WATCH OUT
Spanish National Anthem - "La Marcha Real" (ES EN)

Spanish National Anthem - "La Marcha Real" (ES EN)


  • SpainSpain: We condemn North Korea for taking advantage of the situation in North America, you should mind your own internal affair you have famine and food and power shortage in your own country, you just want China's favor and maybe carve out a territory for yourself in North America, we are successful in holding back the Russians and we will be sending some food and military aid to Mexico, and again to North Korea don't be too sure of your success we will rise up and fight your tyranny as well as China's hegemony.


The first AI units were deployed by China in the form of the deadly drone fighters ,the MIG-100s, this were devastating to the Coalition forces, especially Mexico with deadly airstrikes on their front lines this cannot be shot down or engaged by conventional aircraft ,and with super sonic maneuverability ,they cleared the skies of the northern Mexican front and achieved air supremacy,the free nations are hard put to deal with this new deadly weapons of China

  • China-0'China: The PLA has moved more than one million troops to Tennessee to meet the armies of New York and Florida, along with 1,000 tanks and 200 drone fighters, we will not tolerate open defiance in north America, We thank North Korea for supporting us we promise to crush this secessionist republics and restore order
  • Mexico2Mexico: Were putting anti aircraft batteries in our front line as well SAM 60 supersonic anti aircraft missiles designed to specifically shoot down China's vaunted high speed drone fighters, were also deploying our glob bots to seek out and destroy enemy personnel and tanks , We have decided not to launched any nuclear strike on China, if China also refrain from targeting us with their nuclear missiles but we will retaliate with nuclear strikes if China do (China response needed)
    • China diplomacy: We agree not to rain nuclear fire on your cities as long as you don't launch your nuclear missiles against us,we will fight your rebellion in the conventional way, but be warned you, don't try our patience, if you cross your front lines ,and invade the former United States (our territory),we will retaliate with nuclear means so stay on your lines and well content ourselves with trench warfare
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: Bring itself out of the ashes, the ROG (Republic of Georgia) is happy to announce its existence. It currently has not declared sides in the war. It is going about organizing its health and sanitation systems. It has also spent 1 million Credits on military and police funding. We would, however, like to establish diplomatic ties with Florida, being so close, and China, for new technology. (Players response needed) Thank you
    • China diplomacy: China welcomes Georgia to the league of autonomous nations, don't fear us,we will not attack you as long as you don't attack us first,yes were interested to trade with you,we will appreciate it if you stay out of the rebellion, and we recognized your autonomy, but you must pay us tribute,its up to you in what manner (foodstuff,manufacture products or credits) it is or what amount, the importance is the gesture that your friendly with us let us know your decision (Georgia response needed)
    • Georgia diplomacy: We agree with your demands, and we would like to pay 100 kilo of tobacco per month, until 2050. However, you must agree that this agreement can be broken at a moments notice. (China Response Needed)
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We welcome you as trade partners, New York and Florida is combining their armies to attack and drive out the Chinese out of Tennessee you can help us if not with man power, you can send us some food or clothing,we will not force you to join us but we warn you about China ,it may attack you if it find out that you have risen out of the ashes of the former United States,just send word if you need help and Florida will come, welcome our brother state
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We welcome Georgia to the rank of free nations and we urge her to join us in our struggle against China, we have started our offensive in Tennessee and were driving toward the city of Chattanooga if we capture it we will be master of Tennessee but we need additional arms and food supply to sustain our military drive, China has sent 1,000,000 red troops to opposed us and heavy fighting is raging, we will not pull back or retreat until the state is ours long live the freedom coalition (Freedom Coalition nations response needed)
  • Georgia Diplomacy: We would like to set up a trade agreement with New York and Florida. We pledge that for military technology, we will supply the food from our rural areas. However, to not invoke anybodies feelings, I am afraid we can't give any military help. (New York and Florida Response Needed)
  • SpainSpain: the Spanish navy sends out its anti submarine patrol planes and destroyers to hunt down the North Korean submarines,we promise to clear the shipping lanes of this red menace, we also offer to escort coalition merchant ships in its journey across the Atlantic,we will never be cowed by North Korea and its wolf packs of the seas


More nations and states are defying China,but the Chinese overlords are determined to hold on to their world empire,deploying their newest AI war machines, specifically the vaunted MIG 100 drone fighters unto the battlefield, Their staunchest ally North Korea has pledge to help them put down the rebellions, by blockading secessionist republic's seaports and sinking their merchant ships,but the coalition nations are fighting back by deploying their own AI battle units and hunting down North Korean submarines and sea raiders in the high seas with their own naval fleets, the Global war of freedom continues unabated

Super drone tank

Mexico's Super Drone Tank

  • Mexico2Mexico: We propose to open nuclear talks to China as obviously using nuclear weapons in this present conflict will be disastrous for both sides, it will only cover the nuclear aspects and not the conventional fighting that is on going at the present the coalition of free nations want full recognition from China of our independent status as free nations and not merely autonomy, We welcome the former US state of Georgia to the ranks of free and nations of earth,we would like to discuss trade agreement with you,we will not force you to join our war against China but we do urged you to help us, if not militarily but in foodstuff and materials (Georgia response needed)
  • China diplomacy: We agree to hold talks with Mexico regarding the restrain to use nuclear weapons in the present trouble, we propose to hold talks in a non party country (like Brazil) which has not taken side in the conflict (Brazil response needed),
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We agree with some reservation the propose nuclear talks by Mexico and we agree with the stand of Mexico that only full recognition of our independence from China will pave way to full secession of hostility until China grants this demand, we will continue to persecution of the war, We continue to fight in Tennessee to free that former US states from the red Chinese although the fighting has somewhat bogged down to trench warfare,we continue to strengthened our forces already fighting on the ground, We ask Georgia to grant Florida safe passage for it armies thru its territory (Georgia response needed)
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: With our new economy boost due to the trade agreements, we upgrade our military to include The CRB, our Controlled Remote Bots. These are a new type of AI technology, that resemble the turrets from the old game Portal. Over 2 million units are in production, with 500,000 in the field. More testing and research will be conducted. Also, with our new budget, we propose to build New Atlanta on the ruins of the former. It will be our new capitol, and include a embassy for all the countries in the world. Construction is to be completed by 2055. In our diplomatic ties, we announce that while Florida and New York can not go thru our territory, they will be allowed safe passage in our airspace. Any Freedom Coalition planes, as long as they are in the air, will not be attacked. However, if they land, they will be destroyed. The same goes for China and its allies. There will be NO FIGHTING in our airspace. Next on the agenda: Mexico Due to their request, we will give both cotton clothes and foodstuff, for a trade agreement . Now, we also propose the annexing of the old states of South and North Carolina. We ask all the countries to decide. (Players response needed.)
    • Mod reply: Georgia cannot annexed this territories as it is reserved for future players you can however if you insist can go for a majority vote, about one third of all players (presently there are 10 players so 3 votes could grant you this states, just put your request in the header Petition so that it can be voted upon), you can only obtain a nuclear missile after 7 straight turns of posting,and you can launch a nuclear strike on any country after 10 straight turns at present you have 7 nuclear missiles, see power index for references
  • China-0 China : We respect Georgia stance but we remind them that if they do attack our aircrafts that stray to their territory we will respond in kind, we are also concerned about its deployment of its CRBs, In the trade front we will trade for cotton and food stuff in exchange for some machinery and non heavy weapons (assault rifles,mortars no heavy artillery), We are rushing more than 1,000 tanks to Tennessee to push out the rebels from their hardened front lines, We are happy about Georgia's policy of not letting armies from Florida from passing thru their territory ,we do pursue to have formal diplomatic ties and we like to sign a military pact with Georgia (joint military exercise and exchange military technologies)
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We are saddened but respect Geogia.s decision not to grant our armies safe passage thru their territory, we have built troopships to transport our troops by sea to the port of Charleston in South Carolina we can transport 500,000 and 200 tanks in 3 months using this sea route, We are deploying 100 drone tanks in the field by mid 2039, drone robotic troops will be available by the end of the year, we are harvesting a bunker crop of wheat which we will with trade any country interested in return we accept credits and weapons (Players response needed)
  • Georgia Diplomacy: Due to the stalemate on a answer to annex the Carolinas, we have started a military campaign. This has been started as a way to further our territory and both test our CRB. We have already moved in, and have captured Charlseton. Also, we don't like North Korea's threatening message. Please refrain from that way of speaking in the future. Thank you.
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: Georgia technically your at war with China because of your invasion of the Carolina's, you should expect a retaliation from the Chinese, you should join us now,(Georgia response needed) We have defeated a large North Korean fleet off the Bahamas they lost most of their ships and submarines while we suffered light losses, this should teach them some lesson, they won't be menacing our shipping lanes any time soon, Were deploying our drone tanks to the battlefield and will soon put robotic troops on the field, were also perfecting our nanobot cell generation technology design to regenerate damage tissues, this will be tested by next year


The Florida navy defeated a big North Korean fleet off the coast of the Bahamas in a big naval battle, while Mexico beat back a big Chinese offensive killing 36,000 red troops while suffering only 11,000 dead, Meanwhile Georgia invades south and north Carolina engaging pro Chinese troops of the Mid West government it has taken a county and is still advancing, All thru this a fraction of the units fighting on the ground are autonomous AI fighting units ranging from spider like glob bots to drone tanks and fighters, the war is going high-tech and is far from over


A Spanish carrier hunting North Korean submarines in the Atlantic

  • SpainSpain: Our ships continue to hunt down North Korean submarines and sea raiders, we have sunk scores of enemy ships as we combed the Atlantic, We have offered to escort coalition nation merchant ships to protect them from enemy attack, Despite the North Korean submarine raids sea commerce go uninterrupted, We congratulate Florida for a big naval victory against the North Koreans, We are seeking and will destroy any North Korean or Chinese ships we encounter ,We have now 3 carrier battle groups deployed in the Atlantic and a couple submarine groups has put out to sea to help in the hunt for enemy submarines, We do urged Georgia to join our cause for they cannot fight alone , we offer material help to them they need it, we must form a united front against China and their north Korean stooge if we ever hope to win this global war for freedom and democracy(Georgia response needed)
  • Mexico2Mexico: We agree to hold nuclear talks with China, but no ceasefire will be included in the talks and we would like it to be held in strictly neutral country like Brazil or Georgia(Brazil and Georgia response needed), We request the said nation's agreement in their respected nation once the venue has been agreed upon, but even with the talks commencing, we will not stop our military operation on the ground, but a temporary ceasefire could be agreed upon once China agrees with our conditions (Chinese response needed)
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We agree to host any talks between China and the international coalition, we hope that this will contribute to world peace,the planet has been ravaged by wars for a long time now, it deserves a breather to rebuild the ruins of civilization,as we have stated we will not take side between China and the freedom coalition,but we will pursue a secession of hostility,We will push for global disarmament and we urge China to recognized the risen nations of Earth as independent nations , lets return to normalcy the way the world was before the global war and conquest by China in its pursuit of world supremacy, We cannot go back to the past but we can rebuild for the future,a future of peace prosperity
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: How dare you attack us! For North Korea's sneak attack and declaration of war, we transfer 600,000 out of a total of 700,000 CRBs to our border to meet the Korean forces. We leave the rest of them in South Caroline for defending. Our entire population has started to become mobilized, and we will be fully ready within 1 month. We can expect 400,000 people to join our forces. We also call on the international community to CONDEMN North Korea for its actions. On a side note, due to the military spending involved in the war, New Atlanta construction will be pushed back to 2060. In our final note, our Army's Corps of Engineers have constructed a new model tank, the T78. It is drone operated, and carries a missile payload. It will be deployed in the war in 6 months, with 1000 units. (SECRET: In a meeting of our top military leaders, they have come up with a new model of CRB titled CBR2. this will be a fast attack unit, with 2 wheeled feet that can split to form rotors, allowing for flying over troops and other obstacle. This is in preparation for a retaliatory attack into Korean territory. The machines will be completed and ready to be deployed in 2042. SECRET.) Thank you.
  • China-0China: We are saddened by your attacks on our ally South Carolina which is part of the Midwest government ,but we will agree not launch a retaliation if you pull back your forces, We apologies for North Korea's attack on your border, we have summoned their commanding Marshal to give us an explanation (North Korean response needed),We hope to continue our friendly relation with you , but you must pull back from South Carolina first so that we could resume friendly relation (Georgia response needed)
  • Georgia Diplomacy: If China agrees to 1. CONDEMN North Korea and give them no support in the Korean-Republic War, and 2. Give us the materials to speed the T78 tanks into production, giving us a big killer on the battlefield, we will withdraw from south Caroline. (China response needed.) Thank you.
    • China Diplomacy: We agree to condemn North Korea for attacking you without our consent,and we urged them to return the territory taken from you,and we are happy that your willing to return the territory you took from the Midwest government, We urge the North Koreans to a ceasefire with you, if you agree, all will be well again, We are willing to ship you our drone MIG-100 fighters if you agree to lend us your CBR technology it will greatly help us in our anti insurgency campaign,greetings from China
    • Georgia Diplomacy: We will agree to lisence our CRB1 technology to China in exchange for the MIG-100. However, to complete the deal, if North Korea draw out of our territory in 6 hours, you must declare war on them, or force them out of our state. Thank you. (China response needed.)


The North Koreans heated up the conflict by unilaterally attacking Georgia without China's consent this has somewhat displease the Chinese who gave North Korea a stern warning, 'toe the official party line' or withdraw from North America, Meanwhile China has rushed its carrier battle groups to the Atlantic to seek out the Spanish navy which been challenging its mastery of the high seas, a big naval battle is looming

  • China-0China: We have deployed 200 drone fighters to Tennessee , we are determined to drive out the rebels out of the state, most of them coming from New York ,we warn New York that if you don't pull back your rebel forces from Tennessee we might be forced to launch nuclear strikes on your important cities (immediate New York response needed) to Florida stop shipping troops to the Carolina's to aid New York in its aggression against the Midwest government, we might invade your borders if you don't pull back (Florida response needed), To Georgia whether North Korea return your territory or not, we require you to return the territory of the Midwest government , if you refuse to do so we will be forced to retake it. Your attack was unprovoked so your taking this territory is illegal and constitute an act of war not only on the Midwest government but to us as well (Georgia response needed)
  • Georgia Diplomacy: We agree to move out of the Chinese territory, and hand them back the county taken. However, in exchange, we want materials for mass production of robots and tanks. (Chinese response needed.) Thank you.
    • China Diplomacy: We thank Georgia for their return of the disputed territory and we assure them the return of their territory taken by North Korea within 24 hours ,We also shipped the necessary materials they need to build their robots and tanks, We are pushing for a military pact with Georgia (which means participation in our military campaign against the coalition rebel forces) in return we will recognized it as a fully independent nation with their embassy being located in China and North Korea
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: We are very happy to hear that the Chinese were able to force the Korean Dogs off of our territory. In response to this, we are now considering the deal given by them. However, our government has some mixed opinions, so an answer is not ready now. However, by 2042, we will tell you what it is. Also, due to the new materials and parts we have received from China, the T78 is now being deployed onto our territory. This is not just the only new military tech we have developed. We are also announcing the construction of CBR2 and the CBRF. CRB2 is the second version of our military OS, and it allows for basic military strategy without the help of a programmer. This will significantly gain us a bigger strategy advantage on the battlefield. The CRBF is the Controlled Remote Bot Flyer. It has one wheel instead of legs, that can split apart allowing for flying. We have produced around 50,000 of them so far. In the diplomatic community, we would like to offer both the states of New York and Florida the chance to licence the CRB1 and CRB Model respectively. (New York and Florida response needed.) In exchange, we would like for you to give us some military arms in case, the Koreans decide to be cowardly assassins again. The last thing on the agenda is a message to North Korea. North Korea, you have committed a dead so awful, we wonder why you have not fell over begging for your apology to be accepted. But instead, you turn your face and run away when China tells you what to do. Who is the head of the communist empire now, huh? Like the Korean war before us, The Korean-Republic war will not end until you a) apologize in front of the entire international community, and b) agree to NEVER CROSS INTO OUR TERRITORY AGAIN! I think you can manage that. (SECRET: Due to the dastardly deeds of the Koreans, Operation MacArthur's Revenge is being constructed by our military. In 10 years time, if the North Koreans do one more act of treachery against us, 4 nuclear warheads will be streaming down on Pyongyang. The hidden missile silos are being constructed inside the New Atlanta skyscrapers, so no one will know until it's too late. SECRET.) Thank you.
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We condemn North Korea for invading Georgia we send arms and tanks to Georgia and if it permit us we will rush some army divisions to help guard their borders from another North Korean invasion, We will gladly accept the CRB1 and CRB Model ,we also want to exchange raw materials and livestock (we need to feed our armies) with gold and nickel, we are rushing more troops to help New York in the battle of Tennessee, some 300,000 and 500 drone tanks has been shipped to North Carolina and are making there way to the front despite some rear guard action against pro-Chinese north Carolina militias who tried to block our way, On the Nano technology side we have finally perfected our regeneration technology in which microscopic nanobots are injected into the soldier's bloodstream in which it repair damaged cells, increasing the survivability of our troops in the battlefields, this will be field tested later this year
  • Mexico2Mexico: We are rushing more troops to our frontlines in the light of renewed Chinese activities and the last big offensive that WE have defeated, We are increasing our defense spending to 500 billion credits as more materials and weaponry are needed to strengthen our defense line, there currently are 1,000 drone tanks in the front and some 1.5 million troops, we thank Argentina for sending some reinforcement and supplies, we are hoping for stronger diplomatic relationship with Georgia and we are interested in acquiring some of its CRB1 and CRB Models , we will exchange this with advance drone tank models (Georgia response needed) As for nuclear talks with China we are willing to hold either in Brazil or Georgia as both countries will agree, were still demanding full recognition of our independence as well as those of the Coalition member nations as a prerequisite to a peace talks(China response needed)
  • Georgia Diplomacy: We agree to give the CRB1 OS and the CRB model to Florida, however, in exchange we want the microscopic nanobots in return. (Florida Response Needed.) We also agree to give it to Mexico for the drone tank blueprints. We will use them to upgrade our T78 tanks. We would also like to thank Florida for its offer, and we would gladly like the support if the North Korean dogs attack again. Thank you.


China reprimanded North Korea for its unilateral action in North America, as nuclear talks is paving for a hope in ending the long drawn out conflict (which China terms as a rebellion) the Coalition of free nations are demanding full recognition of their Independence from China before any peace talks is held, Meanwhile new AI units flood the battlefield as the robotic arms race come full swing

  • NewyorkflagNew York: We gladly accept Georgia's offer of its new CRB Technology, we are currently researching anti gravity technology as a way to improve our fighter class under development are saucer like fighter crafts that doesn't have a rocket propulsion system but extremely maneuverable and can go as fast as or faster than the vaunted Chinese drone fighters, in two years will perfect and mass produce this aircrafts, Meanwhile in the battlefield were rushing more troops to Tennessee to meet a big Chinese offensive and with help of allied troops from Florida we will hold our frontline from this savage Chinese onslaught long live the democracies, we will never surrender to the communist overlords
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: After thinking about the Chinese deal, we have reached a conclusion. With the battle of Tennessee about to rage, we have decided this a perfect time to decide our allegiance. Whichever side wins the Battle of Tennessee, we will side with them. This is our final decision. However, if China wins the battle, we WILL remain a democratic nation, and we WON'T have an alliance with North Korea. Just wanted to clear that issue up. Next on our agenda are the CRB models and OS. We are only giving the CRB model and the CRB1 OS to different countries. However, all CRB model in the Georgia military have been upgraded to CRB2 OS. Also, 50,000 CRBF models have made it to the field against the North Korean forces. They have shown to be effective fighters to get around the rough terrain quickly. Moving on to our economy. Because of the rapid increase of military spending and CRB research, our budget for military spending has increased by 100 million script (our currency), and our overall economy has been increased by 7.5 million. This should help speed up the construction of New Atlanta. To end, we have opened up a proposal to all the countries of the world. In exchange for money and resources, each country can have a statue or monument built for them in Freedom Park, which will be the center of our capitol. (Countries Response Needed.) We will use these resources to again speed up our construction. (SECRET: Operation MacArthur's Revenge has been started, with the buildings surrounding the Judiciary Center having silos each capable of 2 missiles installed. 5 more of these buildings will be constructed. Our leaders have also devolped a plan to commit a sneak attack on the Koreans that are helping the Chinese in the area of the city Columbia. We still have not decided if we are going to put it into action.) Thank you.
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We condemned North Korea for its aggression in north America we are sending our naval forces to open the ports of Georgia from the red communist blockade we send 2 carrier battle groups along with a whole pack of submarine, were also sending arms and divisions of army troops to Mexico , we also ship food stuff and clothing to coalition member nations, we warn North Korea not to invade Georgia or face attacks of your navy in the high seas by the combined navies of the coalition nations, and we urged Georgia to join our cause now before they are invaded and conquered by the communists, we are also perfecting our own AI robotic units and we will field this machines later next year, we agree interested in the CRB Technology and willing to exchange this with our own AI research programs(Georgia response needed)
  • Georgia Diplomacy: We thank Argentina in its help, and we would love for them to drive the cowardly dogs back from the Atlantic. We would also be intrested in trading our CRB technology, however instead we want 3 battleships so we can defend against the Koreans by ourselves for a little while, allowing you to regroup. (Argentina Response Needed.) Thank you.
  • Mexico2Mexico: We send some military supplies and drone tanks and glob bots to Georgia as it is clearly being besieged by both the pro-Chinese Midwest government and North Korea, along with foodstuff and clothing, Again we urged it to join the freedom coalition so that we can aid them more openly (Georgia response needed), we have also rush an army via Mexican gulf-south Carolina route to Tennessee to join our brothers in arms New York and Florida in their battle against China along with their communist allies (North Korea and the Midwest government)
  • Georgia Diplomacy: We thank Mexico for its help, and we hope that we can defeat the North Koreans together. However, our original decision still stands: Whoever wins the Battle of Tennessee will gain our support. However, we hope to continue our trade agreements with everyone.

Texas: We join the Freedom coalition with the battle of Tennessee in hopes that we can get Georgia to join our cause and also invade the Communist held Oklahoma in hopes to free it for the communists.


The great battle of Tennessee is well underway with Chinese armies aided by North Korea and the Midwest government clashing with the forces of New York,Florida and an expeditionary armies of Mexico, Meanwhile North Korea has blockaded the port of Georgia to prevent its merchant commerce from trading with other nations, a big fleet from Argentina has come to break up the the communist blockade and open the shipping route, as the coalition urges Georgia to join their cause before they too are crush by communist boots\

  • TexasflagTexas : We send 300,00 men to Tennessee to help Mexico crush the Chinese.
  • China-0China: We invade Texas with 400,000 troops and 800 Armageddon tanks, we urged them to pull out of Tennessee before we withdraw our military forces, it is better to deal with us in a peaceful manner than in hostility, we give Texas a chance to mend itself (Texas response needed)+
  • TexasflagTexas : We pull our troops out and mend ourselfs.
    • China-0China: We thank Texas for its peaceful action, we withdraw our battle and our armies from her borders and we hope to have a trade deal with you in exchange for machinery and small arms weapons (Texas response needed)
  • TexasflagTexas : We agree to China's offers and ask if we can annex Oklahoma and Louisiana.
    • China-0China: Were afraid its part of our territory better not try,we offer you a military pact instead you help us in our campaign against the rebels and we will recognize you as an independent nation and an ally, we will help you modernize your army and trade foodstuff and raw materials (Texas response needed)
    • TexasflagTexas : We accept your offer, but in exchange we ask if you can give us Louisiana so we can push to Mississippi so we can start to fight Florida.
    • China-0China: We give safe passage instead so that you can move your armies to the Florida borders well give your arms and supplies along the way
    • Texas: We start our attacks on Mississippi so we can start attacking Florida.
    • China-0China: Don't attack Mississippi its our territory you can move thru it without harrasment, the way is clear, all the way thru Alabama its the territory of our puppet regime the Midwest government
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We are saddened that Texas so new as an independent and free nation has been seduced to dark side and as well as angered that they are planning to attacked our borders, urged on by the communist Chinese and Koreans, were rushing our toughest army divisions to meet them, and were planning to ambush them in Alabama and annihilate them so they don't threatened our borders again, for these we send our destroyers and cruiser to blockade their ports especially Galveston we will attack and take their rich oil platforms in the Mexican gulf and seek out and destroy their navy fleets, don't hide behind your master China come out in the open and fight with us face to face, don't rely on your big brother, China
  • Georgia Diplomacy: After much thought, the victor of the battle of Tennessee is clear. We are saddened to announce it, but we are now the allies of China. In exchange, however, we must get a) The right to be a DEMOCRATIC NATION, and b) We want Alabama and South Caroline granted to us. If these conditions are not met, we will side with the coalition. (China Response Needed.) We would also like to congratulate Texas on joining the world, and we want to have a trade agreement with them. (Texas Response Needed.) Thank you.\
  • TexasflagTexas : We agree to Georgia's request and we also apologize to China we did not know that Mississippi was your land. But we start to push through to Florida. We would also tell the world that we are a Democracy but we are sided with the Communists.
  • Mexico2Mexico: We are saddened and angered by Texas and Georgia siding with the dark forces of communism from now on we will consider you as sworn enemies and we will soon attack your borders and overthrow your puppet regimes and replace it with a true democratic governments, To Georgia we tried to break the North Korean blockade to help you, but you betrayed us, we will never forget this and you will pay in full sometime in the future , you should have stayed neutral and now you will feel the wrath of the Freedom Coalition, We continue our campaign in Tennessee sending more divisions of troops and tanks to the front via south Carolina and we soon soon invade Texas to teach that ingrate nation a lesson then we follow suits in Georgia we will soon overthrow this Chinese puppet regimes
  • Georgia Diplomacy: We would like to remind everybody that we have not joined a side yet! If China does not agree to give us Alabama and South Carolina, and doesn't allow us to stay democratic, we will SIDE WITH THE COALITION! Do not attack us out of rumors. Thank you.
  • TexasflagTexas : We ask China to put soldiers on the Texas-Mexican border while we push towards Florida. We also urge China to accept Georgia s offer.
Red Alert 2 intro

Red Alert 2 intro

  • NewyorkflagNew York: Texas and Georgia should reconsider their shaky alliance with China and North Korea soon it will bite your heads off,China could not be trusted,sooner or later they will turn on you,were giving Georgia another chance to join us,as for Texas your clearly long gone into the dark side by attacking Florida, by this turn of events we rush troops and materials to Alabama to help Florida to crush your attacking armies, don't be too sure because you have china's backing, as your fighting a united front of freedom fighters to Georgia there is still time to turn back to the light of democracy(Georgia response needed)


Texas has sided with China while Georgia's allegiance remains vageu, but one thing is clear the global war against China's hegemony is heating up, as nations try to unshackle the communist chains, Meanwhile the battle for Tennessee is in full swing as colossal armies clash in the state,China is determined to drive out the rebel forces from New York,Florida and Mexico

  • Mod Response: Georgia is starving because of North Korea's naval blockade people are fleeing your capital Atlanta because of starvation, you must find a way to break the North Korean sea blockade before your food stock is exhausted (you'll run out of food stock in 3 years/3 turns)
  • China-0China: We urged Georgia to join us allies formally so that we can tell the North Koreans to lift the blockade on your port cities,we will also send you the necessary food supply to end the starvation of your people, were offering you this in exchange for friendship, North Korea will obey our orders and your suffering will end, Meanwhile in the battle of Tennessee our great offensive has push back the rebels inflicting on them great losses in men and equipment and we vow to continue our assaults until they are push out of the contested state, On nuclear talks our channels are still open,until the proper venue for talks is agreed upon(Mexican and Coalition response needed)
  • Mexico2Mexico: We welcome China's agreement to a Nuclear talks and were contacting Georgia and Brazil if either one can accommodate the nuclear talks, I believe in having some control on nuclear arms even if we are at war with each other, the use of nuclear weapons on this war would inflict terrible losses on both side not only militarily but on the civilians as well, so the pushing of guidelines and control on the use of nuclear weapons is quite relevant ,we want a formal agreement being signed by all parties(players response needed)
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We offer our country as the venue of the nuclear talks between Mexico and China and we hope a lasting peace could also be agreed upon so as the end this terrible conflict (Mexico and China response needed), and offer food to Georgia and urged North Korea to end its terrible naval blockade of Georgia's sea ports so that food supplies could be delivered to its starving people, were now harvesting our coffee and bananas and we offer this to trade this with any nations for manufactured goods and machineries, We are rebuilding our capital Brasilia to its former grandeur and rebuilding other cities from the ruins, our population is steadily increasing thanks to our renewed effort to agriculture,our armed forces of some 1,400,000 strong is there for internal security only we are not interested in siding with any global faction ,ours is strictly self defense, we won't invade any country but will defend ourselves if invaded. We are proposing rebuild the pan American highway that stretch from north America to south America it has been in ruins since the war and we will be glad the rebuild the highway inside our borders but we are willing to repair those outside if the other nations permits us, this will revitalized commerce in the western hemisphere which benefits us us all (players response needed)
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: Our forces are ready to battle Texas, were lying in ambush for their column to pass by the narrow Frigebram pass then we will ambush them and annihilate them, were also pushing for Nuclear talks with China and if possible North Korea, we can confine the fight to conventional means , going nuclear will mean certain doom to the planet with the radiation coming from it, it will mean death to millions of civilians and not only to the military, We welcome Brazil's suggestion that they will be willing to be the host country for the international nuclear talks, Meanwhile were pouring more forces to Tennessee despite some military set backs we are determined to push the Chinese communists out of that state, we will not be defeated, Lastly we asked Georgia to join our freedom coalition and not be entice by the Chinese puppet master, they will shackle you in their communist chains if your not careful (Georgia response needed)
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: The Republic of Georgia has made a decision regarding our alliance. We will become an ally of the Communist, and take up there military might. This decision was influenced very much by the Chinese agreement to let us be democratic, and the Chinese victory in the Battle of Tennessee. We hope the war will not damage relations with some of the freedom coalition members, and hope to continue diplomatic relations after The Rebellion Conflicts. To bring a speedy end of the war, and to allow for us all to be at peace, we have started the Florida Campaign, or the Invasion of Florida. In the economy section, we continue our pursuit of military spending, and have started to work on CRB3. This will allow for a full AI battlefield mind, and it gives the CRB models the logistics of a lieutenant. The program is scheduled to be added next year. We also propose to go to the Nuclear talks, and will try and work out a solution. Military, we have put any new unit production on hold, and while CRB and CRBF models will keep being built, no plans for a new model have been created. We will focus all our efforts to bring the war to a conclusion. Right now, our troops have taken Madison and Jasper, and our about to commence the Siege of Tallahassee. (SECRET: A plan drafter by our leaders has been dubbed the Rebuilding Plan. In it, Texas and Georgia each get 1/2 of Florida, with Texas owning the panhandle. We have rushed a message to Texas warning them about the ambush, and also a request to commit joint military attacks in the Campaign. (Texas Response Needed.) SECRET) In our final note, we would like to tell the world that we made our decision that will benefit our people. Thank you.
  • TexasflagTexas : We thank Georgia for their help and agree to there terms.
  • Mod Response: Nuclear talks has formally opened in the capital city of Brasilia , Brazil those interested in participating just post your nations in the section Brasilia Nuclear talks
  • SpainSpain: We continue to hunt down North Korean submarines in the high seas in an effort to annihilate them, We are saddened and angered that two newly risen American states (Georgia and Texas) has thrown their lot to the communist side, well expect some military pressure from the military coalition, were sending our naval ship to blockade your ports and we will destroy your navies, were also landing troops to America in unspecified numbers , to aid our allies there, we heard of the impending invasion of Florida from both Texas and Georgia so were rushing military supplies to aid Florida,lastly We are attending the Nuclear talks in Brasilia and were drafting our demands and conditions for the talks
  • ColombiaColombia:. We put 100,000 men to our border with Panama. We ask Venezuela if they would like to join us and a peace between our countries. ((Mod Response needed) We also ask Panama and Costa Rica if they would join us.
  • Uk4United Kingdom: We Send 300,000 troops to attack the Spanish Border and we send money to Colombia to help them,
  • Mod response: The United Kingdom of England Scotland Wales and Ireland must go to the battlefields to engage Spain, you can also declare war so that a section will be created for you and Spain, Venezuela,Panama and Costa Rica are awaiting players
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We condemn the blatant invasion of Georgia and Texas of our borders, and urged the coalition to attack this aggressive countries, we rush more troops to border to meet this invasion of China's dogs and we vowed to fight them with all our valor, Were putting out our naval fleets to blockade both Texas and Georgia's ports and we are planning a full scale invasion of Georgia we call on new York to invade Georgia from the north so that we can squeeze their army in a pincer movement (immediate new York response needed), We also condemn Colombia so new yet so evil as to side with the communist tyranny, the democracies will never bow down to this renewed assault on freedom.


New nations emerge as the world polarized into two armed factions, those who allied themselves with China and those who joins the Coalition of free nations, new AI smart robotic military hardware are taking over the fields of battle and promise to be deadlier and more efficient killing machines, the Age of the real life Terminators has come, and world peace is as elusive as ever

  • China-0China: We have started construction of an AI controlled nuclear strategic nuclear system in which all our nuclear arsenals will be fully AI initiated with no human intervention and errors, it will also control all autonomous military units in the field, Fully automated the system we call the Red Dragon, it will handle and asses battlefield condition and lay strategic and tactical planning for all our military forces on the ground, this will lessen human errors and will make our armies more organized and efficient, On the Brasilia nuclear talks, we will respect what ever decision the the negotiating body decides upon
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We continue to fight the Georgian invaders as we rush more troops to the areas taken over by the enemy we use all our resources short of nuclear arms to throw out the invading army of Georgia, We are also planning an invasion of Georgia as soon as we drive them out of our nation, we have acquired the powerful areal carrier this we will use in earnest against the invaders, we will not surrender, we call on all coalition member nations to aid us in anyway they can (Coalition response needed), we strongly condemn this blatant invasion and the violation of our sovereignty
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: We are very happy to announce that the Florida Campaign is going very well. We have already won once, and are about to win again. If Florida wants to end the war at any time, we will allow a conditional surrender. To stop any type of invasion from New York or the Northern States, we have started to construct pillboxes on our northern border. We would also like to announce a new military unit, The CRBC. The Controlled Remote Bot Cannon is a giant walking cannon that has been upgraded from the T74. It is the first CRB unit running on CRB3, and will be deployed against Florida within the next few months. It has the ability to drill into the ground and create an artificial barrier to protect against some shells, but can only go down 10 feet. 400,000 units have been produced in secret, and are being deployed against Florida as we speak. We are expecting 500,000 more to join the force already there in the next year. In the economy area, our budget has also increased. Due to the alliance with China, our economy has grown by 1 Billion Script, and military spreading has grown by 900 million. Even though we are in wartime, our citizens are still not rationing, and we are very prosperous. To even more increase our economy, the GNA, or the Georgia Navy Association has been created. This will be the official name of our navy, and 20 battleships are under construction, with a completion date of 2047. About Florida, we send a message: "Just give it up. You have nothing to fight for. You are being invaded by two powers, both of which are the allies of the most powerful country. If you surrender now, you will gain some control of the diplomacy. If you don't, and you lose, you will regret it." Thank you
  • TexasflagTexas : We start our invasion of Florida from the west side and we send 300,000 men and 5,000 tanks. We also sent 300,000 men to watch our border and we ask Colombia for help. We still have 200,00o left in reserves. We start our production of robotic soldiers.
  • SpainSpain: We send our fleet to blockade the ports of Georgia were shelling their coastal cities ,inflicting heavy damage and casualties to military and civilian structures, a full convoy of troopship carrying crack Spanish troops along with tanks and heavy artillery are on the way across the Atlantic to land in South Carolina for an impending invasion of Georgia soon Texas will also be invaded we ask new York to send its army to help us (new York response needed)
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We welcome the Spanish armies into north America and yes we will rush troops south to Georgia to help invade that turncoat of a country (Secret) we plan to hire the services of Ashima to bolster our forces, seeing that China has very strong military forces in Tennessee we shift our attention to the Georgians, a bunch of pretty little nuisance south of us, we might need all the might of the coalition to subdue this upstart, Florida has taken a bad beating and we rushed much needed supplies to her, to ease her predicament, we also put a great naval blockade not only on Georgia but on Texas as well, we will seek out and destroy their navies and merchant ships, As of he meantime were pulling back some of our military forces from the Tennessee campaign to reinforce our southern border from any invasion, Were also doubling our production of tanks and artillery as well as small arms weapons, soon we have enough to fight a multi front war
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We rush our fleet to help Florida and New York to blockade the ports of Georgia and Texas, we also planning to land our armies in Alabama on our way to the borders of Texas, we want Mexico to invade from the south while we attack from the east (Mexico response needed), were sending food supply and weapons to hard pressed Florida forces and we urged them to hold fast as rescue is coming we will push the communist dogs back
  • Mexico2Mexico: We agree to invade Texas from the south , were rushing 400,000 troops and 500 drone tanks to the Texas border, we send food and clothing to hard press Florida as we admire their courage in the face of full blooded invasion by China's dogs, send a fleet to help in the naval blockade of Georgia, while our submarines raid Texas ports to destroy their oil platforms and merchant ships, we should subdue this invaders in due time if we unite our war efforts, Were also shifting our focus from the Tennessee battlefields to this aggressive Chinese upstart lackeys, On the nuclear talks great progress is being made to ban nuclear weapons from the battle, were quite confident that a concrete agreement would reach very soon, we call on every nations and factions to agree to the halt of the nuclear arms race


The Nuclear talks is well underway it promises to end the nuclear tension between the two warring camps, this has lessen the danger of a nuclear exchange, but the war continues in earnest as both side try to inflict defeat on each other, AI units are more common now in the battlefield as a new technological arms race ensues, more war theatre open up as new nations participate in the fighting, Meanwhile the battle of Tennessee is going badly for the Coalition as China wins a string of signal battles pushing back the forces of New York, Florida and the expeditionary Mexican armies

  • GliugiohlSweden: A Pro Free trade government has arisen from the anarchy that was once known as Scandinavia. Rosflod Olaksaan has been named chief of state and a military and other structured government entities have now appeared. The Vinlandic government now awaits opinions from world powers regarding its legitimacy. It also currently has made no allies but is open to all discussion regarding alliances
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese, Vinlandic, and Scandinavian peoples has enjoyed both economic and diplomatic ties in the past, and opinion on the newly established Sweden within the Japanese territories are positive. Therefore, we send the letter of recognition, formally recognizing the nation's legitimacy.
  • China-0China: We welcome Sweden to the fold of free nation although you choose to side with the Coalition we will respect your decision , but know this were technically at war now and we will retaliate for any attack coming from you, but we will give you time to mull your decision , you still have the time to reassess your position, an alliance with china will bring you great benefit and considerable protection from foreign aggression, so think about the side you will be joining, On the other hand in the field of battle the campaign in Tennessee is going very well for us, we have the rebels from much of the state and we are confident that by next year we would have driven the rebels out entirely, we also happy to report that overall GNP growth last year was at 12 percent with the manufacturing sector leading, agricultural output increase by a healthy 20 percent with rice production tripling from the year before, we are now capable of sustaining a multi front war with our current production level, we are increasing the budget for R and D (research and development) department to develop more sophisticated AI weaponry, And lastly we call on all participant of the Brasilia nuclear talks to approved the protocols on nuclear use agreement as soon as possible to avoid nuclear war (players response needed)
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We have reinforce our armies to meet the invasion of both Georgia and Texas, we have imposed a general draft to augment our armies, in the the light of the emergency situation, we have declared a general martial law and has imposed curfews this is to prevent mass panic and chaos as the news of the invasion has spread to our population, food rationing have been implemented to prevent food shortages, we will not let this invasion scare our people, we will prevail, our militias has been also been called up to help our regular army repel this invasion, Once again we call on our allies to help us repel this invasion (coalition members response needed)
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We answer the call of Florida and have launch a full scale invasion of Georgia , we are also further strengthening our forces in Tennessee despite apparent Chinese success in several big battles in the field, in light also of the renewed vigor of the communists and their allies we have passed the general draft bill designed to increase our current troop level, were also building fortification in our border to prevent any invasion, on the other hand our industries are picking up steam, producing tanks and artillery we will rush some of this to Florida to help in their war effort, were also sending out our ships (mostly destroyers and some battle cruisers) to hunt down enemy fleets and destroy their merchant ships, we will continue the war despite some nasty surprises coming our way
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We are rushing our armies north in an impending invasion of the Colombian borders were also sending food and military supplies to Florida and vow help it repel the invasion of Georgia and Texas , We are angered by this aggressive moves by the communist alliance and in revenge we will invade Colombia which has sided with them, on the other hand were sending our naval fleets to the gulf of Mexico to battle the navies of Texas and georgia, were confident of a victorious naval campaign and we soon land troops to reinforced Florida
  • NipponflagJapan (partisan): The people of Japan, the nation of dignity and beauty, and whom the sun rises from the horizons, are no longer able to tolerate a foreign occupation of the Japanese archipelago. Under the leadership of Her Imperial Majesty Masako, wife of the 126th Emperor of Japan, His imperial majesty Naruhito, we declare that we shall break our chains, and liberate the nation from Chinese control. Understanding the Chinese will inevitable refuse peaceful requests for independence [To which Japanese delegates has constantly failed negotiation since Japan was taken over], her Imperial Majesty, now in hiding, has ordered resistance movements to initiate throughout the nation. Our army, reportedly empowered by 1,030,000 civilians, and 55,400 veterans of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, unfairly treated subjects to the Chinese occupiers, disgusted by our former government's failure to protect the Japanese people, and intend to re-establish the independent and proud nation, will ravage the islands. We have observed the Coalition of Free nations, and other forces fight and claim victory, pushing the Chinese occupation away. We, hiding in underground bunkers and praying for hope, now realize that we must act in arms, not through patience and begging, in order to retaliate the occupiers. The newly established Republic of Japan [Both ruled by Her Imperial Majesty [Spiritual, military, and monarch authority], and will later be accompanied by the Prime Minister in exile [Political leader]{Hiding in Papa New Guinea}] formally rises from the bunkers, our fear from the Chinese eliminated. It is time to liberate Japan, and we request the Coalition of Free Nations, and fellow countries of support for Japanese independence, to assist our effort to resist the Chinese occupation. (Coalition of Free Nations response needed) Despite our declaration of war, the Empress accepts Prime Minister in exile Kenji Wabino's recommendation that the Japanese resistance seize aggressive movement if the Chinese occupiers decides to enter negotiations with Japan in exchange for Japanese independence, and a 30 year non-aggression treaty with both China and North Korea. If such a deal is accepted, Japan will not join the Coalition of Free Nations, and instead develop as neutral nation. The Prime Minister, seen in a public broadcast alongside armed Japanese men inside a traditional Japanese room, sends a public message to China to consider entering peaceful diplomacy with the Japanese resistance, and allow independence. He promises that Japan will not harm China if a peaceful withdrawal and ending of the Japanese occupation is decided, which the conditions will be freely discussed with the Japanese representatives. (Chinese / North Korea response needed)
    • Chinese diplomacy: Were afraid we cannot accommodate your request of independence for we have paid a heavy toll conquering your nation, in terms of men and materials, were afraid we must uphold our nation's honor and not bow down to the demand of a guerrilla movement, but if you agree to lay down your arms we may discuss amnesty for your leaders as well as members and we may grant you autonomy(Japanese rebel response needed)
    • NipponflagJapanese diplomacy (Partisan): The invasion of Japan was solely commenced, without any considerations for negotiations, because of the Chinese confidence in disregarding humanitarian laws and the loss of care for other nation's sovereign rights. After intensive meetings between resistance leaders, the Prime Minister rejects the Chinese offer for autonomy, as the Japanese were forcefully deprived of their freedom. Upon the foreseeable independence, we will be able to express our values, and reinstate flourishing Japanese sovereignty throughout the islands. Therefore, the Imperial Liberators Force of the Japanese Republic (ILF-JR), with the command headquarter located in Lae, Papa New Guinea, will formally launch the campaign to liberate Japan. ILF-JR forces will firstly attempt to gain full control of Hokkaido and Sakhalin Island, and capture all Chinese military bases situated in the island to increase its military capability. Meanwhile, Japanese guerrilla forces will execute suicide bombings in central areas in Tokyo and Yokohama to encourage recruitment to the ILF-JR, independent terrorist attacks against Chinese troops and foreign occupation settlers, and support for our movement. Propaganda pamphlets will be immediately distributed throughout the Eurasian continent by foreign agents, including inside countries occupied by China. We believe that we can also encourage fellow Pan-Asian nations that are also occupied by China to initiate their rebel campaigns as well. The Japanese rebel movement is once again appealing to the Coalition of Free Nations to assist the Japanese effort to repel the Chinese occupation (Coalition of Free Nations response needed) The Japanese Royal Family will join the Japanese cabinet in Papa New Guinea to retreat from danger. The Former Japanese Secretary General of the Japanese Parliament, Showa Hondai and his supporters, however, strongly opposes the plan, and pleas for the Japanese resistance to instead accept the Chinese offer for autonomy for "the situation to end peacefully". A parliament member responded with, "They (The Chinese) follow no rules. We refuse to live adjacent to an invasive regime. I can assure you that fellow victims of Chinese conquests can agree with this,".
    • GeorgiaGeorgia: We have started to ration our food, meaning that we have enough for six years. WE have started to set up trenches in the North in case we lose again to New York. We are planning a counter attack against them soon. We have given another 500 million script to the military, which should bolster our force. Thank you.
  • Mod response: Japan must fight a partisan mode campaign (10 battles) to win her freedom but for the meantime the nations doesn't recognize your government, but class you as a rebel movement (see Scenario: Filipino-Chinese War for insight)
  • Mod response: Spain and Argentina has successfully blockaded the ports of Georgia, you have 5 turns before food supply ran out and will result in starvation of your population
  • Mexico2Mexico: We offer our support to the partisan(rebel) government of japan, we offer arms and food supplies to the guerrillas. although we do not formally recognize you as a sovereign nation (yet), we invite you to be an honorary member of the Coalition of free nations, You will be granted full membership at the the time you win the rebellion and become a fully independent from China (Japan/partisan response needed), On the other hand were invading Texas and we hope to achieve victory soon, were sending tanks and heavy artillery to Florida to help it fight Georgia, were happy about the progress of the nuclear talks in Brasilia and we hope for the total elimination of nuclear weapons in the battlefields and we hope China will respect what ever nuclear agreement that will be reach in the Brasilia talks(China response needed),were happy to announce that our agricultural output has doubled in the past year we are now confident that were able to feed not only our armies but the whole Mexican populace, and we can export them to other nations
    • Japanese Diplomacy (Partisan): We thank Mexico for their invitation and support, and will join the Coalition as an honorary member until we achieve full independence.
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We welcome the delegates of every nation to our beautiful capital of Brasilia, Brazil and we hope to accommodate you all in comfort and style, As you know we have beautify our capital to suit the title the world peace capital, as you know we haven't taken any side in the current global war but has encourage dialogue and negotiation between the warring parties ,We hope that the current nuclear talks would pave to real peace discussion between the two world rival factions, we hope the nuclear talks bears fruit and contribute to world peace, again to all the delegates of every nations on Earth, we welcome you.


A new rebellion breaks out this time the Japanese rose in revolt against their Chinese overlords, this promises to heat up the already sizzling secessionist conflicts globally against the Chinese world empire, but China has found allies of her own as the Earth polarized into two hostile armed camps,the Coalition of free nations and the great Chinese world empire.

  • China-0China: Despite our friendly gesture of giving them autonomy in return for the peaceful coexistence with China the Japanese chose rebellion and war, they treacherously attacked our garrison in the islands of Hokkaido and Sakhalin, massacring our brave troops who fought bravely to the last man until they were ultimately wiped out by the savage Japanese guerrillas, We honor their bravery and courage,and as we speak were sending strong Chinese army formations to retake the rebel held islands this will be supported by several Carrier battle groups who will provide shore bombardment and air support, We will not be satisfied until the rebel leaders are captured and brought to justice for the murder of our brave soldiers, Rewards has been put out for the capture or killing of the resistance leaders and their followers, Although long abandoned the Chinese authorities will re institute the effective zoning campaign in which all male able bodied men will be house in all male communities this is to prevent them being recruited by the guerrillas, were also imposing a dusk till dawn curfew in all of Japan, travel will be restricted and no one can travel without the appropriate Chinese issued documents and identification cards ,this is to prevent the guerrillas from infiltrating into the communities,Secret police squads will have the right to search houses and arrest suspected guerrillas and search and destroy operation will conducted regularly in the countryside to clear them of Japanese guerrillas
  • TexasflagTexas : Texas withdrawals all men from Florida . We leave China's alliance and join the freedom coalition. We attack Alabama and Oklahoma. We send 50,000 men to help Florida and give them there old land back.
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: Due to our food shortages, our government has been overthrown. We leave the Chinese alliance, and assume our neutral state that we had kept before. We give back our land to Florida, and apologize to the freedom coalition. We hope that they will accept our apology, and input new trade agreements. (Freedom Response Needed) We also hope that our decision will not effect our relationship with China.
  • Uk4United Kingdom: We break our alliance with China like what Georgia and Texas did. We send our fleet that was going to attack spain to help the freedom alliance in Tennessee. We also send aid to Japan and send our other fleet to attack France with 250,000 me.
  • SpainSpain: Were glad to hear the change of heart of Georgia, Texas and United Kingdom your abandonment of your alliance with China is well appreciated, We now lift our naval blockade of Georgia and Texas, were sending food to the starving people of Georgia and offer it a trade pact (Georgia response needed), were also pleased that the nuclear talks in Brasília is going well, the nuclear scare is diminishing and we hope China respect the outcome of the nuclear talks, using nuclear weapons in war is inhumane, were calling for the total ban of nuclear weapons (total destruction of the nuclear stockpiles) to completely banish the nuclear menace (nations response needed)
  • Mod response: Texas and the United Kingdom is in danger of forfeiting there respected battles if they don't respond to there challengers (1 turn left)-
  • All Texas/UK have withdrawn there troops. So there is no more battle -Kmarble12
  • Mod response: you cannot withdraw from battle after 24 hours, either you fight or forfiet
  • Mexico2Mexico: Were happy to find out that Texas, Georgia and the United Kingdom has withdrawn their support to China we will be happy for you join our growing freedom coalition ,were reopening our trade ties with you, were also suspending any future military campaign against you, we just hope you will stand true to your democratic principle, soon we will have peace after China listen to our demands, we will continue to pursue the war until victory is achieved ,in which the Chinese invaders will BE driven out of America it will be a long struggle but we know we can achieved this if we act united presenting a strong single to the enemy, we will prevail
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: Were happy to report that we have retaken all the territory lost to Georgia indeed Georgia has withdrawn from the alliance with China, but we will not forget that they tried to invade our country so were still apprehensive and does not fully trust them this include Texas, to prevent any future invasion, were deploying a majority of our armies in the border areas, were also erecting massive border fortification which is laid with AI controlled canon towers, border guard patrols has been increased to prevent enemy infiltration, were also deploying smart mines to disable enemy tanks and armored vehicle, were happy also that the nuclear talks in Brasilia is bearing fruits and nuclear disarmament is a future possibility, we urged China to respect the outcome of the nuclear talks (China response needed)
  • NipponflagGreat Republic of Japan (Partisan): After the capture of the islands of Hokkaido and Sakhalin from the Chinese occupation, we declare the establishment of the Great Republic of Japan, with the de facto capital in Abashiri, Hokkaido. Upon the public declaration, the resistance has celebrated to mark the first independent Japanese entity since the Chinese forcefully deprived Japan of its freedom. Naval forces also assume control over the Kurile Islands, now abandoned after the Japanese liberation of the north. The Japanese economy, and aid from the Coalition of Free Nations will be centralized in these islands until we achieve full independence from the Chinese invaders. In response to the Chinese accusation of "treachery", we remind them of their betrayal of the once pacifist Japan, which sought peace instead of arm. Despite that, China were filled with greed for control, and readied to massacre the population. Our morality, we repeat, are superior in comparison to the Chinese thugs. The so-called "brave soldiers" deployed by the Chinese occupation are souls composed of devil work and evil values, and are only waiting for the death. "Beijing," unprecedentedly declared by the Chief-General of the ILF-JR, "will inevitably become the execution platform for the leaders and followers of China to face their punishment. Japan, and many other nations with their hope stolen from their oppressors, will contribute the resistance against the immoral (army and communist) pigs till death, and massacre the Chinese oppressors. Lest we liberate Japan and ruin Beijing, we will make those Chinese fools beg on their knees for forgiveness." Although his declaration was responded with massive support, opposition governors of the parliament in exile (Still in hiding as the condition is unsafe) are angered by the radicalization of the Japanese resistance. "Japan is dignity, and it is why the sun shines upon us. We must not disappoint our children, nor our ancestors if we violate the dignity of upholding human values and the importance of the Japanese people, no matter the situation. Our task is to liberate our nation, not to march towards the enemy's capital and massacre their government and degrade ourselves to become an inhumane force that joys in killing and invading countries, just like how the Chinese has taken over the majority of the world. I want a proud and colorful Japan, where the rest of the globe pleasures to gather in our beautiful mountains and magnificent culture and recognize our rightful place in this world, including the Chinese of course.", argued Taichi Sakamoto on a telegram message to the resistance headquarters. Regardless of the conflicting views, all parties agrees that Japan should be liberated through armed forces, but will cease military action if the Chinese recognize Japanese sovereignty and withdraws occupation troops. The Japanese Prime Minister once again appeals to the Chinese leaders to restart negotiations for a ceasefire and discuss an appropriate deal for Japanese independence before any further causalities ensues the islands, both Chinese and Japanese. (Chinese response needed) Pro-Japanese guerrillas and foreign organizations in support of the Japanese resistance are now harboring Japanese members in their headquarters, both in Chinese-occupied countries, neutral and diplomats are now residing in unofficial consuls inside states in the Coalition of Free Nations. The isolation of males in occupied Japan is a restriction of movement, and we will attempt to break the chains of our fellow brothers and escort them to Hokkaido immediately through a bombing and raid campaign in Tokyo, Chiba, and Aomori Prefectures and rescue as much escapees as possible. We are also welcoming women volunteers to escape to Hokkaido and Sakhalin Islands, including their family members as well, which our resistance forces will secretly bring them. In unification with all forces fighting against Chinese occupation on their own sovereign territory, we request of the Freedom coalition to send troops to assist the Japanese effort in driving the Chinese occupation from Japanese sovereignty. We will provide the foreign troops international bases to help organize the battles. (Coalition of Free Nations response needed) The Japanese-controlled islands of Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands contains a population of 3,620,000 civilians, which 1,004,000 of the population are resistance forces. Labor and economic activity is starting to grow, with fishing, wood carpeting, and the arms industry, especially the development of weapons stolen from the Chinese, providing the most significant contribution
  • Mod response: China has invaded Hokkaido and Sakhalin, Japanese resistance forces must respond (go to battlefields)lest China would retake the islands.


China tries to put down the fierce Japanese rebellion by rushing legions of communist troops to suppress the Japanese freedom fighters, Meanwhile a final agreement has been reach in the Brasilia nuclear talks a first concrete step toward the resolution of the savage global war, but the fighting continues as the Chinese overlords tries to reassert their world supremacy.

  • China-0China: Were launching a massive offensive to retake the Hokkaido and Sakhalin islands which has been taken over by the japanese insurgents, involve in the operation are some 500,000 troops, 400 Armageddon tanks and 2 carrier battle groups we vow to retake the rebel held islands as soon as possible and annihilate all the rebels, we will not tolerate any rebellion and we will punish all those responsible, on the other hand were pleased of the nuclear agreement in Brasilia, Brazil and we assure all signatories of the Brasilia Nuclear pact treaty, that we will follow the guideline of the nuclear treaty, we also abhor nuclear weapons and we disapprove of its use in the field of battle except as a last resort, rest assured we will respect the treaty
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We welcome the news of Georgia's withdrawal from its alliance with China and we assure them that no more hostile actions are forthcoming , but lest be warned attack us again and we will make sure that we conquer your nation and make you our vassal, we are also happy of the outcome of the Brasilia nuclear talks and we hope that not only China but the other signatories to respect the nuclear treaty anyone who violates it will be punished accordingly
  • Mod response: The Brasilia treaty is now in effect ,those who violates the treaty (launching a nuclear strike) will be punished accordingly (banning for 5 turns)
  • Mexico2Mexico: We welcome the successful conclusion of the Brasilia nuclear talks, as one of the chief signatories of the nuclear treaty we urged every nations to respect and follow the guidelines set in the treaty and we will prosecute any violators to our out most power, On the war front we have pull back armies intended to invade Texas as it has formally join the Coalition and now were rushing troops to the Tennessee front to salvage the precarious situation of the Coalition forces in the battleground state, we will not allow the Chinese to achieve a great victory that will demoralize our allies, we will fight to the last inch of ground of Tennessee
  • SpainSpain: We are strengthening our navy to cope with the global war as you know we have at least 11 naval fleets with 4 carrier battle groups ,were developing more attack submarines to counter the North Korean wolf packs, were also reinforcing our northern front to keep the Russians at bay, were happy to hear that a concrete nuclear treaty has been reach, and were hoping our proposal of a total ban on nuclear weapons push thru
  • NipponflagGreat Republic of Japan: The Chinese deployment of many tanks, naval forces, and hundreds of thousands of occupation troops to steal our homeland will, contrary to such "vow" by the Chinese leaders, shall end in failure. Our defenses contains 50,000 artillery forces, ready to bomb the invading army when they initiate their operation. 6 Legions of 240,000 men and women will make a pincer attack through 12 sides to ambush the 500,000 marching troops. Once the Chinese are ousted from the islands of Hokkaido, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, our military shall reinforce defenses. We, the Japanese people, will be victorious against the Chinese attempt, and humiliate their so-called "vow" to steal our nation. Our desperation for liberation and prosperity will alter our once defeated hope, and together shall the Japanese strike and throw the occupation away from Japan. We will also conduct raids in Northern Honshu to liberate men community camps and escort them to Hokkaido, but that would depend if Japan fends of the Chinese forces. A meeting in the Japanese de facto capital of Abashiri between military leaders and the Japanese government in exile, including her Imperial Majesty has strongly debated if Japan should expand its territorial claims into Okinawa to Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula, and return Japan's status as an imperial power. In conclusion, the discussion was suspended as such plans are to be "under intense negotiation once Japan is fully liberated", and the current distrust of a "next Japanese empire" due to its negative reputation during World War II. We will be constructing 150 naval ships, and 3 battle cruisers over the next 2 years through Japanese expertise and our hard-working labor force. Regarding our economy, the fish market, wood carpeting and the mining industry are the leading contributions, which we will export to the Coalition of Free Nations in exchange for weapons, infrastructure aid, and of course, currency (The Chinese Yuan is currently the Japanese currency, which will be replaced with the Japanese Yen when Japanese trade sustains well). Japan requests Spain to help counter Chinese naval forces, as it seems the Spanish Navy is deployed in the Pacific and Japanese sea. (Spain response needed)
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We welcome the freedom fighters of japan as honorary member of the Coalition we hope that you can break the communist chains and become fully independent and become a full member of the freedom alliance, Were also glad that Texas and Georgia has broke their respective alliances with China and North Korea, we hope Colombia see the light too, we don't want a war to break out with our neighboring countries (Colombia response needed), We are also happy that a concrete nuclear accord has been reached in Brasilia we hate to have a nuclear exchange in this war,we prefer to fight it the clean and conventional way, we hope China will respect the outcome of the accord (China response needed)
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia: After the collapse of the United States after the Communist Chinese invasion, only very few states were left to start their own government and be their own independent nation. Now, many years later the people of the former state of Virginia have come together to form the Republic of Virginia. The type of government for this nation will be a "Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic" like the former United States and meetings are being held in the capital city of Richmond to create a constitution for the country, now all counties of Virginia will now be considered states of the country, and in the next year the election of the first president will occur. The republic will not follow its civil war roots of slavery as believed to be bareback, and that everyone is created equal and should have equal rights. The Republic is now looking for other former independent states of the United States for an alliance (no communist nations needed) (other independent former states responses needed).
    • Chinese Diplomacy: We hope that you coexist with us peacefully and grow peacefully although you've joined the so called Freedom Coalition our channels are open for peaceful trade and commerce with your new nation, we tolerate you because you have really not come under Chinese colonial power but was left as buffer zones so that a peace zone could be established along the east zone were no longer interested in conquering your regions but hope that friendly local governments will emerge who are willing to trade with us peaceful We were wrong with this presumption, with a string of secessionist governments which are challenging us, but we will give you a chance to become the peaceful neighbor we desire to be at peace with you,we have no interest in invading your 'country' but we will defend the territory we already occupy so let us make that clear to all the Eastern coast nations
  • Uk4United Kingdom: We Welcome Virginia to the freedom coalition we ask Spain if we can send 250,000 men to Spanish borders so we can both Liberate Europe from Russia(Spanish Response needed) . We also start making robotic soldiers.
  • Mod response: Russia is an NPC and cannot be challenge right now
  • UK Diplomacy: Do don't care. There weak. We send 500,000 men to Liberate France.
  • ColombiaColombia: We take up Argentina's offer to join the freedom coalition and leave China alliance. We do ask the Coalition if we can occupy Panama because it was out land pre-Panama Canal times. We send 100,000 men to help the Japanese Rebels and urge all other Anti-China countries to do the same.
    • Royal Japanese Department of Diplomatic Communications: Military bases in the East of Hokkaido has been constructed to accommodate and provide supplies for the Colombian military force's arrival. The Prime Minister sends his sincere appreciation.
    • Mod response:Hokkaido has been recaptured by the Chinese did you mean Sakhalin instead
    • Royal Japanese Department of Diplomatic Communications: In light of the Chinese capture of Hokkaido, we would like to clarify that the military bases will be moved to Northern Simushir, which is part of the Kuril Islands.
  • Mod response: Panama is a playable country and is reserved for future players so you cant make it your territory
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We welcome Virginia to the list of free nations as we are neighbor let me interest you in a trade pact we will exchange wheat and flour for tobacco and cotton, (Virginia response needed) Were in short supply especially on cotton as this is where we make our soldiers uniforms we can also trade for tanks and artillery for your fledgling army, as you know we are hard press in Tennessee and were afraid the Chinese will push us out at anytime and may well invade our borders in revenge for our invasion of their so called territories We suggest you strengthen your borders for any eventuality, the Chinese can come knocking at your door at anytime so be ready to defend yourself
    • Virginian Diplomacy: The local government thanks the Country of New York for the suggestion of strengthing our borders with the People's Republic of China and will take that into consideration in the upcoming first presidential election next year. The offical trading department welcomes New York as a trading partner for tobacco and cotton, but might hold the offer for tanks and artillery for a later time as we are just trying to form our government at this time. Also, the current government wants to know if New York will be interested in an alliance (New York response needed).
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: We welcome Virginia by blockading her ports with our submarine fleet, know this Virginia joining the rebels will get you nowhere,they are a bunch of weaklings they cannot match the might of China and North Korea, we will besiege your ports and were rushing our troops to invade New York and maybe your precious country too, if you do not join our great alliance and for those traitors who switch sides (Colombia,Texas,United Kingdom and Georgia) face the revenge and menace of the red world empire
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: We would like to remind everyone that we are neutral, and are not in any alliance. However, as we continue to be the biggest builder in military items, we will continue to licensee our software and hardware. To revitalize our gear, we (again) announce our invasion of South Caroline. Because we are not in the Rebellion Conflict, we are allowed to launch nuclear weapons. No talks have been conferred on us, so we will do what we please. Our troops have also invaded, and are marching in. We would like to offer a surrounding pack of the government of South Carolina, which will give us the entire state. (Mod Response Needed). After the misunderstanding in the rules, we would like to declare war on the Midwest Government. Our surrendering offer still stands, however, Thank you.
    • Mod response: As we studied your turn points it was revealed that you've spent your turns on buying Ashima and Pyro which left you with just 2 turns so basically you can no longer launch a nuclear strike because you have spent your turn points on the shop , On the matter of South Carolina if your keenly interested in the state you have to declare war on the Midwest government {its their territory} which will forgo your stated neutrality and leave you at odds with China and its allies

Colombia: We are aware that if we nuke we get banned for 5 turns so we decide to nuke the North Korean Capital.(I am aware of ban.. I trust this this is worth it)

  • Mod response: You cannot launched a nuclear strike until you've completed at least 10 turns {see rules on nuclear strike}


The year opened with the republic of Virginia rising from the ashes of the former United States of America, meanwhile China has just won a great victory in the bloody campaign of Tennessee pushing back and inflicting heavy losses on the Coalition forces and in Japan, the Chinese had their hand full fighting the resurgent rebel forces of the partisan underground Japanese government, another year of bloody fighting is in stored for everyone.

China celebrates battle of Tennessee victory-1

China celebrates battle of Tennessee victory-1

China celebrates battle of Tennessee victory

  • China-0China: Celebration rang in the street of our great capital Beijing as news of our great victory against the American rebels in the great battle of Tennessee rang far and wide thru out the world, this only proved our military superiority over this coalition of free nations, the bravery of our soldiers who fought in the field of battle will be greatly rewarded,medals will rain on our victorious armies as they marched home for much needed rest and recuperation which is well deserve, Meanwhile were concentrating our military forces on the defeat of the Japanese rebels in their stronghold in Sakhalin which as we speak is being pounded to the ground, We give the rebels a chance to surrender and get out of the mess they are in right now ,'we offer amnesty to those who will lay down their arms,we demand the surrender of the Japanese royal family which our intelligence has revealed are hold up in Papua New guinea with their ministers, we are fitting a great expedition to storm their stronghold in Papua New Guinea, to the rebels their is still chance for a peaceful solution to this unnecessary bloodshed, surrender now and we will grant you autonomy and the right to rule yourselves, we are willing to give all this for peace between our two people (Japanese partisan response needed)
    • ​Virginian Diplomacy: The acting President would like a meeting with the premier of the People's Republic of China because of the situation with North Korea. Saying that we understand that are two countries will most likely not become close allies but peaceful trading partners, and that even though we have joined the "Coalition of Free Nations" we have no intent of invading the Midwest Government and or the People's Republic of China in any way, plus because are weak armies are no chance against the Chinese and North Korean armies so we ask that the China's Premier will understand and make sure that North Korea will remove its submarines from our shores so that we can continue trading as usual. Also we would like to add that the only reason that the Republic of Virginia joined the Coalition of Free Nations was because that we think this is a team of countries that do not believe in the Communist ways, in which we agree preferring democracy; no other reason and we apologize if that has offended North Korean, Midwest Government and or the People's Republic of China (China response needed).
    • China diplomacy: We will ask North Korea to lift its blockade on your ports, we apologies for NK's brash action
    • Uk4United Kingdom: We send 4 of our fleets to the Virginia coasts to help fight off the North Korean Subs. We also send aid to Japan but will not send troops unless we can know if it would be worth it.
  • Mexico2Mexico: We rush our naval fleet to drive the North Korean submarine fleet from the ports of Virginia, We also send food aids to help their population cope with the communist blockade,we are sadden by the news of our defeat in the great Tennessee campaign, but we are not disheartened ,we will never be cowed by the Chinese aggressor and their rabid the North Korean dogs, We will continue to fight until we achieve ultimate victory over the communists, we send military aid to our Japanese allies to help them fight the Chinese imperialist, we hope for their victory in the bloody rebellion.
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia: We are glad that all the world countries agree that North Korea should leave our ports and let us resume our trading with other countries around the world, and to patch things up with North Korea we even offer a trading deal that let us and them trade regular goods, as our

    Virginian Army Logo

    country only wants peace (North Korean response). The first Presidential election is held, and Democrat Thomas Harrison winning the election in a landslide victory. At the victory speech he announces on live television to all countries around the world, "The

    Virginian Navy Logo

    Republic of Virginia only wants peace and prosperity. We have no intent of going to war with any countries, only hoping to trade so that the Republic may rebuild itself once more. We hope that all world powers will accept our establishment so that we could all live in prosperity." Along with the Presidential election, the Senate, House of Representatives, and Gubernatorial (Governor) are held. The constitution is almost complete with the finishing touches on the final copy and is predicted to be ready to ratified sometime next year; this document will prove to be similar to the United States Constitution but with more modern amendments in place. For peaceful reasons, the Ministry of Defense is founded in the Presidential Cabinet, and their first course of action is to start building our military and naval power, construction of the first battleships will begin construction on Chesapeake Bay.
    • Mod response::Virginia already has a standing army it is 1 percent of your power index level, you have, a power index of 47,400,000 so you have some 447,000 troops and your naval strength is 00.1 percent of your over all power so it will be calculated as 4 navy fleets (1 carrier fleet,1 escort fleet/battleships,cruisers and destroyers and 2 submarine fleets)
    • Virginian Diplomacy: To keep out of the current conflict, we will leave the "Coalition of Free Nations" and join the "Non-align" so that our country can live in peace.
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We send aid to Virginia although it choose to be neutral in the current conflict, we will continue to have friendly relation with them, as a token of our friendship we will attack the North Korean submarine fleets lurking in the American east coast, we will not tolerate this communist wolf packs to intimidate the free nation's merchant trade,we will keep the sea lanes open, We are also open friendly relation with the now non align nation of Georgia and we hope the trouble of the past will be wipe from the slate as we start anew in the diplomatic arena (Georgia response needed),We are very disappointed with the outcome of the campaign in Tennesse and we are sad to say that we are pulling the majority of our armies as the Chinese now clearly control the field of battle we will spare the rest of our troops from the hopeless battle but we vow not to be cowed and will continue the struggle for the foreseeable future
  • Uk4United Kingdom: We send our Fleet that is at the Virginia Coast to Japan to help them with there fight with China as well as sending 100,000 troops as well as starting to manufacture Robotic troops.
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: Hail China for its great victory at the battle of Tennessee this will show the rebel scums that they should not challenge us as we are more superior than them, those weaklings never learn, as for Virginia how can you say your neutral when your rebel friends are trying to help you try to break my blockade if they haven't foolishly intervene we would have lifted our naval blockade of your precious ports as requested by our friend China, but now we are very angered by this intervention of the rebels so we will continue our blockade of your ports just try breaking it, let it be like a sport the best fleet wins, As for the nuclear accord we will respect it,but anyone of those weakling rebels tries to nuke us we will reply 10 times the damage so be very warned.
    • ​Virginian Diplomacy: We kindly ask once more that you remove your submarines so that we can return to our trading. President Harrison holds a press conference in response to aggression from North Korea saying, "We did not ask for the United Kingdom, Florida, and or Mexico to 'attack' your fleet, they did it on their own. Also, we are remaining neutral in this terrible ongoing war and we are sickened that you would think that we support such slaughter against innocent people on both sides. I hope that you will change your minds and remove your fleet from our ports." Also, your friend the People's Republic of China has asked you to remove your subs and even apologized for it, so we do not understand why you go against your friend like this.
I Hope The Russians Love Their Children Too

I Hope The Russians Love Their Children Too

  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We are happy about the outcome of the Brasilia nuclear talks we hope that all signatory nations respect the provision of the accord , To China we deliver our congratulation to your great victory at the battle of Tennessee We hope peace could be reach between you and the coalition, let's stop this senseless bloodshed time to talk peace and we propose a ceasefire between the two parties and we implore cooler heads to prevail above the war hawks in the various world governments, only peace could bring back order and prosperity to this war shattered world to all nations please seriously consider our offer of reconciliation. (Players response needed)
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We are sadden by the news of our defeat in the battle of Tennessee, we are now pullinn our troops back to our borders to recuperate, but we vow not to stop fighting, until our last soldiers We will restore the once great United States of America to its former glory, we will drive back the Chinese out of north America that we vowed on the graves of our dead soldiers who fought and died for freedom and democracy, We will regroup then strike back at the red Chinese dragon, we are rushing our fleet to help our fellow democracy the republic of Virginia to break the fierce North Korean naval blockade of her ports, We suggest that Virginia now formally join the Coalition as she is clearly in the sight of the North Korean dogs, we will provide military support if she needs aid,being a non align is dangerous, for you'll be easy picking to the enemy who value no sovereignty and is always hungry like a pack of dire wolves (Virginia response needed)
    • ​Virginian Diplomacy: Our country is torn, between once again joining the Coalition or staying in the Non-Align. President Harrison hold's an emergency meeting with his cabinet and decides that to once again join the Coalition; but it is made clear that we have nothing against the People's Republic of China since they have treated us well with letting our small and weak country form in the first place, only against North Korea which have tortured us for no reason. In an act of emergency, Harrison orders that all citizens move to the West border of the country to keep from the fighting that might ensue if and most likely when North Korea decides to invade an innocent country and kill many innocent people. Anti-North Korean propaganda is taught and shown to everybody in the country and children are taught what to do if an atomic bomb is launched towards the country. We ask that New York, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Florida send as much troops as they can to Virginia to try to held protect the innocent people of this fair country. Harrison soon addressees Congress and the nation and general, quoting that North Korea reminds him of "hungry dogs" and that they have no "conscience for the innocent" and that he doesn't understand why North Korea has a problem with "us".


North Korea is bullying Virginia which just want to reign in peace but in the Post China world that remains elusive, China cannot reign in her dogs who has ran amok all around the globe feeling secure in their world empire, but slowly the resistance has again arisen represented by the still relatively weak democracies, but slowly they are pushing back the creeping red menace

  • Mod response: North Korea successfully blockaded the ports of Virginia, you have 5 turns before your food supply ran out and will result in starvation of your population
  • Mexico2Mexico: Despite our defeat at the battle of Tennessee we are not disheartened instead it reinvigorate our desire for democracy, despite the seemingly overwhelming Chinese military supremacy it has revealed one major flaw that of hubris and pride, and we will use it against them, we will continue our defiance that will certainly infuriate our proud enemy, we will use war of attrition to grind down the communist military forces, Guerrilla warfare is the key we now know we cannot defeat China head on , but we can exhaust her by a constant pressure of hit and run offensives that will confuse and weaken it in time, We propose this change of strategy to the Coalition for deliberation and study (Coalition members response required)
  • China-0China: We are studying the proposal of Brazil for a unilateral ceasefire although we don't have much enthusiasm for real peace with the rebels unless they all lay down their arms without condition, But we will give chance for talks to begin but we will not budge on our demand for a total surrender of of the coalition and accept limited autonomy under our tutelage and guidance, we cannot tolerate the fact that they have destroyed properties , disrupted the lives of civilians whose trying to go about their business, commited atrocities and massacres in the areas they control, Their leaders and fighters must stand trial for war crimes, this is what we demand before any peace talk is possible (Rebel response needed)
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia: We are very disappointed that the North Korean blockade on our ports still remain and remind them that all we want is peace and that we just want our people to live in peace and prosperity in this post-Chinese world. President Harrison calls an emergency meeting with his cabinet to decide what to do next with the North Korean blockade. Currently all food is being rationed and given out evenly to the entire population of the republic with assurance from Harrison that the blockade will be removed. Harrison would like to call a meeting with the People's Republic of China's President to see if there is anything they can do with North Korean and lifting their blockade on our shores (Chinese response needed). Also at a press conference at the capitol of Richmond, President Harrison calls to the North Korean President and asks peacefully to remove your subs from our ports.
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: we cannot accept China's demand for total surrender, we want total Independence recognition instead, but we are willing to talk peace, we want assurance from China that they won't invade our territories and restrain their dogs the North Koreans from harassing our coalition partners (China response needed), We are sending another fleet to break the North Korean blockade of Georgia, we are also sending food supplies to releave the acute food shortage in their country, We are also sending them tanks and heavy artillery to augment their ground forces, we accept our defeat at the battle Tennessee but will never bow down to the Chinese tyranny and will continue to fight until a formal ceasefire is reach
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: We agree to lift our blockade because Virginia has come kneeling to us begging to be spared oh yes we are happy that you come cowering in fear and dread, We will spare the lives of pitiful citizens and thus you owe us something, and we will demand something from you in the future (Virginia response needed), As for the pitiful effort your coalition friends to break my mighty blockade we laugh as we sink their fleets, and dare them to come out in the Atlantic so that we could sink more of their weakling fleets, their tubs (battleships) are no match to our sea wolves (submarines) they are all sitting ducks, hail the Red Empire
  • Mod response: New York won a big naval victory against North Korea the blockade of the Virginia ports are broken
  • NewyorkflagNew York: Throngs of people comes out of the streets of New York city and all across other cities of the great New York republic to celebrate our great naval victory against North Korea ,the blockade of Virginia has been broken , this is a welcome news after our debacle in Tennessee, now our soldiers spirits has been raised up once again, were ready to defend our sacred borders against the red menace,As for the proposed ceasefire against the reds we mildly welcome it although we still don't trust the communists to keep their words once an agreement is reached ,We will cautiously support the proposed ceasefire but we will not let our guards down not yet until we see the sincerity of China, we will continue to mass our troops for an eventual return to the Appalachian battle zone to liberate the territories there now under the control of China's puppet the Midwest government, we vow to keep the fight to pressure the communist to withdraw from North America
  • Uk4United Kingdom: We congratulate New York on their victory. We offer to send 100,000 men to help them with the Liberation Of the Appalachian areas.
  • Republic of Maine: We join the coalition of free states in order to fight the communist menace. We will deploy 130,000 men to the liberation of the Appalachian areas. We deeply congratulate New York on defeating North Korea and saving the people of Virginia. We are also weary about peace and feel the Chinese will not follow a cease fire agreement. We reject China's offer of peace if we lay down our weapons.
  • Great Republic of Japan (Partisan): The aftermath of escaping from Papa New Guinea has been severe. The Japanese Imperial Government is in fragile turmoil, as sides begin to express opposition against the Empress-backed leaders of their ideologies, and the destructive and "criminal-like" methods, which has killed thousands of civilians and non-beligrents, the majority being the Chinese occupiers. Quickly after, the moderate government imposes a self-coup (With backing of the military, except for the Imperial Royal Guards) against the military seats of Parliament in Sakhalin, and overthrew their dominance. Her Imperial Majesty is now under custodial protection by a special force, and the Chief General of the army and his henchmen are given a life sentence for "Crimes against humanity". The Prime Minister shall continue to assume control with greater jurisdiction as citizens with good virtue and peace-lovers unite to celebrate the event. A "consul" for China has been commissioned to transmit oral diplomacy between the two in order to "seek an agreeable deal regarding the safety and independence of Japan", in which the Prime Minister publicly apologizes for their previous ruler's crimes. "It is of no excuse that the radical beings of the ILF-JR should have committed unnecessary destruction and harm to our designated territory and slaughtered every man and woman they could search for. To murder innocents would degrade us to devils, and even if the individual is a Chinese, we must empathize that our enemy is the occupation, and not China itself. We seek independence, not annihilation. Therefore, the new establishment after the coup will promise to re-affirm commitment for true independence and peace through, of course, the armed struggle, but to brand their definition as vigilant, powerful, and heroes." The Japanese military has launched a massive military operation to retake Hokkaido and capture Aomori prefecture, surrounding all Chinese forces in the area [Then requesting for their surrender in accordance with the recently legislated "Law of War: Japan", which our predecessors have not done], providing us direct force in our mainlands. (SECRET) The assigned Sino-Japanese "consul" has traveled to Beijing to request a diplomatic meeting with the leaders, which shall discuss a possible deal for a temporary ceasefire and providing Japan independence. Suggestions include Japan paying war retributions to China, signing a non-aggression pact, or Japan joining the Communist Alliance as a non-communist country, all in exchange to remain independent in the main islands, Kuril Islands and Sakhalin. He is also forwarding the Prime Minister's sincere apology regarding their previous ruler's crimes, and promises to "hand them to Beijing or Brasilia for a fair trial while being accompanied by both Japanese and Chinese representatives, and to compensate relatives of the victims of killed Chinese 'civilians' after the conflict, if China also agrees to provide compensation to Japanese civilians as well. In addition, under the request of the government, seek the consul a "place to reside" in order to maintain active communications between both countries. (China Response needed) (SECRET) Japan states their pleasure to hear of the naval victory New York has won against the North Korean blockade in Virginia, and hopes for a solution that will optimistically end in either a Coalition victory or the Brasilian-proposed ceasefire between the "two powers". The Great Japanese Republic, despite its status as a Partisan movement, requests Brasilia to allow the establishment of a Japanese embassy, housed by the Ambassador to Brasilia and commissioned envoys, and partake in international negotiations as an observer state, in light of the fact that Japan intends to be a peace-loving nation and to help contribute for stability between "sides and a prosperous future for all". (Brasilia response needed)
    • Chinese diplomacy: We are willing to give you the provinces of Sakhalin and Hokkaido and recognized you as the independent state of Hokkaido-Shakalin but not as the republic of Japan, in return you will join our alliance as a formal member You must promised that you won't engage China in war at the foreseeable future you must hand over the leaders responsible for the massacre of the Chinese garrisons in Hokkaido and Sakhalin to be tried as war criminals, you will sign a trade pact with us, do this and you'll have a republic of your own under our protection (Japanese partisans response needed)
    • GeorgiaGeorgia: The ROG is currently having an internal conflict. Not much can be reported we hope to again resume diplomatic items after the year is finished.
  • SpainSpain: We congratulate New York for their great naval victory against North Korea, this would lessen their harassment in the high seas, were also rushing our fleets to the mid Atlantic and the east coast of North America to hunt down the remain North Korean fleets, We are ferrying more troops to North America in anticipation for a renewed offensive again the Chinese forces in the Appalachian region, With suspicion and apprehension we welcome the negotiation for a ceasefire with China being initiated by Brazil,although we doubt if any concrete agreement could be reach with China, We still demand full recognition of our independence from the Chinese domination, but we go along the ceasefire negotiation and demand full recognition from China of the sovereignty of all the democracies (China response needed)


A ceasefire has been proposed by the non align nation of Brazil in the hopes of ending years of conflict between the Coalition on one side and China and her allies in the other, but deep mistrust still prevail on both sides,Neither one willing to give in to the others demands, but hope still prevail that in someway an end to the long and bloody war could reach at last

  • Uk4United Kingdom: We tell the Brazil that we are 100% willing to end the conflict if China can recognize our Independence.
  • China-0China: We are ready to respect the decision of the proposed ceasefire agreement if a concrete agreement could be reach, but we make it clear that our main demand stays the the same, the surrender of rebel forces world wide and the complete compensation of our soldiers who were killed or maimed in the Rebellion Conflict,we also demand the total cessation of all military activities of the rebels, Autonomous status would be granted to the secessionist states but not full independent status, we hope an agreement could be reach with the rebels so that this terrible conflict will finally end (Coalition response needed)(UK Rejects offer)
  • Mexico2Mexico: We warmly welcome the propose ceasefire with China our main demand is the recognition of our sovereignty and those of the other members of the freedom coalition, We also demand the cessation of all hostile military action by the Chinese army in our northern borders, we also demand the withdrawal of North Korean submarine fleets from the gulf of Mexico and the opening of all sea lanes to peaceful trade between the free nations,We are also keen on the withdrawal of all communist forces from northern America, as well as democratic election in the states now under the control of china so that democratic governments could emerge (China and North Korea response needed)
  • SpainSpain: We welcome the ceasefire agreement but we doubt China's sincerity, our demand is also for the recognition of our sovereignty and self determination the cessation of hostility against us by the worldwide communist forces (China, North Korea and Russia), We demand that Russian forces pull back from our borders (We've been fighting them in the the Andorran pass for several years now stopping their attempted invasion), we also demand the freedom of navigation of the high seas by our merchant marine so that we could trade freely with other nations,we will cease our naval and ground military operations once a concrete agreement is reached.
  • JugikjklRepublic of Maine: We will only respect such a ceasefire if full independence was received from China.
    • ColombiaColombia: We send we send our troops back from Japan because we heard of a cease-fire. We ask New York if we can send 100,000 troops to help them with there new Campaign ( New York Response needed) Additionally we ask Spain if we can send 100,000 men to help them with there fight.(Spanish response needed) We also start our manufacturing of robotic troops.
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We're fast tracking our research on robotic sentry cannons which we plan to put along our borders it is fully AI operated and can detect ground vehicles as well as troops this can engage enemy elements autonomic ally,A specific signature bands will identify friendly troops to a hostile force, Were also massing our troops for an eventual return to the Appalachian battle region after our defeat there by the Chinese, were keen on retaking Tennessee at all cost, as for the proposed ceasefire we are guardedly in favor just for the reason of a temporary halt to the fighting and the recuperation of our armies who have fought hard for a year now,we are not keenly enthusiastic that China will respect any outcome agreement on the proposed ceasefire,Our demand stays the same that is the recognition of our full sovereignty and tge full withdrawal of communist armies from the north American landmass
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We are redeploying our armies for another offensive on the Appalachian region specifically the Tennessee state, reports have indicated that Chinese forces are pulling out some of its units from the state for recuperation in the rear zones (Mostly in the western coast especially in California), we might catch them off guard, were rushing 300,000 troops and 1000 tanks and armored personnel carriers into the Appalachian mountains ready to launched offensive against the Chinese in the region,As for the proposed ceasefire we welcome it but does not rely on it to bring peace, as long as China occupies most of north America we will continue our armed struggle along with other coalition member nations
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: We do not welcome any ceasefire with the rebels, they don't deserve peace but suppression and control ,we must destroy their spirit and destroy their democratic principles before it infect the whole world empire, We sense a trap in these so called ceasefire proposal as of now were rebuilding our fleets destroyed in great naval battles with the rebel navies soon we will be at full strength again and will resume our naval campaign, Were building bigger submarines that CAN launch ballistic missiles several miles from the coast,were also rushing additional divisions to North America this is to augment the Midwest government in its fight against the rebels, Were sending more secret police squads to ferret out rebel spies and saboteurs operating in the liberated areas, soon we will have North America fully under control and will start invading those so called democracies clinging in the east coast like so much lice
  • Yezoflag

    Flag of Yezo


    Map of East Asia upon Yezo's foundation

    Republic of North Japan : Upon the referendum of our population, 65% voted in favour of an independence Japanese nation in the Northern territories, while 28% votes against and 7% failed to provide their vote. Therefore, the Great Rebellion of the Japanese has achieved a peaceful compromise with the occupying power, with the Great Republic of Japan being abolished and immediately founds the Republic of Yezo (Also officially called North Japan when translated into other languagese.), the first independently democratic Japanese sovereign nation in decades. The Prime Minister, and Her Imperial Majesty Empress Masoko appears on state television to announce the referendum's result, praising this as the "fulfillment of the Japanese liberation". During the transition of reform, authorized police personnel inform foreign military forces deployed in the Kuril Islands to withdraw before the foundation of Yezo in respect of their support for the Japanese rebellion. (SECRET) Letters personally written by the Prime Minister are secretly sent to the Coalition of Free Nations to appreciate their support for the Japanese rebellion, and promises the nations that Japan / Yezo will attempt to remain a neutral state, despite its membership in the Communist Alliance. He mentions sleep agents being previously deployed in the Coalition countries that will be used as informal diplomats upon "the independence of Yezo". The letter also contains a formal letter of resignation from the Coalition. (SECRET) The Japanese provisional government, before dissolving to create the High Yezo Parliament, delivers "conditions" to China regarding Yezo's independence: 1) To not restrict the Japanese citizens residing in the Japanese mainlands from applying for Yezo citizenship and temporarily and permanently inhabiting in the Yezo territories. 2) Ensure the rights of the Japanese residents in the Japanese mainlands and within the boundaries of the Communist Alliance. 3) Negotiations for the Japanese mainlands to be transferred to Yezo be open between China and Yezo. We ask China to agree on the requests in order to certify a peaceful solution to be valid (SECRET) and to discourage the former Chief General's enthusiasts from achieving backing by the population, and prevent a populist coup to happen. (SECRET) Despite the treaty becoming both a moderate victory and the completion of Japan/Yezo's partial independence, which is the fulfillment of the Japanese rebellion's demands, it has received a heavy impact on the liberal and pro-insurgency parties. After continuous struggle for the cancellation of such an agreement has failed by the opposition, the chairman of the True Japanese Liberators, Sengu Haneda, has declared the Republic of Yezo as "a forgery and the result of Chinese apologists leading the nation", then formally leaves the government and self-exiles themselves into Peru with 8,200 people with no violence nor a blockade by the Yezoan government, vowing to "find the candle to revive the Japanese hope". Because Peru is a neutral country, the parliament agrees to refrain from infringing the True Japanese Liberators, and involving the Communist Alliance in a non-combatant as it is "completely unnecessary and unimportant". At last, we have handed over the leaders responsible for the massacre of civilians during the campaign to China, but we ask China's leader to approve the trial being made at Brasilia to "ensure transparency and an internationally appropriate punishment to be given to the war criminal". As the war criminals were originally prosecuted and the formal Supreme Court of Great Japan issuing the sentence and evidence, we will be sending the prosecution personnel managing the following cases to Brasilia to attend as part of the prosecution side and provide the evidence to both China and Brasilia. (China response needed) The Republic of Yeso is open for international tourism, including non-hostile members in the Coalition of Free Nations. Real estate companies are formed and hotels are now being constructed within the island of Hokkaido, and the re-establishment of nature reserves are underway. Compared to a century ago, Red-crowned cranes and many other animals are widespread because of the absence of human activity in the forests, which the Ministry of Environment Safety and Taxonomic Databases declares to preserve the species and prevent an endangerment for the animal now that it's revived. We expect the tourism industry to bring major profit if the industry works "without intervention". State-owned shipping factories are created thanks to funds by the Chinese, whereas we intend to create both commercial, small civilian boats and yachts, and naval ships for military purposes, including battleships, to the Communist Alliance. Heavy weapons are banned for possession by the Royal Yeso Forces, but we believe we are still able to construct cruises with such features for usage by the Chinese, North Korean and the Midwest forces. We ask China if this policy is permitted in case our legislators are mistaken. (China response needed)
    • China diplomacy: We are pleased that the Japanese insurgents has accepted our offer of autonomy rest assured we will respect the borders of your autonomous region, but we do warn that further attack on the main islands on japan will constitute an act of war and will be dealt with accordingly, We offer a trade pact so that normal commerce will resume between our two people, We will establish a consul on your capital and will offer military adviser to help you build up your self defense force consisting of constabulary only but we will ban heavy weapons from being given to you as your forces will serve strictly as a policing force to keep peace and order in your locality and districts, we will allow your able bodied male citizen to join our armed forces if they are willing to be trained, you are now formally designated as a member of the great Asia pact, and is expected to aid all pact members in time of war (Republic of North Japan response needed), as for our military campaign it has indefinitely suspended in light of the recent peaceful development, but our battle groups will remain to see to it our treaty is fulfilled with out a hitch, once again we welcome your fledgling republic,We also grant the Japanese in the mainland the right to migrate to the Yezo republic as long as proper document is presented as for the ceding of the mainland to Yezo is quite improbable at the time being as our central government is not welling to grant you (Yezo) anymore concession as to what  you have already been given
    • Yesoan Diplomacy [North Japan]: We officially commence the Bureau of Immigration and Yesoan Identification (BIYI), which will be tasked to establish immigration offices in our 14 consuls throughout the Japanese mainlands and register individuals seeking citizenship in Yeso. Despite the documentation of a staggering amount of 2.28 million residents successfully applying for citizenship, we will continue to heavily fund our government expense for the Bureau and increase our project to the 42 Provinces. We agree on permitting male citizens to voluntarily join the allied military forces, and approve constructing a recruitment office in mainland Hokkaido. We thank the Chinese leaders for their consideration of granting Yezo the mainlands, and despite such a prospect being rejected, we maintain high hopes for a peaceful resolution to returning the Japanese territories. The Republic of Yezo are now opening all ports in Hokkaido, Karafuto [S. Sakhalin], and almost all islands in the Kuril region for trade, business exportation and importing, commercial and non-civilian travel, and relevant purposes. The New International Airports of Yezo, Hakodate and Maoka (Karafuto). The domestic airports of Shikura (Sagarin [N. Sakhalin]) and Parashumir (North Kuril Region). The Republic of Yezo / North Japan happily accepts the Chinese offer of sending a military adviser to supervise Chinese military exports into the Yezo stockpile.
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia:The removal of the North Korean blockade results in peaceful rallies held in Richmond commemorating as the head of the rally said,"The removal of the Communist dog from our shores!" President Harrison holds a press conference at the center of Richmond, making a speech saying,"The North Korean submarines have finally left our shores and now we can return to our regular trading with other countries from around the world. In result of these event's I have met with my cabinet and we have decided it would be best to now rejoin the 'Coalition of Free Nations', but I want to make this clear that this has nothing against the People's Republic of China and that we would like to remain as peaceful trading partners." (Secret) President Harrison welcomes the founding of the Republic Yezo and would maybe like to establish an alliance (Republic of Yezo response needed). Also also connecting their founding to our's saying that, "Both of our nations have arisen from the ashes of the Communist takeover that we still have our original values and beliefs as we did before the revolution." (Secret) In early January of next year, President Harrison will be addressing congress for the first time and will most likely involve about foreign affairs (including founding of Yezo and North Korean issues).
  • Yesoan Diplomacy (North Japan): (SECRET) Prime Minister Kenji Wabino replies to the Virginian request, "Indeed, both countries have safely and optimistically preserved our values, and remained vigil to strive for peaceful recognition. There's no mistake in this pure connection, and our ties shall be a promise for prosperity and good-willed societies." The parliament has overwhelmingly voted on sending a letter of recognition to the Republic of Virginia, and sending the permanent diplomatic mission to Virginia, along with the consul-general. However, despite our wonderful ties and trust, we are obligated to reject the request for an alliance, since the Republic of Yezo is not only a part of the Communist Alliance, but cannot approve an action that would provoke a hostile Chinese response due to its conditions upon being recognized as an independent nation. The government has decided to classify the Virginian request as "suspended" in case such agreement is possible. (SECRET) We offer Virginia to become trade partners, which we invite an envoy to establish a consul in Abashiri, and create trade routes between both nations. (Virginia response needed)
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We are pleased that the savage Japanese rebellion has been resolved peacefully, anything can be accomplish if cooler heads prevail, We appreciate China's peace offers, and we welcome the autonomous republic of north Japan or Yeso, we hope to open trade relations with your new nation we are also interested in opening a diplomatic mission in your country and an embassy in your capital, We are pursuing the Ceasefire accord between China and its allies and the Coalition of free nation and we hope a lasting peace would reach soon so that we can rebuild this world to its former glory, We hope all nations will consider our sincere proposal.
    • Yesoan Diplomacy (North Japan): We welcome the Brazilian approach of opening economic and diplomatic ties, and accept the request. We would also like to open a permanent mission in Brazil alongside with an embassy there. (Brazil response needed) The Republic of North Japan endorses peaceful ties, and we are happy to see that a greater future awaits anyone that prefers pacific means than those that may harm one another. Our government has approved to formally announce North Japan's support for the Brazilian proposal to form a ceasefire between both alliances, which the Prime Minister states, "When leaders sits on a table, they talk. Talking encourages discussion, and it's done so without violence nor aggressive means. When we talk, we would be able to fully understand each other, and see both disagreements and agreements. As a former leader of the Japanese liberation movement, fighting, war, slaughter, these aspects made me felt bitter. However, when sending an envoy to Beijing in request for diplomatic talks, they happily responded and once we talked, both sides were capable of agreeing on conditions for an independent Japanese nation. Yezo was founded by negotiation, and not through weapons and armed violence. This is what I'd like to see for the larger conflict occurring in the New World, and hope for peaceful measures to be taken for both sides to reach a compromise."


Fighting has somewhat settled down as negotiations are ongoing for the proposed Ceasefire accord,The Japanese finally got their own autonomous government ending 5 years of bloody rebellion in the northern islands of Sakhalin and Hokkaido, this is a time of recuperation and regrouping for the battered armies on both sides

  • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: We declare neutrality in the conflict between the free nations and the communists, and we congratulate the sides for negotiating for peace. We start building up our military and open 10 military factories in Cape Town. We improve our infrastructure and increase public spending to improve education and healthcare. We recognize North Japan and ask for the beginning of diplomatic ties(Response from Japan). We issue a message calling for South African men to enlist to the military to defend our homeland from any potential threats. As a measure to strengthen our neutrality, we offer free trade agreements to both the communist countries and the coalition of free nations countries(Respones wanted). We begin massive mining operation in search of gold and diamonds in our land with the hope of millions of dollars of profit each year.
    • Yesoan Response (North Japan): The Republic of North Japan corresponds to the South African offer of diplomatic ties and in turn recognizes South Africa, establishing an embassy in Pretoria. We are also interested in making a bi-national free trade agreement, citing the "great economic options that can feasibly prosper both North Japan and South Africa through this agreement, despite the out-of-touch location". We express interest in the South African mining industry and trading of gold and diamonds. Yesoan exports shall include agricultural products, military and commercial ships from North Japan's Sapporo Shipping Industries, oil, and tools. We offer South Africa to open an embassy in Abashiri, our de-facto capital city. (South Africa response needed)
    • South Africa: We accept the free trade agreement and start exporting diamonds and gold to North Japan. We open an embassy in Abashiri.
  • China-0China: We welcome South Africa and offer it economic and military ties, We are interested in trading for its diamonds and gold in exchange for manufacture good and military hardware ,We are interested in putting up a mission in Pretoria your capital as well as an embassy (South Africa response needed), On the question of the proposed ceasefire we are standing by our initial demand the surrender of all rebel forces fighting the government, we want the coalition to disband and be peaceful neighbors to us again, we will decide on the case to case basis about the granting autonomy to the rebel states, conditional amnesty will be granted to the secessionist leaders but those who committed massacres and other war crimes would be tried in our military tribunals, all arms and weapons must be surrendered and the rebel armed units must disband, we will study further condition and will inform to its resolution
    • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: We agree for military and economic ties and to export our diaminds and gold in return for food and military supplies, and we allow China to open an embassy in Pretoria.
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: We demand 5,000,000 tons of iron and 2,000 tons of gold as tribute from South Africa in exchange for the their freedom of navigation on the high seas as you know we have submarines patrolling off your coast that are ready to sink your ships, if our demands are not met you have 2 turns to decide or we will blockade your ports (South Africa response needed)
    • South Africa: We are a peace honoring nation that will never attack unprovoked, but we will not surrender to your threats and will defend ourselves vigorously if you attack.
  • JugikjklRepublic of Maine: We demand North Korea to stop needlessly bullying countries in exchange for items. We continue to send soldiers to fight the red offensive with 1,000 soldiers currently assaulting red positions. We demand full independence and a non-aggression pact. If these demands are met we will abide by a ceasefire and possibly become friendly neighbors with China. We also demand China leave North America and let all coalition members have freedom. We begin to attack North Korea's remaining fleet.
  • Mexico2Mexico: We condemn in the strongest term North Korea's outright extortion of South Africa this despicable action must not be tolerated,We call on all nations to help South Africa, were sending out our navies to seek out and wipe out North Korea's remaining fleets so that their piracy will end,On the other hand we welcome South Africa to the ranks of free nations we offer it trade agreement and bilateral relation,we urged to join the coalition so that freedom can be won more easily (South Africa response needed)
    • South Africa: We accept the Mexican offer of trade and good relations, but we will stay neutral for the time being as we don't want to hurt our relationship with China. However, we'll be willing to co-operate against North Korea if they attack us.
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia: President Harrison welcomes the founding of the "Republic of Maine" and at a press conference quotes by saying, "It is a very joyous occasion that more former United States of America states are now starting their own countries from the rubble of the former USA. Although we have our own beliefs, we all have the likeness of the United States!" We start to prepare for the second presidential election in the new Virginia's history; many candidates join the race including Harrison who is seeking reelection. Still, the Republic of Virginia is still very new and cost millions of dollars to rebuild the former state, so the first tax cut is signed by President Harrison. A debate is held in Congress weather schools across the country should teach children and teenagers about the history of the United States and its downfall. Harrison and almost all the people in general across the nation condemn the treatment of South Africa as it is similar to what North Korea did to us; although there is not much we can do since our army and navy are so small compared to North Korea and the People's Republic of China.
  • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: Despite we have a good relationship with China, we ask it to control its rogue ally, North Korea, which threatens our sovereignty our own seas. We ask China to take our side if we are attacked by the aggressive North Korea.(China Response Needed). Also, our military factories begin mass producing battleships and submarines, controlled by AI to defend our ports.
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We also condemn North Korea for its bullying of yet another country this time South Africa, it did not learned its lesson from the destruction of its 2 fleets from the hands of the coalition naval forces so we will seek out and destroy its remaining 2 naval fleets we urged another coalition members to engade the other north korean fleet as we engade another fleet (go to battlefields to do this) by the destruction of her navy she will not pirate the high seas no more, On the other hand we are guardedly in favor of a ceasefire accord with China (We rather have great doubt if we can have peace with the bully North Korea), we will respect any agreement coming out of the talks, and lastly we welcome South Africa to the fold of free nations and our coalition is open anytime South Africa decide to join us
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We are now building an electronic border defense system that is fully AI controlled this is a series of bunkers and towers mounted with laser armed canons and manned by robotic troops and tanks, once triggered those persons which don't wear a special wrist band identification will be identified as hostile and engaged by the canons and robotics defense forces, it will also alert our headquarters in Tallahassee of the breach in the defense line,all Florida citizens are advice to stay clear of the the border line a way gate is place on interval to handle legitimate travel in and out of the country, this will stop enemy incursion and spies from infiltrating our nation
  • SpainSpain: Were hunting down the remaining North Korean submarine fleets,we are sending out our carrier battle group to patrol the mid Atlantic to safeguard allied shipping ,We urged China not to interfere as to not worsen the situation we have put out orders to our fleets not to engaged Chinese warships as long as they don't attack us first, (Chinese response needed) We welcome the ongoing ceasefire negotiation between the Coalition and China, we hope that a mutual agreement favorable to both side would be reach soon
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We are not pleased with the bullying of North Korea of peace loving people of South Africa we will join the world wide hunt for North Korean submarine packs , were sending all our anti submarine squadrons to hunt down and kill those wolf packs ,we will clear the seas of those modern day pirates,On the other hand we welcome the ceasefire negotiation ,and we hope china will respect any peace agreement coming out of those talks (China response needed)
  • YezoflagNorth Japan: Since the establishment of the Republic of North Japan, its economic status has gradually increased, including its potential and offers for the global market. The Sapporo Shipping Industries has been rebuilt and has further improved on its incredible skills learned from our ascendants, especially engineers from the former sovereign nation of Japan, when it was the 5th largest importer of military production. Meanwhile, Japanese agriculture revived the once-impoverished peninsula into a rich land streams with rice and vegetables that remains in our culture, mostly imported from mainland Japan thanks to Yesoan-Chinese economic corporation. We start our mining expeditions in Sakhalin and Central Hokkaido to mine gold, sulfur, silver and Beryllium, and to extract 113.5 million barrels of oil, or 311K bbl/day, which the materials are primarily used for North Japan's development and exports. We are able to negotiate economic deals to be finalized based on these exports (Global offers welcome) Infrastructure in North Japan will continue to adopt Japanese buildings, but the constructions of apartment will be heavily regulated by the government, as the parliament agrees to refuse restrictions of the population expanding private ownership of land, citing Hokkaido and Karafuto's largely abandoned land and the Yesoan resettlement program. North Japan will take a "semi-neutral" and moderate stance in international politics, despite of its affiliation in the Communist Alliance. However, we note, enemies of the alliance will inevitably be equally treated as enemies by the government. We are heavily concerned about North Korea's activity regarding South Africa's ports, and as a fellow ally, asks North Korea to do "what's right" and understand South Africa's existence as a sovereign entity. Intelligence services report that the so-called "True Liberators of Japan" organization that fled to Peru the previous year is believed to receive armed supplies by unknown collaborators. Under the realization that a "rogue" entity may plan sinister atrocities against the alliance (Reminding of the True Liberators of Japan's Anti-Chinese position), we ask of Peru to corporate with North Japan and launch a security operation to apprehend the potential threat. (Peru response needed) Airports throughout North Japan is nearing the completion of its construction, estimated to be finished on 2053.
  • Texas: We attack China held Oklahoma in order to grab more territory.
  • Flag of New Zealand New Zealand: We begin work on improving our economy and infrastructure, and we build 40 new factories around the country. We also build a business center in Wellington and Auckland. For the time being, we don't want to get involved in the war between China and the free nations, as we don't want to upset anybody and we would like to have friendly relations with all the nations(Responses needed). Regardless, we begin a massive modernization project of our military, including the building of 500,000 fighter robots, 10,000 drones, 100 battleships and the recruitment of 10,000 human soldiers for defensive purposes. We would like to sign free trade agreements and visa free travel agreements with China, Mexico, Argentina, New York, Florida, North Japan, South Africa, U.K and Brazil.(China, Mexico, Argentina, New York, Florida, North Japan, South Africa, U.K and Brazil responses needed) We will sign more agreements next year. Meanwhile, we applaud the efforts to reach ceasefire and propose the talks for peace to be hosted in Auckland(Responses needed). We begin constructing 10,000 vertical farms around the country which are expected to increase our GDP by 15%, as agriculture is the largest sector of our economy, accounting for 40% of the trade circa 2050.
    • South Africa: We accept New Zealand's offer of free trade and visa-free travel agreements and we wish to further expand economic relations by exporting diamonds, gold and other raw materials to New Zealand while importing wheat and fruit from NZ. We also open an embassy in Wellington and invite NZ to open an embassy in Pretoria. We also offer NZ to form a military alliance, to exchange technologies and to conduct joint drills.
    • Diplomacy of New Zealand: We accept the military pact and the exchange of goods and open an embassy in Wellington.
    • Ministry of Yesoan Foreign Affairs and Tourism: We are happy to accept the proposal of a free trade agreement between North Japan and New Zealand, including the implementation of visa-free travel agendas, which will certainly boost tourism in North Japan and its economic presence in Oceania. We export silver and products from the Sapporo Shipping Industry, including medium-sized naval ships for the military, to New Zealand, while we request agricultural items and organic materials from your trade. North Japan opens an embassy, alongside an ambassador, in Wellington, and invite New Zealand to install an embassy in Abishiri, our de-facto capital. We wish of New Zealand to send a commission consisting of experts on Vertical farming to train the Yesoan agricultural industry to build the technology. Furthermore, North Japan requests to create a Japanese cultural center in Wellington in order to promote the Japanese culture and relations between both countries.
  • THAT WE ARE THROEEEIcelandic Rebel Union We have risen from the Icelandic Working class and have established ourselves as the dominent party there and quickly taking over the land. We have quickly established a strong army of infantry and are ready to fight, as well as ally ourselves with other nations, currently we are standing with a strong standing to our rebellion, and have no intentions of allying at the moment. We have an army of 5,000 troops along with an air force of around 50 aircraft.



The Maöd


New I.R.U. Navy logo

The Coalition naval forces are hunting down the remaining North Korean submarine fleets to end North Korea's reign of terror in the high seas, Meanwhile the Ceasefire negotiation is in high gear as more nations voiced their approval of the proposed peaceful that promise to end years of global conflict

  • Mod Response: A total ban on nuclear weapons has been approved all nuclear missiles and warheads has thus been destroyed or put into storage
  • THAT WE ARE THROEEEIcelandic Rebel Union We support Mexico, and the remaining US states in the Conflict against China, all great things must come to an end some time. We have now sent our 2 ships to blockade to help the Republic or Georgia. The 2 ships are freighters converted into I.R.U. Colors and armed to the teeth in defense and offensive armament. Both ships, the Maöd and the Eyjafjallajökull are slow but capable and we hope We can aid Mexico and Georgia in any way we can.
  • Mod Response: Go to the battlefields if you want to engage Giorgia in a naval engagement
  • Icelandic Rebel Union Diplomacy:We had misinformation and our Leader would like to send their apologies to China, but would like to Become a full member of the Coalition of Free Nations, not to upset Midwest Government, China or Russia, though we do have a word for the actions by North Korea, and how they bully new countries for resources (China Response needed). We would like easy trading, as fishing is a major factor in our economy. We will recall both Naval ships from Georgia and we will dock them in our ports as we built 5 battleships to serve alongside the 2. This is a strict warning to North Korea.
  • Flag of New Zealand New Zealand: We continue to be ties with nations, especially trading ties as our ports are busy and loaded with goods like wheat and rice, and so the massive trading is a great boost to our economy. Our population stands at 6,472,853 people in the recent census. We have an army controlled by advanced AI, 600,000 strong, with 10,000 drones and 100 battleships to defend our ports and lands from foreign aggressors. We welcome the ban of nuclear weapons, stating that a dark era in the history has ended. We hold elections, and Drake O'Donnell is elected prime minister. He promises to boost New Zealand's economy and significantly improve its international standing. We propose holding the peace talks between China and the free nations at Wellington, as we're a neutral country which strives for peace and freedom.(Responses needed). We announce the discovery of major Natural Gas Fields, whose size is estimated to be at around 200 Billion cubic meters. We will be willing to export around 50% of that gas while using the other half(Responses needed-whoever wants to buy natural gas).
    • I.R.U. Department of Resources: We will gladly buy natural gas to help grow our Nation.
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia: We officially welcome the founding of the "Icelandic Rebel Union" as a country and would like to make friendly relations with them, along with a visa-free travel deal (IRU Response needed). Vice-President Newman asks President O'Donnell if the Republic of Virginia and New Zealand would like to start a trade-deal along with a free visa deal between our two countries, promoting peace and prosperity (New Zealand Response needed). The first national airport is opened in our capitol with currently making only local flights across the country, but the construction of a new international airport is reportedly going to be built in the next year or so. The Department of Trading and International Affairs that the main export is still Broilers, along with many other exports that is helping our economy grow with our largest trading partner being the People's Republic of China. The Secretary of Trading and International Affairs, Franklin Carter announces that all countries are still welcome to trade with, the only restriction is North Korea due to our "strained" relationship but a possible trade might come in the farther future if relations begin to improve. The Ambassadors to all allied countries are sworn in at the front of the Virginia State Capitol Building even though the building is still being reconstructed due to the low keep up during the period of no Independent Virginian Government. President Harrison announces a 3 year plan to help cut emissions by 20% called "Operation Golden Goal", to help with the growing threat of Global Warming which is officially recognized by all Virginian politicians. President Harrison announces that Virginia will officially stand with South Africa against the war-mongering hermit kingdom of North Korea.
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: We accept the trade deal and begin shipping our items to Virginia.
  • LovesDiplomacy of Icelandic Rebel Union: We agree to a Visa Free travel Deal, along with the Newly named Capitol Airport (Formerly Keflavík Airport) servicing regular flights of pre-war airline Icelandair. We also have built a battleship, which we have authorised to Patrol the coasts of North Korea, as we support Virginia and South Africa in their struggles with the brutal country. We also would still like a trade agreement with Natural Gas as well as Broilers.
    • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: We welcome the Icelandic Rebel Union and we ask the beginning of diplomatic relations.
  • China-0China: We are interested in investing in the mining of gold and iron in South Africa were willing to invest 500 billion yuan {45 billion dollars} in the mining industries of South Africa and were willing to send expert and geologists to help South Africa in developing its mining industries {South Africa response needed}
    • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: We happily accept the Chinese offer of trade and investment and state it will benefit both nations' economy. However, your ally North Korea has aggressively blockaded our port for doing nothing, therefore our trade cannot be done before they are expelled. We ask China if they can persuade North Korea to back off of our ports, as we pose no threat to no one and we have done nothing.
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We welcome Iceland and south to the fold of free nations and we are interested in investing in South Africa's diamond mines as well as its iron mine,A trade mission to South Africa to negotiate economic aids and technical assistance to Aouth Africa (South Africa response needed)
    • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: We gladly accept Florida's investment and trade, however due to the blockade we will have to expel the invaders first.
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: How dare you challenge your communist masters, now feel our wrath we blockade South Africa with 1 fleet of submarines were also blockading Iceland,we will laugh as we watch your population starved to death Were also planing an all out invasion of Maine if don't pay us tribute (one billion yuan/500 billion dollars in three turns), you will never expel us in North America and we will loved to see you try, your all weaklings.
    • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: As we produce our own food and we don't import it, your lame blockade has almost no effects. Your attemps of acting like a power will soon fail you. Oh, communist scum, prepare to be annihilated utterly. We will vigorously defend ourselves and fend you off from our sovereign waters. We ask our ally China to persuade North Korea to stop being a bully, and we ask help from other countries to help and fight these rogues.(China and other countries responses)
  • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: As our ports are blockaded, we hastily open new emergency ports take care of all the necessary trade our country does(Diamonds, gold and other raw materials with China and American states). These ports are extremely heavily defended from air, sea and land and are equipped with state-of-the-art radars that can even detect some stealth planes. We declare emergency as we have been attacked for no reason and our army mobilizes. We ask countries around the world to help us in our just fight. (To China) As we are great allies, we would not like to ruin our relationship since we are fighting one of your allies. However, China must control its bullying subordinate as North Korea has gone completely out of control, continuously violating international law and attacking innocent nations. We ask China's help in any way(Chinese Response)
  • Mexico2Mexico: We send military aid to South Africa and Iceland ,again we condemn North Korea for its continues bullying of weak nations, Were also rushing troops to Maine as the North Korean dogs has threaten to invade that peaceful country, We are now placing smart AI controlled fortress towers at our borders to stop and detect any enemy attack, We call on China to put a tight on North Korea, until North Korea is put under control the ceasefire negotiation will be on shaky grounds (China response needed)
  • THAT WE ARE THROEEEIcelandic Rebel Union:As you may know, we have an economy fueled mostly by fish, so we do rely on imports and exports to fuel trade with other lands. But our research and design teams at Lockheed Iceland (pre-war Aircrfat company), have

    C-6 fleet preparing to fly out to Greenland

    designed a Specially built cargo aircraft That can reach well above submarines' Missile or cannon range, even before leaving our nation's shores, the C-6 Mega Galaxy Carrier. I have a whole fleet if them stored in a New Mountain Air Base near Siglufjordur. We have already flew Several Missions to the Congo and Greenland to gather food and resources. In case North Korea, you would like to challenge the flight capacities of these lumbering giants, we have several Mig-100s we have recovered from the Atlantic Ocean, which crashed during the conflicts in the Eastern USA, and have reverse engineered them and have used them to fly with the C-6's. (China Response needed)
  • SpainSpain: Does North Korea not have enough that half of her navy have been destroyed by the coalition, her bullying will not get her anywhere, as of now our naval are searching for her remaining fleets so that she no longer pose a naval threat to any nation on earth, We assure fellow Coalition member that we will hunt down this dogs of the seas and annihilate them ,assurance also goes to other free nations that is not a member of the Coalition,We are interested in investing in South Africa's mining industries especially diamond and gold mining ,We are sending expert to Madrid to help the South African authorities in the development of this vital mining industry, were also opening an embassy in the capital and we hopes that stronger relation will develop between our two countries,We offer to escort South African merchant fleets to safeguard its precious cargoes from the North Korean dogs (South African response needed)
  • Mod response: North Korea has successfully blockaded South Africa's ports ,South Africa has 5 turn to break the blockade before their population suffer starvation
  • Mod response: Free France is exiled in Greenland so your government is located in Greenland not in France itself because of the Russian occupation
  • Th899900Free France: We join the Coalition, and start building up our naval capacities to retake our rightful place in Europe. We also aid South Africa against the blockade with the naval forces we managed to take during the forcing out of France. We support the French remaining in Russian territory to fight for sovereignty. (SECRET) We start a plan to put spies in Russia, which is likely to be ready in a few years. (SECRET)
  • THAT WE ARE THROEEEIcelandic Rebel Union: We are happy to welcome Free France to the Coalition of Free Nations. We would like to trade.
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We welcome Iceland, Free France and South Africa to the fold of free nations, were also rushing our naval force to try to break the sea blockade of South Africa ports by the nasty North Koreans, Were also sending task for to hunt and destroy the remaining North Korean submarine squadrons, we urged China to control its dogs the North Koreans, were also interested in investing in South Africa's gold and diamond mines were sending an embassy to Pretoria to begin formal diplomatic relation (South Africa response needed)


The Ceasefire negotiation is in full swing with the Coalition demanding that China put a leash to North Korea. Iceland, and Free France as well as South Africa rise from the ashes from the former free world. China, meanwhile, remains unchallenged globally and is apparently using a more  pragmatic approach in its dealing with the free nations,fighting still rages mostly the navies of the coalition nations and North Korea primarily

  • Mexico2Mexico: We are hoping that the Ceasefire negotiation push thru successfully,although we have some misgiving about the peace talks, and we do not fully trust the communist side nevertheless we are willing to give it a go although we are not withdrawing our military forces in the battlefields and will keep this forces on full red alert to deal with any violation of the ceasefire the communist side might undertake, once again hail to the Ceasefire
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia: President Harrison fully endorses the Ceasefire negotiations between we the coalition and the Communist regime. Once again President Harrison stresses that "We have nothing against the People's Republic of China, we want to be close trading allies. But the problem is with the Communist regime and their pushy and totalitarian ways that go way to far." By this year about 15% of emissions are already cut, thanks to "Operation Golden Goal"; and it is estimated that the full hopeful 20% will be cut by the year 2057. Eco-friendly bikes are fully recommended by the government and even President Harrison rides through Richmond on one of the recommended bikes along with his Vice-President Newman and his wife. The Supreme Court holds a rally where any question can be asked along with all the members of the court able to meet and talk with the people of Virginia; there is about 500 people turn out, with one crowd member quoting, "It is nice to see that these Supreme Court people have actual emotion rather than what we see and hear on television." The Speaker of the House of Representatives falls ill and is currently unable to preform his duties until his recovery; at this time his illness is unknown at this time but President Harrison is currently having the best doctors work on the speaker's case.
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We are using giant air filters towering over 150 feet to clear the atmosphere from all the smoke and haze coming from the battlefields, We urged China to lessen its mass factories and manufacturing buildings to help contribute to the effort to clean the air as a result of years of warfare and with the upcoming ceasefire promising to end active combat worldwide we urged the warring nations to shift from the war industries to the more ecosystem-friendly civilian manufacturing sectors, Were also urging all nations to help clean the ocean from oil slick resulting from all the naval battles that have occurred in the high seas, We are cautioning North Korea to respect the upcoming ceasefire or we will engage them with our naval forces anywhere in the globe (North Korea response needed), So with that we welcome the ceasefire agreement and we hope that both side respect the upcoming accord
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We welcome the ceasefire negotiation between us and the communist powers, but we advised caution as we still do not fully trust China and especially her dogs the North Koreans(China response needed), as long as China do not promise to control North Korean aggression we will put our military forces in continuous red alert ready to switch to offensive operation at a moment notice if the communists violates in anyway violate the ceasefire conditions
  • SpainSpain: Spain welcome the ceasefire with China but warned North Korea not to take advantage of the peace talks, Were maintaining our wartime status even if the ceasefire push thru, especially our navy,we will patrol the mid Atlantic to safeguard the seaplanes and protect the merchant shipping among the free nations, so North Korea you've been warned (North Korea response response needed)
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: We will safeguard the Ceasefire agreement and will attack any country who violates it ,We are not happy of peace ,we want war, but we will respect a formal agreement signed by our great mentor China, We will not withdraw our submarine squadrons from the Atlantic but will continue to patrol the area which we regard as our territory, We warn Spain and Argentina that if they attack our fleets we will not only defend ourselves but will attack their homelands in full force.. so watch out, We will respect the upcoming peace process but we will punish any violators of it, We will maintain our blockade of South Africa until they pay their tribute and no threat from any nation will persuade to lift the blockade
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We are happy that the peace process is going smoothly ,we hope to accommodate our international delegates to our beautiful capital of Brasilia which is beautified even more to showcase our culture to the world delegates We hope that your stay in our splendid city is enjoyable and satisfying , We have declared the airspace of our capital as no fly zone to prevent any terrorist attacks from rogue elements that are opposed to the peace process,we hope this will be the dawn of a new world a world at peace, to China we thank you for listening to our plea for peace and we hope the Coalition will wholeheartedly support the ceasefire, hail to world peace.
  • LovesIcelandic Union: We have officially changed our name to Icelandic Union following the progress of the peace negotiations. All of our Mig-100's have been stationary for the past few months as tensions disappear. We would also like to say we fully Welcome the ceasefire.j
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: After many years of missing events in the world, the Republic of Georgia is back. 1. Internal affairs: Without having to devote ours I me to war, New Atlanta has been fully constructed and 100,000 people are living in its borders. Also, ur factories are continuously pourging out raw materials, allowing for trading options. Also, in the year 2050, a new office of authority was introduced, titled Superior Leader. This position controls All phases of daily life in the Republic, and is Reverend by the people. 2. Politics: We agree that there should be a ceasefire, and support it. we also would like to offer all new country's a trade agreement. (Country Response Needed.) Thank you. (More will be added. Have to go.)
  • China-0China: China welcomes the Ceasefire but we caution the Coalition nations that our armed are on high readiness ready to respond to any violation to the ceasefire agreement (Coalition response needed), we will cease our attacks and offensives but will not pull back our forces from the areas we already occupy, we also warn North Korea not to violate the Ceasefire or there will consequences to their actions (North Korea response needed)


CEASEFIRE A momentous event has taken place finally a peace agreement has been reached between Earth's two warring camps, China and the the Coalition has reached an agreement to end years of bloody conflict to give peace a chance, although suspicions still prevail on both sides, fighting has subsided and peace and commerce between nations has resume, The only question remains is will the Ceasefire hold or breakdown it will be just a matter of time

  • Mexico2Mexico: We welcome the Ceasefire and we hope both party (China and us in the Coalition) will respect it, we are now pulling out our forces from in and around Tennessee and were putting our armies on a defensive alert all thru out the front we are also sending a peace delegate to Beijing to iron out the details of the Ceasefire with the Chinese,our only concern is North Korea we hope they abide by the Ceasefire agreement, we are ready to respond militarily to any violation of the ceasefire, We propose the creation of a joint peace committee composed of China, North Korea and the members of the Coalition to oversee the peace agreement (China and North Korea response needed)
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: Haha so peace is attained yes we will respect your so called peace, but we will demand tributes from you weakling nations or we will blockade your ports, Understand this pigs we only signed the ceasefire so we can strengthened our forces, and North Korea is building more warships and submarines If you violate the Ceasefire we will invade your country, China is our master all of us must bow down to her greatness Those who does not shall be utterly destroyed, remember this weakling nations don't take advantage of the current Ceasefire for North Korea is ready to destroy you all at a moment notice, but at the current time we will respect the ceasefire... HAIL CHINA
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: (In response to NK,) nuts to you, your not getting one little TAX RETURN of our economy. Also, enjoy peace while it lasts, because in the next war, YOUR GOING DOWN!!! Thank you!
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We are happy that the ceasefire has pushed thru, we are now putting our military forces on a defensive status We also are pulling back out remaining troops from Tennessee, we hope China also pull back its forces from the war zones. We warn North Korea not to take advantage of the Ceasefire, We also refuse to pay tribute in anyway,and we warn North Korea not to attack our borders or we will retaliate in kind (North Korea response needed) Finally we hope both sides will respect the peace accord
  • Th45:United Arab emirates: After a border dispute with Oman and sinking a UAE Ship. We declare war on Oman, We decided after one month of planning to invade the disputed territory. UAE Made good advances but Oman troops soon invaded the territory as well putting up defense lines and blockades. After a period of little advances the UAE Decides to start a bombing campaign to attempt to turn the tide of the war. The UAE Also tells China to tell there soldiers not to go near the UAE - Saudi border
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We condemn the hostile action of the United Arab emirates on its peaceful neighbor Oman (United Arab emirates response needed) as this near or in Chinese territory we urge China to take action (China response needed) on this clear violation of the ceasefire (which clearly states that no hostile action is permitted anywhere in the world as long as the ceasefire is in effect) We urged the United Arab emirates to pull back its troops from Oman and respect the peace accord that has been agreed upon by the nations in the world,With that we welcome the ceasefire,but we warn North Korea not to bully any country and force it to pay tribute, we are putting our forces on a defensive status, we are also pulling back our forces from Tennessee and we hope China does the same ,We welcome peace and we hope for a lasting settlement to the war
  • Th45:United Arab emirates (Response) : We tell New york that Oman did not invade UAE Territory and We did not invade Omani Territory. We Both invaded the disputed territory around the same time not ruled by government and we both claimed the territory.
    • Mod response: You have invaded China's territory, if you do not withdraw within 24 hours Chinese troops will attack your forces please go to the battlefields if you want a battle with China
    • Th45:United Arab emirates: We Request a 12 hour extension. We have put our troops on standby.
    • Th45:United Arab emirates: Oman and the UAE Have agreed on a temporary 24 Hour Ceasefire
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We are happy that the proposed ceasefire has finally pushed thru and we urged all nations (even the non participant to respect the peace pact) to respect the accord, with these we urged the new nation, the United Arab Emirates to respect the ceasefire even it wasn't a signatory, ( United Arab Emirates response needed) the peace accord is for the whole world not just between China and Coalition but for all nations to follow, we urged the UAE to cease all hostile action for this endangered the peace agreement and all dispute should be forwarded to joint world peace panel (To be propose),finally we thank China and the Coalition for agreeing to a Ceasefire may peace now reign on the planet
  • SpainSpain: We welcome the United Arab Emirates to the fold of free nations, but we urged it to withdraw its troops from the disputed region so as not endangered the current ceasefire with China (UAE response needed), we are also putting our naval fleets on a defensive status but we warned the North Korean navy especially its predatory submarine fleets not to blockade any sovereign ports or attack other nation's merchant fleets or we will retaliate and annihilate them, we urged China to put a leash on its dog North Korea (China response needed), we also urged the Russians to stop attacking our northern borders and respect the current ceasefire (Russia response needed) Overall we respect the ceasefire accord and hopes that it will last long so the our economy can recover from the war
  • Th45:United Arab emirates: Emirati Troops are being withdrawn from the disputed territory.
  • China-0China: We give the UAE a final warning, if they do not comply with the ceasefire we will take military action (United Arab Emirates response needed) We propose to send peacekeeping troops to the disputed region as well we desire to send troops to Oman to keep it from invading the neighboring areas, we suggest that the UAE army stay out of our way to avoid a military confrontation, We are also listing UAE and Oman on our watch list for their aggression any more violation of the peace accord will see Chinese troops occupying their nations until a more stable and peace loving governments would be s:et, we strongly urged UAE not conduct another aggressive and become a friendly nation
  • Th45:United Arab emirates (Response): As you see above we are Withdrawing troops. BUT Oman and i do not want want you in that territory most likely we will split the territory though diplomacy.
  • NipponflagNorth Japan: The Northern Japanese Parliament announces that at least 780,000 housing units are built throughout the Island of Hokkaido, 8431 in Karafuto Prefecture, and 209 in the Kuril Islands, which is considered a "successive accomplishment" for the "Expand and Build" movement. The Special Immigration Agency has so far documented 1,840,000 Japanese refugees receiving North Japanese citizenship, as the government aims to bring an additional million residents. We continue to negotiate with China to return the Japanese mainlands into Japanese control, and end the conflicting occupation. However, the current objective of the North Japanese government is to at least receive the Tohoku, Kanto and Chubu prefectures. Prime Minister Kenji Wabino warns that the Japanese people are not yet ready to diplomatically pledge closer friendship with its Communist neighbors, unless a "mutual and trustworthy" agreement is made to return the territories of the former State of Japan, prior to the Chinese occupation. "Since our defeat on World War II, we forever renounced war and aggression as the correct path. We chose peace, and strive to collectively form a society; a Japanese culture of peace, ambition and pride. We are Nippon, and you are Chuugoku. Let us have our homeland back, and revive the mutual friendship both nations once possessed before the 'war'." (China response needed) The Republic of North Japan celebrates the announcement over the ceasefire achieved between the adversary alliances, calling the treaty an "incredible advancement towards international peace". We effort to include the question of the Japanese mainlands as part of the Communist~Coalition peace talks, and intend to intensify economic activity with the American counterparts. The "United Nippon" party, commonly named the "I am not Yezo, I am Japan" movement, has gained immense popularity, which is prominent on organizing Nationalist demonstration and spreading Anti-Chinese propaganda, additionally pressuring the moderate North Japanese parliament to culturally distance itself from Chinese influence and assume an assertive stance towards the Chinese. A national vote gave the United Nippon party 20.2% of seats in the Diet of Refuge, the Yesoan Unicameral Legislative body. However, the "Liberal Democratic Party" (Once a government party in the former Japanese state), "Republic Power", a militant, liberal but moderate group, and "Hokkaido Local Party", a government party representing interests of the local Hokkaido residents, are the dominant factions in the government. The Sapporo Shipping Industry, now a significant contributor to the Shipping and Arms industries, expands to Sakhalin, and profits have contributed 14.4% of North Japan's GDP. As there is presently a ceasefire, North Japan offers economic partnership deals for the American nations, which will boost trade and economic activity in the Pacific Ocean. (America countries response needed) North Japan pushes for international recognition, as it asks of the world's nations to recognize North Japan or Yezo as the "De facto Independent Japanese State", including political support for the return of the Japanese mainlands back to proper Japanese control without preconditions. (World response needed) (SECRET) The Naicho, Japan's former Intelligence Service, is now operating once more under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister. They are assigned to send both covert and sleeper agents to gather intelligence worldwide and establish decentralized bureaus under the command of regional command centers. As the operation is intended to be covert and solely for intelligence gathering (Without interfering with foreign affairs), it would not affect other states. (SECRET) North Japan declares "unconditional neutrality" in the conflict at the Persian Gulf, although it seeks investment in the oil-rich area. We offer the United Arab Emirates a bi-national pledge of improving economic and diplomatic ties through the exchanging of embassies. North Japan shall export merchant ships and light weapons from the government-owned Sapporo Shipping Industries, specialized medicine and drugs, and local craftsmanship. In exchange, the UAE may import oil and gold. (SECRET) North Japan also promises support for the UAE in its dispute and against Chinese mobilization in the gulf, despite its affiliation with the Communist Alliance, if the UAE politically supports the Japanese mainland's return to Japanese control from China. (SECRET) (UAE Response needed)


The peace accord is holding despite some early violation by Oman and the U.A.E as well as the bellicose threats of North Korea, the Coalition and China are determine to push thru with peace negotiations, it seems the elusive peace is finally within the grasp of the world

  • UAE Treaty-0
    Project seal tsunami bomb

    Seconds after the Plunger missiles hit the ocean

    Th45:United Arab Emirates: We make a deal with Oman to split the disputed territory. We also get Marisul Island. We also plan to increase our Military Spending by 2 Billion dollars. Our Government has also passed conscription laws. The Emirati space agency launches 2 Military satellites. The UAE Requests a DMZ With China (Chinese Response needed). The UAE Is heavily investing a in Space Tourism and Plans to launch the first space hotel is planned to launch into space in 2057 and the estimated cost per night will be 5000 Dollars. The Push into space tourism continues so we can diversify our very large hospitality and tourism industry. Some other new attractions includes a 1 Hour orbit in space that will create 6000 new jobs. The estimated cost per trip will be 2000 dollars. The attraction will launch in 2057 as well. The UAE Also plans for Increases in Border Troops and police. And plans to plant Border mines to prevent illegal immigration from Oman and China. The Emirati Space Agency, Emirati Military Technology Department and The Union Defense force are collaborating to form Artificial Tsunamis. This will be done by sending very large rockets into space than the rockets releases "plunger like missiles". than letting them freefall to earth this will make the "Plungers" go to earth at extreme speeds once it reaches the target it will create a small tsunami but powerful tsunami. The first tests were done near the antarctic coast and were wildly successful. The problem is the Cost of launching and building the Plunger Missiles cost 2 to 4 Billion dollars. The Government has allowed for 10 Plunger Missiles to be built and ready to be launched at all times. The "Plunger Missiles" Are 8x more powerful than nuclear bomb but won't do any damage if the Plunger missiles strike the ground instead of water
  • China-0China: We are massing our troops near the borders of Oman and the U.A.E to protect the peace in the region and we warn the U.A.E that any violation of the ceasefire agreement will result in military action so be careful of your action and respect the current peace process (U.A.E. response needed)
  • Th45:United Arab Emirates: Peace in the region is at a all time high. If you want to De Escalate the Peace that would not be me and Oman's Fault. We will Remove Mines and other things from the borders but we do request a DMZ With you to Descalate Tensions between us. (Chinese response needed)
  • SpainSpain: We urged China and the U.A.E to resolved their problem peacefully, we agree with UAE 's proposal to create a buffer zone with China, we urged the armies of the UAE to pull back and avoid any military confrontation with the Chinese forces in the region, we are putting our naval forces on readiness alert on the look out for North Korean ships and submarines, We propose trade exchange with the UAE for oil in exchange for wheat and weapons (U.A.E response needed)
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Response to Spain): We Accept the trade deal. And thank you for the support for a DMZ. We also invite Spanish Leaders to witness a Plunger Missile test off the coast of Antarctica.
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: Hoho so the United Arab Emirates thinks its tough enough to violate the ceasefire so here is an ultimatum for you Arab weakling pay tribute or we will blockade your precious port you 24 hours to comply or we will send our submarines to attack your ports (U.A.E response needed)
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Response to NK): We Dismiss the North Korean Threat as not only has the 24 Hour "Deadline" Passed but there is not a single North Korean Sub near Emirati water. Many of Emirati ports are near popular tourist destinations so we advise tourists to stay in the hotels for 2 to 3 Days. We Deploy 1000 Emirati troops to various ports and our Naval Ships are being sent out in the Persian gulf with Sonar and Mini Sub Drones to track down any North Korean subs that may enter the area.
  • Mexico2Mexico: We condemn North Korea for another action to bully another country we will not tolerate such dastardly action from them, we ask China to punish THIS COMMUNIST DOG (China response needed) we offer the UAE arms and heavy weapons in exchange for oil (United Arab Emirates response needed), We are pulling back some 300,000 troops from our defensive line in northern Mexico for rest and recreation,We maintain high alert on our northern borders in case of ceasefire violation by the communists, we are shifting our focus from military production to civilian and commercial purpose were are manufacturing machinery and civilian cars and we hope export this products soon, we are respecting the current ceasefire we are interested to join the planned world peace council
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Response to Mexico): We Accept the Trade Deal, We also offer Mexico Natural Gas For Heavy Armored Vehicles. We also hope to make Oil Prices 30$ Per Barrel in exchange for Discounted prices for Tanks.
  • SpainSpain: We are also interested to trade for oil in exchange for manufacturing goods and some naval vessels, as everyone knows we have a big industrial base which need fuel to run so oil products is steady need (UAE response needed) We warn North Korea not to harass the UAE , were sending a naval task force to protect UAE ports we need the permission from the UAE government to dock our vessels (Additional UAE response needed)
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Response to Spain): We Accept the trade deal. And we welcome Spanish Ships into the Persian Gulf and to our Ports. We also Offer Spain a discounted oil price (30$) for Oil in exchange for discounted prices on Surface to air missile systems.
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We are interested in UAE oil we are willing to trade with wheat and tanks as well as heavy artillery for oil products, We warn the North Koreans not to harass the UAE we are willing to send a naval task force to protect the UAE ports (UAE response needed), We are deploying smart gun ports all along our borders to guard against communist probing, our troops has been ordered to stand down but are ready to go over the offensive if need too, We are interested in the Plunger missile (Additional UAE response needed), We are also interested in the creation of a World Peace Council
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Response to Florida): We accept the trade deal. We also offer discounted prices for oil in exchange for discounted prices on Jets. Only 20 Plunger missiles have been built currently and cost 2x more than a nuclear bomb and are must more destructive than a bomb. We can trade 2 Plunger missiles for 50 to 80 Heavy armed Drones and the creation of a Naval base on Floridian territory. We also invite your leaders to witness a Plunger missile test of the coast of Antarctica. (Florida response needed)
    • (Florida response): we offer Miami for a UAE naval base the lease will be paid in oil products (well be negotiated),We are interested to witness the demonstration of the Plunger missile in Antartica
    • UAE: We offer Half a million barrel's Of oil for a Naval base to be put on Miami
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We are interested in trading weapons for oil and we are also interested in the Plunger missile, We ask for participation in the planned Antarctica plunger missile demonstration (UAE response needed) To China please put a leashed on your North Korean dogs,We are respecting the Ceasefire but if the communist Koreans violates it we will take military action (China response needed), We are redeploying our troops from the Appalachian to our own borders but is ready to enter Tennessee if need be ,if the communist violate the current Ceasefire
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Response to New York): We offer Large amounts of oil in exchange for a Naval base on New York. We also welcome New York Leaders to witness the Plunger missile test.
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia:President Harrison condemns the violations from the peace accord by Oman, U.A.E., and the evil North Korea. Harrison hold his last State of the Union address to the nation and is quoted by saying, "It does not surprise the Republic of Virginia that the North Korean regime is already making threats to the innocent people of this world, as that is their only way of getting what they want." President Harrison asks that the People's Republic of China take hold of their pet, North Korea as they seem to get more dangerous by the year. We begin emergency measures in the country to make sure that our food is grown here in the states; plants and animals. Cattle numbers for trading go through the roof and we bet that our trading partners will be pleased with the growth in numbers. We ask New York if they would like to have a free-visa partnership in between our nations (New York response needed).


The Ceasefire is holding despite some suspicion on both sides, North Korea proved to be the thorn on the peace process but the peace deal is still unbroken with no reports of major ceasefire violations from both sides, The Ceasefire is on steady yet a bit shaky ground'

  • Th45 United Arab Emirates: We Triple our defense spending and Double our Manpower. 30 Plunger Missiles are built now. The PlungerX2 Missile test off the coast of Antarctica was quite successful and New York Leaders and Floridan Leaders attended. After little response about a Buffer zone between the UAE And China, Emirati leaders decide to build a Border wall to lower tensions. Space Tourism is beginning to boom in the UAE, with over 8 Million dollars in revenue so far. Many attractions are now active as well. We decide to Raise oil production as there is to much demand for Emirati oil, We also are forced to double the Oil industries work force and we now have over 160 Oil rigs off our coasts. A New massive project that is finally completed is Oil pipelines from Abu Dhabi to the newly built OilHub Port Where the oil is refined and put on ships, This will greatly lower time to get the oil to our customers. Our Navy has changed greatly high alert after last years threats from North Korea, We now have 2 Fleets that have the Power and the technology to Locate Detect and eliminate subs and ships if they pose a threat. We invite New York, Mexico, Florida and Virginia to Participate in our Persian Gulf naval exercises. We hope the Ceasefire continues on but we hope China will grant Mecca to Us to maintain Islam's Holy Sites (Chinese Response Needed)
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We are happy to accept the invitation of the UAE for the demonstration of the Plunger Missiles, we are also granting access to our naval base in Miami for UAE navy ships in exchange for oil, were also interested in shipping wheat and cotton for oil (UAE response needed) and are rushing our naval forces to protect UAE ports from North Korean boats and submarines
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Response to Florida) We are happy Florida accepted the invitation we accept the Deal , We will begin to transport oil to Florida. We thank Florida to help us protect us from North Korea but currently there is no threat and we are confident if there is our Task Forces will be able to eliminate it. We also plan to 8 Destroyers and 1 of our only Aircraft carriers to the Miami Naval base
  • SpainSpain: We are interested in the Plunger Missiles demonstration, we are willing to trade arms for oil, We advise China to persuade the Russians from attacking our northern borders, we are still on battle alert along our border with the Russians, (China response needed) We are willing to patrol the Gulf of Aden to secure the UAE ports from North Korean harassment by sea, We are asking permission from the UAE to dock and refuel in their ports and we are interested in establishing a naval base in the country (UAE response needed)
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Response to Spain): We Welcome Spanish ships to dock and refuel at our Ports. We also welcome Spain to make a Naval Base in the Abu Dhabi Emirate in exchange for the La Gomera Island. We also wish for your and other countries support in China giving us Mecca or at least full access to Islam's holy sites. We thank for your interest in trying to protect our ports from North Korea but we are confident our new Task Forces can deal with the Problem.
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We welcome the United Arab Emirates to the rank of new free nations ,We urged it to join the Coalition to fight on the side of freedom, We are not happy about the ceasefire, We do not trust the communists and we will not actively participate in the peace process, We are not putting our military forces on the defensive but on war footing and were ready to attack the communist forces if they dare attack our borders, We are deploying our new multi missile turrets which are AI controlled all along our borders,and were not pulling out our armies from the North American battle fronts, Once again were stating our opposition to the ceasefire and we do not trust China to play honest with us, we will watch them closely.
  • Flag of New Zealand New Zealand: We build 5 new ports and 3 new airports to increase trade with all nations. We create 200,000 governmental jobs and continue to call for a peaceful solution for the conflict in America. We create a coast guard to patrol our territorial waters and mobilize 10,000 policemen to fight crime and drugs. We expand Wellington and Auckland to be able to house two million people each by the year of 2065. We add 250,000 troops to our army in order to participate in international humanitarian missions and help reduce global poverty. We begin construction of a massive business region in Auckland that will provide billions for our economy.
  • China-0China: Were afraid that we cannot grant UAE's request as it goes against our strategic position, as you know we fought and won Mecca at a heavy price during the Campaign of the Arab Peninsula in which we faced and defeated 2 million arab troops at a heavy price so to give it up to lightly will be foolish and will make us look like a fool to the rest of the world, We will hold Mecca AT ALL COST which we consider a prize (The symbol of our triumph against Islam)
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Update): We request than to buy Masjid Al Haram as real estate. The Mosque is very important to Islam and we request to buy it. Oman's economy is under heavy turmoil and heavy debt because of low Emirati oil prices, The Omani government is debating on being absorbed into the UAE As the 8th Emirate so UAE's wealth can bail them out. The Decision is not expected to be made till next year even as their economy takes a plunge and there seems to be a civil war looming in Oman.
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: Haha watch out UAE you defy the mighty peoples armies we will crush you ,We will blockade your ports and not the Coalition could save your country we are now rushing our submarine fleets to attack you ports you must pay us with your Plunger missiles (2 missiles) and 5 million barrels of oil refuse this will find your ports under blockade (UAE response needed)
  • 56666Vietnam: We are respecting the current Ceasefire we are also joining the alliance headed by China, We are interested to trade with other nations especially the UAE (UAE response needed),We are also interested in the Plunger missile we could trade this with our own weaponry we are willing to trade rice for other commodities especially oil, We urged North Korea not to blockade UAE ports (North Korea response needed), We send greeting to China the leader of the Communist World and we admired it for its pragmatic approach to world politics we support all her foreign policy we are setting up an embassy in Beijing as well as in Pyongyang and we asking permission from the other nations to set up embassies and foreign missions (Nations response needed)
    • China diplomacy:: We welcome Vietnam to our alliance ,we also condemn North Korea's breaking the Ceasefire agreement we advise them to halt all hostile action against the UAE (Immediate North Korea response needed)
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Responses to Vietnam And North Korea): We decline North Korea's offer and sure enough North Korean Subs have begun to attack and blockade our ports. The current Death Toll is around 36, 12 Of which are tourists 6 Are Citizens and the rest are military personal. This is due to a slow response from our Anti North Korean Task Forces. They have been sent out to Locate and destroy North Korean Subs we vow complete elimination of North Korean from the Persian gulf. With the OilHub Port being blockade there is a Price raise in oil. We ask China to control North Korea. We Give North Korea a Ultimatum, If They do Not tell there subs to stand down we Will Fire Plunger Missiles at North Korean Targets. We are willing to begin peace talks and end this war if not we will use every option to rid of you. We give out the Origin of the 12 Tourists: 1 From China, 6 From other Emirates, 2 from Spain, 1 from New York and 2 from Florida. We will transport there bodies back to there countries. (Vietnam) We thank Vietnam for the support, We offer three million Barrels of Oil for Tanks, Planes and other Weaponry. Plunger Missile's are only available to countries of the free world.
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Diplomacy): We urge China to control North Korea and tell them to back down so this era of peace can continue, We at the UAE Do not want this to escalate further even after the deaths.
    • China diplomacy:: We will try to persuade North Korea to lift its blockade
  • Mexico2Mexico: Once again North Korea is showing its childish antics, well were the one whose gonna respond to your bullying as we speak were rushing our naval fleets to UAE , This doesn't threatened the ongoing Ceasefire as we view it as an isolated incident We do urged other nations to slap (attack) the North Korean subs haunting the UAE ports like a bunch of sharks and we assure China that we only target this childish aggressor and we not gonna attack Chinese ships as long as they don't interfere {China response needed}
  • NewyorkflagNew York: Rushing our own warship to the Arab gulf consisting sub hunters We will drive those North Korean dogs from UAE shores, We are still supporting the ceasefire despite this blatant violation by North Korea, we are requesting that well be granted Visiting Forces Agreement by UAE so that we can station our naval forces to safeguard their ports from outside attacks, We are sending delegates to Plunger missile demonstration in Antarctica were also shipping wheat and livestock (cattle and poultry) in exchange for oil products, We assure the UAE government that we are supporting it in its trouble with North Korea, We urged China to forced the North Koreans to lift their blockade (China response needed)
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Press Conference): North Korea has successfully blockaded ports and Has sunken 1 of our Main Persian Gulf fleet. The ports have been attacked with the death toll standing at around 230. The current Military Death toll is around 700 to 800 with bodies still being collected. We give North Korea 3 Hours to withdraw, If this does not happen we will fire Plunger Missiles at various locations. Oil Prices are flying high after Ships are not able to deliver oil. A worldwide shortage is expected if North Korea does not withdraw. Dubai-1 Rockets have been sent into space ready to Fire Plunger Missiles at North Korean Rivers.
  • Mod response: your food supply is running out you have 3 turns to break the North Korean blockade or face starvation of your population


The first major crisis threaten to disrupt the ongoing Ceasefire, North Korea has blockaded the ports of the UAE in a unilateral and aggressive move, most nations including China has condemn the aggression, some are threatening military action, only time could tell if the Ceasefire holds

  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Diplomacy): We will give Marsial island and 10 Million barrels of oil in exchange for our Ports will stop being blockaded. (North Korean Response Needed)
  • 56666Vietnam: We condemn North Korea for violating the Ceasefire we urged it to withdraw its blockading forces from UAE ports (Immediate North Korea response needed) Were also shipping rice by air to the UAE to alleviate the food shortage being experience by its people, We urge China to put sanctions on North Korea to it a lesson, (China response needed) if the Coalition use force to try to break the blockade we will not interfere in any ways
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We condemn in the strongest term the aggressive action of North Korea,this is not acceptable this communist dogs has violated the terms of the Ceasefire which clearly state that no hostile action should be taken by any nation while the Ceasefire is in effect, We call on all members of the Coalition to send their fleets and drive this communist dogs from the ports of the of UAE , We strongly urged China to punish its lackey for this outrage ,(China response needed) As we speak strong naval task forces from our country are steaming toward the Gulf of Oman to annihilate the North Korean submarine fleet we caution China and Vietnam not to interfere. North Korea must be punished
  • SpainSpain: Were rushing a task force into the Arabian gulf consisting submarine hunter killers and destroyers this is to safeguard maritime trading lanes going in and out of the gulf, As you all know North Korea is threatening to shut down oil coming from the UAE by its blockade we will do all we can to break this stranglehold by the communists on the world oil supply, We demand the withdrawal of North Korean submarines from the Gulf, We also propose tough trade sanctions against North Korea, We urged China to go along if it real interested to maintain the current Ceasefire (China response needed),We urged all nations to help drive the North Korean fleet from the Arab gulf
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates(Press Conference): With North Korea Blocking Ports Oil Prices skyrocket. We Begin a Offensive in the battlefields to push North Korea Out along with other countries. Currently we urge people to ration food. We are using irrigation methods to grow Corn and Potatoes this has been successful so far but there are unknowns what will happen to them in the summertime. The Current Death toll is 600, 200 of Which being tourists 300 are Soldiers and 100 are Civilians. We try to implement a plan for Citizens to have 2 meals a day instead of 3
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We are sending our fleets to the gulf to safeguard its maritime lanes from foreign aggression as oil is essential to run our war industry we are putting it on our urgent list and we will do all we can to resume the flow of oil from the UAE ,We are warning North Korea that if doesnt withdraw its submarine from UAE ports we will attack and annihilate it (Immediate North Korea response needed), we urged China to stop its dog from attacking the UAE (China response needed)
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Update): The UAE is on edge with Security forces around to country to maintain peace. Ports are eerily silent other than the walking of Security Forces. A small Weak terrorist force in Sharjah took over a bank and held 17 People hostage, This started riots after a weak slow response by our government, After awhile we were able to get the people out but small riots continue. We rush in riot police to try and stop this. The Oil Industry is at a standstill, There is great fear that North Korea will attack Oil Rigs on the Persian Gulf. We Are currently sending Helicopters there to Rescue people after knowing they cant get on there boats to go back to the mainland because of North Korean Subs. There is 1 Option to Get food and Oil in and out of the country and that is though China, Its not clear if they will allow this though. (Chinese response needed) The Offensive against North Korea is Underway Along with Mexico.

    Security Forces and Riot Police maintain order.

    F.Offshore SAR.Bond .SAR1

    Rescue Operations begin to get Oil Workers off of Oil Rigs in the Persian Gulf.


    People wait for a Supermarket to open to purchase food, The market has a Sign saying "Almost sold out"

  • NkoreaNorth Korea: Haha you try to gang up on us, we send more ships and submarines into the gulf, we are not afraid of you,but if you agree to send us some oil we might consider withdrawing, we would have lifted the blockade but your allies attack us first so we are fighting back,send us oil and we lift the blockade
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Diplomacy): We agree to the deal with North Korea. Millions of barrels of oil are leaving the country on ships to North Korea. Our ships and troops are standing down
  • China-0China: North Korea should avoid military confrontation with the west as long as the Ceasefire is in effect, we advise them to return to the negotiating table immediately
  • Flag of OhioRepublic of Ohio: we have declared Independence from the chinese and have created a democcratic republic. we join the war on the side of the coalition of free nations .request to join the coalition of free nations [coalition of free nations response needed] and we condemn north korea for their 'bullying attitude' towards countries and that is what led us to join the coalition of free nations.we wish to Enhance trade with UAE,South Africa,free france and Icelandic Union[players response needed]
  • Mexico2Mexico: We welcome Ohio to the fold of the Freedom Coalition and we advise it to respect the current Ceasefire with China and its allies we offer trade in exchange for wheat (Ohio response needed),Once again we warn North Korea to respect the peace process and go back to the negotiating table and stop bullying the weaker nations (North Korea response needed)
  • Flag of OhioRepublic of Ohio:We respect the current ceasefire and hope to increase trade with china and possibly North Korea,but we will cooperate with North korea only if it stops bullying other countries.[North Korea response needed].And we accept the trade with mexico and in return ensure that if the ceasefire is broken by North Korea  on our country we should receive help from you.
  • YezoflagFree Republic of North Japan [Second State of Japan]: 1. The Free Republic of North Japan officially endorses the ceasefire effect, and will formally bound itself in the agreement as an independent member, as well as part of the Communist Alliance. Inspired with new hopes from the rising Western coalition and the fragile ceasefire, citizens marched into the Diet-in-exile to amount pressure for the government to do more to restore the mainland back to Japanese control. The Japanese government in-exile has approved a renewed initiative to deepen negotiations with the Communist Alliance and the Western Coalition for the return of Japan's mainlands. The Japanese government reinstates a constitutional law decreeing the territories between the Kuril Islands to the Yonaguni islands to be known as sovereign Japanese land by law. Her majesty Empress Masoko appears on state television in the Imperial residence in Abashiri and states, "Since we were defeated by the Allies on 1945, the land of the rising sun changed for the better. We embraced pacifism, dialogue, harmony... we fight for the security and happiness of those standing in Nippon, and not for the pleasure to complete militaristic interests and to silence disputers. Then, why were we meaninglessly invaded and oppressed? Dear subjects, we were obsessed with "keeping the peace", "keeping the stability", "keeping the status quo".. this is impossible. While it is impossible to keep things as they were (Before the Chinese invasion), our values will stay. Hence I, through executive order, support the government demand to return the territories preemptively invaded by China, and recognize the Japanese hope for self-determination. Japan never abandoned the prospect for peace, and this ceasefire invites an urgency to liberate our home, our culture, our people through dialogue and transnational agreements."  (China response needed) 2. The JFA (Japanese Foreign Affairs) has sent notices to all countries with diplomatic relations to support Japan's endeavor for full independence from China as part of the peace process between the Coalition and Communist Alliance. (World response needed) 3. We join China, and as a member of the Communist Alliance, to criticize North Korea's unprovoked kidnappings of a neutral party, including the United Arab Emirates, and urgently requests them to return to the negotiating table. (North Korea response urged) 4. The Ministry of Finance announces that the economy grew 7.2%, and is ready to introduce free market actions to boost internal economic activity, trade and international investment. However, agricultural products, oil and gold remains under the control of the government. The Sapporo Stock Exchange and the Abishiri Iron Exchange is now open for open trade. Initial tariffs is 3.6% for all products, with special taxes implemented for foreign plants and meat. The 188th Mitsubishi Group conference has set stages of recommendation to return it into the international market and support the Japanese economy. Mitsubishi Group announces they will begin investing in occupied mainland Japan, the Chinese territories, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Virginia, Great Britain and Mexico, primarily to create factories and establish regional agencies to encourage trade contracts. The "Mitsubishi Innovation Foundation" is jointly created with the assistance of the Finance Ministry to financially support startup companies in North Japan. 5. Researchers belonging to the Tanchiyou-Shonote Institute of Technology in Hakodate has developed cheap methods to produce light weapons, costing as cheap as 950円 to make an M4 Carbine, excluding the bullets. The government intends to nationalize this technology to profit from the exports. The Defense Ministry releases the list of companies employed that are involved in the defense industry after the State Transparency Act 1088 is approved: North Japan; Mitsbushi Aircraft, Arisaka Manufacturing, Sumimoto Military Industries, Sapporo Shipping Industries, Japan Weapons Ltd. China: Norinco (Ballistics and light weapons), Harbin Aircraft Industry Group (Helicopters, Radar technology, civilian aircraft). Brazil: IMBEL International
  • Flag of OhioRepublic of Ohio: We Support  the endeavour of The Free Republic Of japan To gain full independence from China.
    • Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: We are thankful for Ohio's support.


Despite serious flare ups in the Arab gulf the Ceasefire is holding in somewhat shaky ground, despite the blatant ceasefire violation by North Korea, the opposing parties remained in the negotiation table, China has step in to help rein in North Korea, one thing is certain the peace process is moving on

  • Flag of OhioRepublic of Ohio: We Have Increased our defence budget and are rebuilding our 3 major cities, Colombus,Cincinnati and Cleveland. once it is Finished we will name these cities together as the 3 C's(Colombus,Cincinnati and Cleveland).We aim to increase trade with South Africa, Icelandic Union,Free Republic of North Japan and New Zealand [Players Responses Needed]. we ask New York to trade with each other as we are close to each other and ask that our militaries combine together to form a more effctive military[New York response needed].we Request mexico for trading us the AI glob bots for the defence of our country in case of a ceasefire violation[Mexico response needed].and we are open to trade with china as long as you do not violate the ceasefire[Chinese response needed]. we would like trade with UAE for oil[UAE response needed]
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We optimistically accept Ohio's initiative of trade, and proposes exporting ships, technology and agricultural products in return for raw materials and weapons, though trade would gradually increase. We would like to welcome agreements that introduces Ohioan companies to invest in Japanese stock markets and its open market. Additionally, the Foreign Affairs Ministry wishes to build an embassy in Columbus, and business offices in Columbus and Cleveland. May our friendship and common goals build to high heights, regardless of affiliation and differences. (Ohio response needed)
    • Ohian diplomacy:We accept gracefully and we accept your proposal for setting up an embassy in Colombus.this is a message to other countries that despite being on different sides, we will always remain faithful and will help North Japan in times of distress. 
    • Japanese Diplomacy: With much happiness, the Prime Minister personally welcomes the home of the first man in the moon, and one of the remaining US states that agreed to protect thousands of Japanese refugees fleeing from the Chinese invasion at 2014's agreement to exchange diplomatic missions.
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates: With the Blockade finally over UAE Has been able to count the death toll, It is around 1500, We Demand North Korean Leaders visit the funereal's. We Accept Ohio;s trade request. We triple our Defense Budget. Oman decides to be absorbed in as the 9th emirate, UAE Has bailed out Oman's heavy debt. We rebuild our navy.
    • Office of the Prime Minister (N. Japan): The Prime Minister's office has announced that PM Kenji Wabino and several high-level officials plans to make a state visit to the United Arab Emirates for diplomatic talks and the strengthening of ties, economically, politically and culturally, additionally to receive the permissions for the Imperial Army to organize regular friendly patrols in the gulf, and to station them in an assigned port that may generously be provided by the UAE. The purpose is both symbolic and prosperous, which reassures all nations that a non-aggressor is cooperating with the UAE regarding security. We also demand countries that are using tactics of military deployment in the Gulf, a neutral region, to respect the sovereign integrity and international guidelines of commerce. Japan will maintain a policy of not tolerating countries that forcibly safeguard exclusive rights to trade routes and / or crucial commodities that may crush Japanese or allied interests. The PM's timetable includes attending the funeral of victims affected by the North Korean blockade, meeting representatives of the UAE government, and touring the cities of Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Dubai. We request the trade of embassies to Abu Dhabi and Asahikawa. (SECRET) In return, we wish for a political alliance between Japan and the UAE to be created for the improvement of trade, cultural exchange and political support for each other. This means that while economy activity increases, Japan will support the UAE in their affairs, while the UAE supports Japan in their affairs. (SECRET) The government is pleased to understand that Oman has peacefully joined the emirates, ending a struggle in the Gulf. (UAE response needed) 
    • UAE (Response): We thank Japan and accept their offers.
  • China-0China: China is increasing diplomatic pressure on North Korea to respect the current ceasefire we are contemplating an economic embargo if they continue to violate the ceasefire ,We urged them to with all their submarine fleets from the Arabian Gulf (North Korean response needed), we extend our apology to the United Arab Emirates for the trouble cause by the North Koreans and we hope that it will continue in its peaceful path ,In response to North Japan's request of the return of the Japanese mainland we are afraid it is out of the question at this moment of time, We have paid a very high price in conquering the main islands that returning it that easily is quite absurd and we implore the present Japanese republic to content themselves to the lands granted them so generously by our government.
    • Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: We are disappointed and alarmed from China's stubbornness to regard the Japanese homelands, which were preemptively invaded unprovoked and with full knowledge of the former State of Japan's restrictions of its military capabilities, especially Article 7 of the constitution, as "war trophies". Though the government maintains its relentless effort to continue negotiations for the return of Japan's territories, we warn that continuing to degrade the importance of Japanese self-determination may anger public opinion both in the homelands and the international world. In response, the Diet has endorsed the Diplomatic establishments to use extra caution and assertiveness to fulfill its intended objectives. A daily briefing by a representative, and a weekly summary by the Foreign Affairs Minister in front of the legislative body is approved in light of the hightened stage.
  • Mexico2Mexico: We welcome Cuba to the fold of free nations, we offer it trade and military alliance (Cuba response needed), we urge North Korea to respect the ceasefire, We also thank China for its sincerity in the negotiation and we the both parties that we will guarantee the smooth negotiation of the peace talks, we are interested in exporting glob bots and to those interested just order them and we exchange it for the appropriate goods (Interested parties response needed)
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We express interest in importing glob bots, and will order a batch of 400 glob bots for trial purposes. We are also eager to promote corporate Japanese interests and industrial investments in Mexico and its markets.
  • 56666Vietnam: We are interested in acquiring the glob bots what goods will we exchange it for, we propose to trade it with rice or cocoa products (Mexico response needed), we thank China for its pragmatic approach to the westerns nations, we need peace to rebuild our industries we are very interested in opening up commerce with the free nations,war is chaos and we need order to rebuild our war shattered world (Nations response needed),we urge North Korea to return to negotiating table and cease its aggressive moves against the smaller nations (North Korea response needed)
  • Flag of OhioRepublic of Ohio:[to mexico]We are also Interested in acquiring the Glob bots from mexico, we will give you economic funds for any Infrastructure you want to build.[to vietnam]we are also interested in opening up commerce in your country.we would like to trade with you and open a Embassy in Hanoi[Vietnam response needed]
    • Vietnam diplomacy: We welcome Ohio to set up embassy in Hanoi we are interested in trading rice with manufacturing goods
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania: We start building new buildings in Erie, Pittsburg, Harrisburg, and Philladelphia; we also begin building defences around our borders to keep invaders out of our country. We also begin building new factories to increase our amount of people working. We also begin work on using a new robot called Workers, which will build building twice as fast as humans. And they can be fitted to do almost any job.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Free Republic of North Japan optimistically congratulates Pennsylvania in their accomplishment of true freedom, and trusts that a relation between the two states can strengthen the friendship between the Freedom Coalition and its allies in the Asian realm. The Japan Architectural Commonwealth, sponsored by the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Safety, offers to dispatch teams of Japanese architectures to Philadelphia and Harrisburg to contribute and exchange knowledge of building practices. (Pennsylvania response needed)
  • Flag of OhioRepublic of Ohio:We welcome Pennsylvania to the fold of free nations.we invite you for a military alliance and trade with each other and and we request the combine our militaries together to form a efficient military[Pennsylvania response needed]
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania we gladly accept
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We welcome all the new nations and we offer them trade pacts as you know we have many manufacturing goods and raw materials to offer in exchange for commodities that we are lacking(rice and copra) to those who have this products we are willing to exchange with wheat and weapons (Nations response needed),We are also further our warning to North Korea to return to the negiating table and respect the current Ceasefire (North Korea response needed), We appreciate the seeming sincerity of China and urged it to control North Korea (China response needed), we are hoping for the success of the current peace talks
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We are willing to exchange rice and unspecified commodities, in return for weapons and grenades. (Florida response needed)
  • Congolese flagDemocratic Republic of Congo: President Antoine Kabila, fifth president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is assassinated on the 19 July of this year. The assassination happen while he was participating to a rally for his supporters. His brother Pierre-Philippe Kabila, who occupied the office of Prime Minister since 2055, became acting President of the country and is sworn in office two weeks later, becoming the 6th President of the country. He decide leave the office of Prime Minister vacant until the current crisis is resolve. Troops are send in the streets to search the killers so they can be brought to justice. President Kabula promise to the international community that he will held democratic election as soon as possible.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: Immediately after envoys occupied the former Japanese consulate in Kinshasa, the Japanese government publicly express its very condolences on the cowardly assassination of late President Antoine Kabila, calling it a horrendous destruction of the Congolese democratic system and the happiness of its people.
  • SpainSpain: We are on guard against the Russians on our northern borders still stationing 300,000 troops on the Pyrenees passes to block any Russian advance,but no enemy activities has been reported since the beginning of the Ceasefire, We resume oil trade with the U.A.E as the North Korean blockade has been broken, Were not withdrawing our fleets in the Arabian gulf to secure it for the free passage of commerce shipping, We are interested in trading wheat for Vietnamese rice (Vietnam response needed),We appreciate China's effort in maintaining the peace throughout the Ceasefire period and we would appreciated if they put a leash on North Korea (China response needed)'
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We welcome the new nations to the community of free nations and we offer them trade and commerce ,We are also resuming our oil trade with the U.A.E. with the reopening of their ports for commerce and trade ,We are continuing our naval patrols to safeguard shipping and commerce passing thru the gulf of Arabia,We urged China to control its dog the North Koreans (China response needed), we will not tolerate any form of bullying against peacefull nations, we will safeguard the flow of oil out of the UAE at all cost.
  • Flag of OhioRepublic of Ohio:[To New york]since we are close to each other,we could trade with you.[New York response needed].[To Spain]We would also like to trade with you for resources[Spain Response needed]
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: Kkk we will withdraw our submarine fleet from the Arabian gulf and we will respect the Ceasefire, but know this you weakling nations be very thankful to our dear leader China because, we can destroy you all if China did not intervene on your part. We scoff at your utter weakness running to momma when you were frightened, yes be very frightened you weaklings, our glorious armies could wipe you out from the map if we want to , so pray that the Ceasefire last long for once its broken We the red masters of EARTH will annihilate you all, hear that you dogs, haha.
  • YezoflagFree Republic of North Japan [Second State of Japan]: The capital has moved to Asahikawa, as the city is near the central hub of North Japan's population and industry, and eliminates a geographical isolation between the central government and their citizens. All Embassies will move to Asahikawa, or North Japan's commercial capital, Sapporo, unless the country of origin directly requests to keep their embassy in Abashiri. Security Forces has seized the entire Seikan Tunnel, which is considered part of Hokkaido prefecture, from protective regulations of China's Ministry of Transportation. Development, traffic and security is handled to Ministry of Industry and Transport's Japan National Railways (JNR) and the Prefectural Hokkaido Police, therefore asserting complete control of the Tsugaru Strait and the underground tunnel. The Foreign Affairs Ministry claims it is in order to secure transportation between the mainland and Hokkaido (Without unilateral Chinese intervention), accurately organize immigration and tourism, implementation of Japanese tariff laws in the tunnel [For export / import buses], and to revive a railway network between Hakodate, Sapporo and Asahikawa. We reassure relevant parties that our intentions of capturing the tunnel is for civilian and peaceful purposes and has not violated the terms of any treaties. We dismiss claims the action is directly in response to China's refusal to return the mainland, and reassures the public that it's for R&D, and nothing else. After China's denouncement of our plea, reports of uprisings has occurred in Sapporo and Obihiro in protest of the Chinese occupation of the mainlands, demanding the government to do more for a speedy return of the archipalego. The Naicho, Japan's central intelligence service, reports that there are attempts of uprisings inside mainland Japan, mostly sparked by the True Japanese Liberators that are exiled in Peru. The government will intensely observe the situation, especially how the Chinese will react. The government warns that if China introduces brutal methods against the uprisings, it would directly break promises China did when North Japan gained independence on 2051. (SECRET) We covertly deliver economic support to the organization by sending 5 packages of 5,000,000円 to Lima's central bank in Peru, which an agent representing the TJL will collect the money for their own use. May the liberation of the Empress' Sovereignty prevail. (SECRET) Alas, though our foreign policies favour the Coalition and neutral nations, Japan sees opportunities in North Korea, a friend in the Communist Alliance. To strengthen our relationship, we wish to strike a deal to generally increase trade, exchange of cultural friendship, and the exchange of embassies between Asahikawa and Pyongyang.  (North Korea response needed) We also want to increase economic ties with Vietnam, a fellow friend of the Communist Alliance. (Vietnam response needed) As North Japan revives its technological boom, road, bus and train networks has become more frequently used by residents, as the average income increases. We expect a steady rise of the middle class. Universities throughout the nation has reintroducd higher education to ambitious students, and inviting world-class professors from South America and Europe to fill vacant spaces of its facilities. Japan continues to promote its economy in the Americas and the Pacific.
    • YezoflagFree Republic of North Japan [Second State of Japan] - The Wabino Initiative: The Cabinet and the Committee of Mainland Affairs and Peace Negotiations has completed a comprehensive plan that will satisfy the Chinese, Japanese, and international parties, but contains numerous risk factors. The Wabino Initiative ensures that the agreements plays a large role in the Coalition-Communist negotiations, to satisfy Chinese demands, compensating for the expense used to invade Japan, and refuse hostilities between all parties when concerning elements of the agreement. Hence, the Japanese government in exile, presently ruling the independent Free Republic of North Japan, which the territories represent a fraction of Japan's legitimate sovereignty, recommends the Initiative as the only procedure that can give Japan complete independence from the Chinese occupation: The Wabino Initiative shall comprise 5 stages. [See Voting above - The Wabino Initiative: Action for Japan's complete independence]
      Henceforth, we plead for international support for the agreement, which expects to cease Sino-Japanese hostilities and effectively returns Japan to its rightful owner, bringing peace in the Pacific Ocean and balancing power in the international world. (World response needed)
    • Flag of OhioRepublic of Ohio:We Support you for your Push for freedom,as we had also been under control.We will Officialy endorse the peaceful Independence for Japan.
    • Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: We express our utmost gratitude towards Ohio, as we'll treasure the support as a historical moment in Japanese-Ohioan relationship. We continue to call for the Freedom Coalition, Communist Alliance and even non-aligned nations to support the initiative.
    • Republic of Ohio:We Would like to trade with free republic of North Japan for resources[Free Republic of North Japan response needed].If you will accept,we request to Set up an Embassy in your capital.[Free Republic of North Japan needed]
    • Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: We accept all of Ohio's requests, and proceeds to developing trade with the Ohioan Republic.


The Ceasefire is holding firm,the community of nations including China has forced North Korea back to the negotiating table ,peace seems in the world's reach,but some obstacles are still apparent,The question of the Japanese mainland is thorny issue that seems to endanger the peace talks.Meanwhile the Middle East oil is starting to flow again as North Korean submarines withdraws from the Arabian gulf,Peace seemed to endure despite many challenges

  • China-0China: We are deploying an additional 500,000 troops in North America in the light of increasing number of newly formed American republics although we do not view this as a direct threat to our presence in the North American landmass we do feel the urge to increase our military power in this area as precaution, were also rushing some 400,000 additional troops to the Japanese mainland in the light renewed attempt by the Japanese nationalist to take back the mainland although we maintain friendly relation with North Japan
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: We are ready to crush the Japanese rebels if they dare try to take Japanese mainland we are rushing 500,000 troops to japan, Were also rushing 300,000 additional troops to North America to help China to suppress the American rebel republics ,We urged China to be vigilant and we suspect a renewed Japanese rebellion is in the offing,reminder you Japanese rebel scums we will crush your pathetic plan and better watch weakling Americans we will crush you too if you dare attack us first
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We demand that North Korea cease all aggression and stop violating the Sino-Japanese ceasefire treaty, which forbade foreign troops other than the Japanese Imperial Army and the People's Liberation Army from entering the Japanese mainlands. The North Korean lust for war proves to even ignore commands by their own ally, the People's Republic of China. We therefore recommend China to punitively restrain North Korea's attempt to illegally invade other nation's territories. (China response needed)
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We are very concern about North Japan controversial move to retake the Japanese mainland already it has urged China and North Korea into renewed military action (Increase troop level and movement), We urged North Japan to revised its  Wabino Initiative or it might provoke a war with not only China but North Korea as well (North Japan response needed),We propose to create an interim body composed of both sides to reach a mutual agreement that does not only favor one side, but both side and would be beneficial to all (All nations response needed)
    • Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs: The government-in-exile sends its deepest appreciation of the creation of an interim body headquartered in the heartland of international diplomacy, which shall promise a truly fair and negotiable process. In light of the Brazilian proposal, Prime Minister Kenji Wabino asks all nations to support the creation of the committee, where North Japan intends to negotiate and adjust the Wabino Initiative there. (All nations response requested) We criticize Brazil's branding of the Wabino Initiative as the 'forced return of the mainlands', which is not the purpose of the plan. The Initiative requires Chinese collaboration and mutual agreements in order to make the Initiative a reality, and Japan needs international backing for China to acknowledge that this is the best solution. Japan does not need to reaffirm their commitment to peace, and Brazil as a mediating power is expected to understand the objectives well.
  • 56666Vietnam: It seems that North Japan is forcing the issue that may lead to a renew war in this world, the demands are outrageous to say the least and Japan is trying to railroad China in giving up its territory, We the people of Vietnam has pledge support on China refusal to grant anymore territory to North Japan and we also pledge to send troops to the Japanese main islands to safeguard it from foreign take over ,we are also sending a carrier task force to the Sea of Japan to maintain the maritime sea lanes from disruption and sabotage, We urged Japan to scale down its demand (North Japan response needed),this might endanger the current Peace talks between us and the Coalition
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We summon the ambassador of Vietnam in protest of what we accuse as "vandalizing the status quo" and the unreasonable militarization of the former Japanese territories, limiting opportunities of political peace. While the government reassures the Vietnamese government that they are working on a more impartial and realistic peace proposal that suits the requests of the Communist Alliance, difficulties will resume if Vietnam maintains its deployment in the islands, the same being for North Korea. We conclude by ordering Vietnam to respect the ceasefire guidelines between China and North Japan while the diplomatic department revises their proposal, and not unilaterally acting on behalf of false assumptions. 
  • YezoflagFree Republic of North Japan (Second State of Japan): Because of the threatening nature of the mainland activities and the possibility of the peace process's destruction, the government-in-exile strongly urges all third-party liberation movements inside the mainland to direct their hope of independence onto supporting the proposed Wabino Initiative. Despite our government's wishes for the mainland's return, regaining it through blood and primitiveness is out of the question. The government is firmly watching Chinese reaction to mainland Japanese residents, reminding the occupation forces that the treaty forbids cruel human treatment in the mainlands. We are ready to renegotiate the Wabino Initiative in Brasilia, under the condition that China and the Communist Alliance supports a diplomatic win-win initiative that will return Japan's mainlands at the earliest opportunity possible. (Chinese response needed) We express disbelief of the unacceptable deployment from North Korean and Vietnamese troops inside occupied Japanese territories. We state that the de facto peace treaty strictly forbids any military forces that are not personnel of the New Imperial Army and the People's Liberation Army, therefore we are cutting all diplomatic requests to improving relations with North Korea (Not economic investment in the state), and summons the ambassador of Vietnam in protest. Regardless, we'll still protest the Chinese government's decision to escalate the impending situation with the local inhabitants, and that the burden of occupying the mainlands proves to harm the central establishment and the PLA. We refuse to stay silent when an additional million troops is deployed because of a proposed peace deal, and requests for international solidarity for the land of the rising sun, isolated and imprisoned away. (Chinese response needed) Placing Japan back into a global player of international diplomacy will save China and the Freedom Alliance economically, politically and will block a war staged in the center of China's territories if an independent and neutral Japan exists. The Japanese government intends to represent the non-aligned, and the pacifist of the world community alongside Brazil, Georgia, the UAE and South Africa. The Japanese economy will greatly contribute for trade in the Pacific and the open market. China's fear of a possible invasion from the direction of the Japanese archipelago will never happen, only in self-defense, and not preemptive. All would be probable if China understands the Japanese prospect. The Wabino Initiative guarantees compensation for China's war efforts, allows China to dominate part of the mainlands, and maintains friendly relations between the two parties. The Government has also revised the Wabino Initiative, where it specifies the process of compensation, prolongs the territorial concession, and should be more welcoming to all parties. The plan is once more revised to declare the creation of the People's Republic of Japan, a satellite state for China. Once again, the government-in-exile recommends everyone involved to support the initiative as the "sole process of an impartial and beneficial completion of a Sino-Japanese peace deal, and the liberation of Japan." (World response needed)

    A Visualization of the Wabino Initiative

    • YezoflagEconomy: The opening of markets on 2058 has become an incredible success as the Japanese economy expanded, with its GDP reviving to equal Argentina. Imports of raw material have certainly supported domestic production in many fields, as the Finance Ministry and major Japanese companies strives for international investment. The Diet-in-refuge from Asahikawa authorizes expanding the ports of Akkeshi, Lazarev and Wakkanai to hold 60% more imports and exports to control the massive influx of trade. The main ports of Hakodate and Kushiro, which are already bustling with ships, does not need to upgrade. All ships going through the Kuril Islands must now pay the standard shipping toll in accordance to Japanese law, which is a lax 4.1% toll + 0.3% increase per 50kg. Japanese interests continue to thrive in the Americas, while we wish to expand influence in Europe. As the Japanese economy is fully functioning, we want to open trade with the UK, Spain, and the Icelandic Rebel Union. The Japanese government will open diplomatic requests on 2061, once government ships are prepared to transit Panama and New York. (UK, Spain & Iceland response needed) The Japanese Industry and Foreign Affairs Ministries invites the Midwest Republic to insure industrial and real estate contracts, which will encourage Japanese businesses and private entities to invest in the "rediscovered hub of opportunities". The Japanese government wishes to purchase 14,000 Honshu tsubos of land for industrial, scientific and experimental purposes. (Mod response needed)
    • YezoflagMilitary: 1. Defense development has vastly developed due to recollecting technology archives and intelligence-sharing, with many government-owned industries, such as the Sapporo Shipping Industries and Japan Weapons Ltd. have reported an increase of 3200% production request, while private companies research new defense technology. 2. Commander Tomohiko Takahashi assumes jurisdiction over the 18th, 24th and 40th navy platoons, ordered to secure safety for all transportation in the Gulf. Under guidelines of the Japan-UAE treaty, the role of the Imperial navy is restricted to maintaining peace and flow of trade with full cooperation with the Union Defense Forces. (SECRET) Forces loyal to the Prime Minister raids a section of the abandoned Chitose Air Base, extracting information the former United States left, giving the Japanese military establishment the ability to produce a modern air force, and finds what appears to be blueprints of the UGM-133 Trident II and MM-104 and MM-155 Patriots. The Defense Ministry is tasked to convert the data into ready instructions for active production, set to complete on 2061. Remains of the Japanese Self-Defense Air Force in Chitose is moved to the Japanese Imperial Air Force's Hokoguki Air Base. (SECRET)
  • Mexico2Mexico: Were afraid we cannot support the Wabino Initiative at the present moment for it endanger the current Ceasefire. Already there are reports of renewed Chinese troop movement at the front, and as news spread of additional Chinese armies being deployed in North America fear has spread to our people of a renewed outbreak of war with China, We do approved of the Brazilian proposal and is willing to participate in the interim talks in Brazilia, but as to the Japanese effort to re acquire its homeland we distance ourselves at the time as this might provoke a violent reaction from China (North Japan response needed), we do condemn the deployment of communist forces from North Korea and Vietnam and urged it withdraw (North Korea and Vietnam response needed)
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The objectives of the Wabino Initiative (Which has been revised) have addressed China's demands, which is a Japanese war compensation for the spending and loss the PLA costed during its invasion of the mainlands. On top of that, the military advancement, the Foreign Minister assures the Mexican government, is a mean of precautions against illegitimate and violent domestic movements in their territories, including those in Japan that is not supported by our government. We view that China does not want to sabotage the peace process, and must continue as a peace partner when all parties finalize the Wabino Initiative. We hope that the Freedom Coalition may not succumb to fear, and stand for what is right, and for the future generations. The Foreign Affairs Ministry will continue to encourage all nations to support the deal as the only peaceful and impartial solution for the solution of Japan's occupation. We are extremely thankful for Mexico's condemnation of North Korea and Vietnam's invasive actions.
  • Congolese flagDemocratic Republic of Congo: The autorities were able to apprehend the assassins thanks to the Japanese help. To thanks them, and because he believe that the historically Japan always had the right to be a nation by itself, President Kamila supported the Wabino Initiative. An election is organized, but somehow each and every candidate except for the sorting president Pierre-Philippe Kabila. Following his suspicious election, Pierre-Philippe Kabila appear in front of the international community and express his will to unite all Congolese under a single state. He also express his desire to that the government of Congo organize a referendum for the unification of the DRC and the Congo as a single nation. 
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We are distancing ourselves from the Japan situation for it may provoked another war with China and its allies,We are still rebuilding our industries and our society as a whole after years of warfare,We suggest that North Japan somewhat scale down their demand to avoid antagonizing China (North Japan response needed), We are alarmed by reports that China is reinforcing it military forces already in North America,we are sending a formal diplomatic protest to Beijing and urged the'withdrawal of the additional Chinese troops (China response needed), We agree with Brazil's effort to mediate the Chinese Japanese tension , We hope that peace prevail despite the new troubles
    • Japanese Diplomacy: After revisions and resolutions of present arguments, the government-in-exile has created a new change for the Wabino Initiative. We hope that the "scaling down" of demands reassure a form of Chinese control over parts of the mainland through the creation of the satellite state of the People's Republic of Japan (North Japan). We join Florida in sending a formal diplomatic protest against the excessive military reinforcement in North America (But not in Japan), warning that the ceasefire may collapse if the situation continues to escalate. The Japanese Industry Minister and the Japan Business Federation requests to open services in Florida to contribute the rebuilding of its industries (Florida response needed)
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania:We begin the same project we started last year, but in more cities, like Allentown. We also begin a space program that hopes to bring us to the moon, and other places. We ask the former state of Maryland to unify with us. [Mod Response Needed]
  • GeorgiaGeorgia: After a long, LONG time of no interaction with the outside world, Georgia has re-awakened on the world scene. In the years we have been gone, many of our cities have been revamped, and New Atlanta has finished construction. We are not picking a side in the Japanese Issue of freedom, as we would like to keep this fragile peace for a bit longer. We are very glad that a ceasefire has been declared, and would like to help anyway we can to keep it. We also decide to join the Coalition of Free Nations, as we feel it will help us on our path to re-joining the world. (Military) The missile system that has been set up is online, and is ready to defend our land if attacks prevail. Furthermore in the military, we take our troops off of the Florida border, and reposition them in the heart of our country. Lastly, we build a naval base in Savannah, which will be able to produce Nimitz class aircraft carriers by 2062. (New World Order) Even though this is the first time in a long time we have responded to world events, we would like to propose a new peace organization, The United American Assembly. This assembly will act as the new UN for the America's, ensuring the peace of the continent and in the world. Any country currently situated in North America can join, allowing them to take a part in peacekeeping operations and disaster relief. We would like to ask, instead of waiting, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Maine, and Mexico to join. (Responses needed) Thank you.
  • SpainSpain: Also distance ourselves from the thorny Wabino Initiative to avoid complication with China,We are interested in the suggestion of Brazil to mediate between North Japan and China we hope this does not endanger the current Ceasefire which we have work so hard, We are maintaining our naval fleets in the gulf to safeguard the flow of oil we are guarding against pirates which has attacked several oil tankers coming out of the Arabian gulf,Meanwhile several skirmishes has broke out with Russian forces in our northern border and we urged China to urged the Russians to respect the ceasefire, we are building more warship and a third carrier to expand our navy so that we safeguard the worldwide maritime commerce
    • Japanese Diplomacy: In accordance to the Japanese-UAE treaty signed on 2059, the Imperial Maritime Forces as a neutral force is responsible for securing all commerce transporting through the Gulf. Although Spain's intentions do not infringe UAE nor Japanese interests, we still would like to cooperate with Spain against the piracy issue outside of the Gulf. (Spain response needed) We also inform the Spanish government of major changes in the Wabino Initiative, which the government believes will be agreed by the central Chinese government.
  • YezoflagFree Republic of North Japan: Through desperation for Japanese self-determination, the unified government-in-exile has decreed a nearly impossible agreement: In order to allow the full independence and self-determination of the Japanese people and its historical rights, the Wabino Initiative will create not a unified Japan, but divided territories that reflects on political influence. The State of Japan is the sovereign native, democratic, powerful, and representative of the Japanese people. The sovereignty of Japan never ceases to thrive in the core of Japanese culture and politics. However, in understanding of China's rejection of leaving the mainlands, the government has agreed that the Communist Party of Japan must depart from the central government in order to strengthen the possibility of Japanese self-determination by establishing a Chinese satellite state in Northern Japan, splitting the South and Hokkaido. This nation will be named the People's Republic of Japan, a state that adopts the system of socialism, a system of brotherhood, equality and labor. The People's Republic will replace Japan as the Japanese member of the Communist Alliance. As such, this is the final version of the Initiative. The Japanese people are willing to sacrifice many, in fact too much, for the sake of determination and approval. We are ready to happily finish what the war had started. Despite the sorrow and anger the decision may have inflicted onto the entire nation, the Empress reassures the public, "Even if the people divides into nations with borders, even if the occupier suppresses our connections, even if kami-sama devastates Japan, we will always identify ourselves as children of Japan... the subjects of the throne, the symbol and unity of Nippon!" We stress that if the international community distance themselves from the Wabino Initiative now, the chance of true peace may diminish. However, we are certain that China will approve of the plan as it strongly benefits them. The legitimate government of Japan hereby appeals to the international community to support the new Wabino Initiative. (World response needed)
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Main Post) : The Omani Emirate is Officially named "Muscat". Celebrations were seen in the streets when the UAE Fully took over Oman and Bailed out their Debt. We Support Japan fully in them taking back mainland japan. Oil is flowing to the world fully again. Our Petroleum Engineers have invented a new type of Oil that generates more Electricity and less polluted. 500,000 New Recruits have join the Emirati Military in the past 3 Years. We begin to expand our Submarine fleet. UAE Will become a Full Democratic State by 2061. UAE Will make Emirates Airlines Start Operations again, They will start off with 20 777x-300's and A321neos. Emirates Begins routes Around the world. UAE Begins to invests in Startups based in the UAE To begin to diversify the economy. We will also up manufacturing as well. We Tell China we want FULL ACCESS Of the Kaaba and the Mosque. We do want to be able to control it and take care of the Mosque and the Kaaba, China must begin to pull out of Captured nations (CHINESE RESPONSE NEEDED) We support Japan fully in the Wabino Plan. (SECRET) We Send Spies to Mecca (SECRET)
    • Japanese Foreign Affairs: Japan undoubtedly backs the UAE's demands for complete access and independent administration to the Kabba Muazzama, Islam's most holiest site. China's insistence on titling a sacred land for the Islamic faith a "war trophy" is an intolerable retort onto the Muslim community, and that freedom of religion must be peacefully respected in all occupied territories. The UAE, the world's only neutral sovereign Muslim-majority state, has full rights to administrate the sacred buildings of their faith. Prime Minister Kenji Wabino warns that the Pacific Rebellions may expand into Eurasia and result in the biggest crisis comparable to the Second World War, if China stubbornly refuses determination by the occupied majority. The Japanese government expresses its utmost appreciation for the UAE's recognition of Japan's entitlement to its native land.
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We are also distancing our from the thorny Japan controversy as we are quite occupied in our home front as the Communist forces pour in fresh reinforcement into North America we are voicing our protest to this military build up, in response we are rushing our armies back to our borders to defend from possible invasion,we are strengthening our front with AI controlled gun towers to deter enemy probing,in other areas we are happy to report a good harvest season in wheat and barley ,we have enough bunker supply to export to other countries
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates (Speech by Commander Khalid ibn al-Walid): "Hello, I Want to talk about Japan's Wabino Proposal. I want to ensure that the UAE Will support Japan in the plan and i also want to talk about the scared remains of the USA, They are supposedly the free world yet they don't support the Japan's Plan, They think it will "Invoke China." Well Let me tell you that (Commander begins to scream the words) CHINA HAS NO RIGHT TO OWN ANY TERRITORY OTHER THAN ITS OWN. (Screams and applause's are heard) The American States proudly distances themselves from Japan simply trying to get ITS Territory back. Well lt me tell North Korea and China if they even as Dare touch the UAE, Invade our Country, Or Not give Muslim's access to simply worship in our holy sites will not only tell all 1.6 Billion Muslim's to wage jihad on you we will use all means necessary to destroy you. CHINA MUST PULL OUT OF ALL COUNTRIES OTHER THAN ITS OWN.
  • Hakodate Imperial Residence: (Speech by Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Masoko): "The light of peace, the light of prosperity! Our patience must endure. The Middle Kingdom, who controls all that surrounds it, the heavens (India), the sun (Japan), the south (Australia)! The West (Europe), Mother Earth (Indonesia), the Arabs (Africa & Arabian Peninsula), the Americas (North and South America)! Today, our great and diverse cultures and histories all have but a single aspiration: FRATERNITY! To know peace, not life in disaster, not in chains! The actions of neighboring China occupied billions, killed millions, executed thousands, all in the name of conquest and domination! I ask all leaders, representatives, the people under their rule to unite! When the Hinomaru, Tiranga, the Star-Sprangled Banner and the Red flag are together displayed in Brasilia, it will prove the success of our movement, and so will peace between sovereigns! I ask all leaders... direct your anger into flowing determination and hope! Demand to become a sovereign of the free, the prosperous, the happy! As proven after the Second Great War, we have succeeded to calm the waves. We can do it again. Discourse, conviction and unity, those are true power. Let the doves carry the banner of peace, and restrict the tyrannies sabotaging the prospects of the individual!" In response to Her Imperial Majesty's unprecedented speech [After the UAE's Commander Khalid ibn al-Walid spoke], the Japanese government has placed the Imperial Army in high alert, while (JP) DEFCON increased to Level 3 as the Diet-in-refuge storngly fears that the speech may create provocations. The Prime Minister reluctantly welcomes the Empress's honorable declaration of world peace, a central symbol of dove movements. The Foreign Ministry is quick to use the speech to convince separate mainland movements to "strengthen their will for a peace agreement, as patience shall prevail". The government requests an emergency visit by the Foreign Affairs Minister to Beijing regarding a ceasefire between local militias and Chinese troops before any further escalation within the Japanese islands happen.

*Russian Empire

    • New Russian Empire Flag Russian Empire (General Info) Russia's Population has grown to 69 Million. We begin to use a Democratic System of Government, With their Being a 1 Prime Minister, 10 Minsters, 100 District Ministers (Parliament, Congress) We Begin to Explore the possibility of Making France and other countries free again due to them being expensive to maintain.
    • New Russian Empire Flag Russian Empire (Foreign Diplomacy): We are astonished by the Speech made by the The UAE Commander, Prime Minster Mendendev Tells the UAE "We Understand you support Japan, We understand you want Mecca, But Threatening North Korea and China with Jihad just shames a peaceful religion" We Hope the UAE's Government Takes the action against the Commander against a speech that is very threatful. We Tell China and North Korea not to Overreact to the situation and hope a apology will be made. We Tell Japan they should get some of there Territory back from China but Tokyo should stay under Chinese control. We Hope a better Wabino Plan will be shown as this one clearly won't happen with China. We request to ally all nations other than North Korea (World Response Needed)
    • New Russian Empire Flag Russian Empire (Economy): We Request to trade with all nations (World Response Needed) We begin to double our Mining operation In Siberia, We Research new methods of Mining and we begin to encourage recycling in Russia. We build 2 New Ports In Russian Occupied France to make Trade with the states easier. We begin to build a new financial district in the great city Of Moscow we hope the world will begin to trade in the stock markets again. Growing Seasons have been great in Russia and we may export some of the Food. We Double our Manufacturing in Certain parts of Russia
    • New Russian Empire Flag Russian Empire (Military): Prime Minster Mendendev Tells the world "We Must have the Most Powerful Intimating Military in the world" We Double Arctic Troops and we recruit over 600,000 New Recruits. We Develop a new Gun called the MDEV45 The Gun is specialized for Power, Efficiency, And its light weight. We Begin to make our Aircraft more Equipped and up to date. We begin Military Parades around the Empire in a show of Power

**Japanese Diplomacy: The government agrees to the Russian suggestion of cancelling control over Eastern Tokyo, with the exception of Chiyoda Town, which is an invaluably fundamental part of the Japanese entity, and Tokyo University, Tokyo's main campus and a sign of friendship between Japan and those in the Chinese sector. With great pleasure, we wish to negotiate the start of an alliance with the Russian Empire. (Russian response needed)

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Two thorny issues has emerged that endangered the on going Ceasefire ,The Wabino Initiative which has race controversy between China and North Japan and the threat of a new Jihad threatened by Muslims which demands the return of Mecca which is considered a valuable military prize by the Chinese , other nation are trying to find a solution to defuse the delicate situation, Interim talks has been proposed by Brazil

  • Th45 United Arab Emirates: The UAE Government Has Been silent On the Speech made by the Commander. It is unknown if his words will spark a revolution as the UAE Is the only Free Islamic Country On Earth. The Newly Elected UAE President Presents a Plan for China's Full Withdrawal of Parts of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestine. The Plane States that China will Leave Mecca By 2062, Jerusalem By 2063, Jeddah By 2063 and Medina By 2063. These sites are important to Islam and We think its reasonable. China Can not view these Cities as Trophies. The UAE Will try and stop Any Terrorist Activity caused by the Commander but The Muslim Population is two billion and its been 50 Years since Muslims have had access to these sites. The Muslim Population is Angry at the Religious Suppression by the Chinese and the anger has been bubbling up Khalid ibn al-Walid Whereabouts are unknown as he has fled the country in fear execution. We tell China we will try and find him.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We will continue to support the Islamic faith's determination to access their sacred sites.
  • China-0China: We are Augmenting our security forces around the World as serious separatist movements and agitations has sprung up notably in the Japanese and Middle East sections we are intensifying our intelligence gathering to determine the ring leaders and origins of this agitation. We have put forth intelligence units to operate surveillance mission on the True Japanese Liberators organization in Peru (Believed mastermind of renewed secessionist movement in the Japanese mainland) we are also putting under surveillance some high officials of the North Japan regime (On suspicion of conspiracy and agitation) ,We out rightly reject any Compromised to the Secessionist Wabino Document and warned people in the Japanese mainland not to engage in secessionist activities or face arrest,we are massing troops on Northern Japan and has surrounded the Sakhalin and Hokkaido islands with our carrier task force to prevent any secessionist forces from infiltrating into the main islands,WE are also sending strong military forces into the Arabian peninsula to safeguard from any Muslim attempt to retake the holy sites especially Mecca

*Meccan Army: [SECRET] Khalid ibn al-Walid Arrives in Saudi with about 60 Followers with the goal of taking the Kaaba from China [SECRET] A Meccan Armyman Walks upto a squad of 12 Chinese Troops He is seen yelling "GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY" In Arabic and Blowing himself up Killing 7. The Meccan Army Claims Responsibility. Their were cheers heard after the Bombing.

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  • YezoflagPrime Minister Kenji Wabino: "In a worrisome event recently, tyrants from the Chinese establishment were illegitimately deployed in the sea and land of our native nation, and have surrounded their navy in the fraction of the remaining area left unoccupied. Our intelligence agencies have additionally uncovered vile treatment of our own people, by the occupation forces. Citizens and allies, I'm afraid we cannot shield ourselves from truth. China has violated the ceasefire, and is committing an act of war, and crimes against humanity. As opportunities for peace is quickly dwindling, the government expresses their regrets and sorrowfulness to the factions of peace, the doves, and the determined, and will show solidarity for our men and women under terror by the Chinese New Order. The Foreign Ministry complained that Chinese counterparts are refusing to communicate peace affairs with the Japanese Ambassador, including discussion of the Wabino Initiative, and due to speculations regarding politically-motivated dangers, the Permanent Mission to China has withdrawn their presence, and are safely located in Asahikawa. The movement promised peace under the condition that China will not behave cruelly to the Japanese people, and aggression is refrained in all circumstances. All conditions of the treaty have been broken, and we fear the worst is about to occur. We are doing what we can to minimize the impacts of these actions, but please, I ask the nation... unify the native land, and together we shall be strong. Tyranny and aggression cannot exist in our sovereignty, as our forefathers decreed. The Muslims are not prizes, the Indians are not prizes, the Americans are not prizes, and neither we are prizes for China. There's nothing more determined than saving our people, and we implore the international community to pressure China to agree on the last resort peace agreement [The Wabino Initiative]. We will climb through the tiny hole that peace has generously provided than fight in an unnecessary war."
  • YezoflagFree Republic of North Japan: The 6th, 7th, 15th and 22nd fleet of the Japanese Imperial Maritime Forces have patrolled areas containing PLA carrier task forces to order their return in Chinese waters, and to prevent further illegal infiltration of Japanese maritime territory. Special forces raids 5 Chinese Min.SS cells in Western Hokkaido, and arrests 3 spies, killing the other 13. A court hearing sentences the spies to death in multiple counts of terrorism and crimes against the state. We are connecting the situation to China's aggressive movements, and reinforce diplomatic pressure for China to withdraw their military. The Defense Ministry activates DEFCON 2 [Ready for war], and all forces are preparing for a probable military confrontation. Emergency policies has temporarily allowed conscription of reserves, while all citizens are taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of communities. Last resort attempts by the Foreign Affairs Ministry has tremendously failed to directly communicate with its Chinese counterparts, thereafter recommending the Prime Minister to request assistance from the Freedom Coalition and Japan's allies. Japan desperately asks Brazil to demand China's entrance into the negotiating table. We are always open for direct negotiations regarding the Wabino Initiative. (Brazil response needed) With concrete evidence of China's provocations and its informal act of war, we request support from the Freedom Coalition to pressure China to "back down", and minimize its military to peace time levels. (SECRET) And if a worst-case scenario occurs, Japan may have to join the Freedom Coalition again to protect itself. (SECRET) (Freedom Coalition response needed) As the government struggles to find opportunities for a peaceful solution, the National Confederation, an opposition alliance that prefers to gain Japan's lands through military campaign, protests the leading Liberal Democratic Party's "incompetence", explaining that "China's policies for world domination is by implementing tyranny and inhumanity to silence the occupied, and nothing will stop the raging Reds except for war". The opposition demands a "reorganization" of the government to empower its authority, improve the army, disenfranchise from the obsolete US-influenced system, and prepare itself from outside threats. (SECRET) The Naicho begins intensified intelligence gathering, infiltration, and counter-intelligence actions domestically, China and its territories to challenge the Chinese State Security Minister's spy war, and hide Japanese activity. The Peruvian Bureau believes that the True Japanese Liberators may be pursued by foreign agencies, perhaps by China, Peru, or Mexico. The Indian, Iranian, Indonesian and Turkish Bureaus are tasked to covertly spread Empress Masoko's and UAE Commander Khalid ibn al-Walid's historic speech to the occupied residents in order to spark rebellions. (Mod response needed) (SECRET) Diplomatic ships leaves for Spain and Britain to start diplomatic relations as scheduled, despite recent Chinese aggression. We hereby request Spain and Britain if they accept starting diplomatic ties (Spanish and Britain response needed)
    • Economy: Economic growth is destabilizing due to China's aggression worldwide, decreasing confidence from investors. Sapporo falls a staggering 3.8%, while Hakodate and Asahikawa both fell 2.1%. However, technology, defense, and insurance companies have benefited the most from recent events, as they are subsidized by the government. The Port Ministry reports that Japan exports their production to North America (25.5%), South America (37%), Africa (20%) (China (4.5%), the UAE (3%), and Others (10%), while imports arrive from North America (15%), South America (55%), Africa (25%), and Others (5%).
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: Haha you weakling Japanese scums. North Korea can take you on one on one your navy are pathetic and your army is puny China won't bother going to war with you because it will be an insult to their power and prestige, you better back you down you weakling Japanese or we will kick your butts ,already we are rushing our submarine fleets to your shore ready to blockade your ports if you step out of line we are increasing our troop level in Mainland Japan to protect it from Japanese terrorists, We are also rushing special forces into Mecca to protect it from Islamic jihadists, you dare challenge the Great Peoples Armies you'll get crush plain and simple
  • Mexico2Mexico: We will continue to stay out of the Japanese controversy as we are quite occupied in the strengthening of our border in the light of renewed Chinese troops movements, We are adding Bot towers all along our front and reinforcing our walls to keep out infiltrators and saboteurs, but we continue to trade with the Chinese in our border (Part of the Ceasefire agreement),as of recently no border incidents has occured and the Chinese are fulfilling their part of the Ceasefire Agreement we would like to keep it that way, we are staying out of all controversies, but we do protest the increase level of communist troops worldwide which we believed is a direct response to the renewed Japanese demand for the return of their main island (Chinese and Japanese response needed),we hope this would be peacefully resolved soon, we do not want another war
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We fiercely criticize Mexico's failure to disillusion themselves from the staged "stalemate", and piercing the blame on peaceful Japanese demonstrations for China's plan. We argue that the ceasefire applies to all countries, and that China's invasive actions against Japan is still against the ceasefire. Even now, China is quietly amassing millions of troops in conflict zones in advance for war, which violate the basic objectives of the ceasefire, and using the excuse that anger by the Japanese and Muslims has provoked it. Japan cannot tolerate the free world abandoning its own values and purposes in exchange for mercy from Chinese Tyranny. We implore Mexico as a representative of the free world to re-affirm their commitment for a truly peaceful environment, where freedom and human rights rule international law once again. (Mexico response needed)
  • ThlyhoyoMeccan Army: (SECRET) Khalid ibn al-Walid And a Group of 60 Followers arrive in Chinese Occupied Mecca (SECRET) A Meccan Armyman walks up to a group of 6 Chinese Solders he is then seen yelling "GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY" and than blows himself up. Khalid ibn al-Walid posts a video 4 Hours later claiming responsibility for the attack he also gives a plea for all Muslims to join the Meccan army.
    • Mexican response: We condemn the terror attack of the so called Meccan Army acts of barbarism has no place in this world no matter which side their on, we advise this terrorists to stop their senseless killings and we urged other nations to condemn this terrorist attacks
    • Chinese response: We send our special forces to hunt down and destroy this terrorist cells , Our intelligence network estimate the size of the Meccan army at 2,000 guerrillas scattered in 5 major base camps, we aim to destroy this base camps to break the back of this fledgling guerrilla army
    • ThlyhoyoMeccan Army: Khalid ibn al-Walid Goes into hiding in Mecca. 3 Meccan Armymen go near 26 Chinese Troops, They then scream "GET OUT OF HERE" And blow themselves up. We order our Troops to disperse from our basecamps and blend back into the public. The remains of the base camp Troops will fight the Chinese. Each Armyman has a Suicide Vest.
  • 56666Vietnam: We are sending our own special forces to hunt down this terrorist group, we are determined to help China in the War against terror, we urged other nations to join the fight against the terrorists,we are also sending our warship in the sea of North Japan ,We refuse to withdraw our troops from the Japanese mainland despite North Japan protest, in other matter we are happy to report a 12 percent growth in our economy with agriculture leading all sectors we are exporting our rice to North Korea and to the Midwest Government,our manufacturing sector are now fully restored to old levels before the war,we are implementing a 5 year plan to greatly expand our manufacturing sector and increase our agricultural output by two fold,as for the propose Brazil talks we are agreeable as long as it is reasonable in its agenda
  • SpainSpain: We condemn the terrorist attacks by the Meccan Army and we are keen on joining China's war on terror, We hope the Ceasefire continues despite recent troubles, We are rushing more ships to the Gulf to safe it from attacks by pirates and other outside interference, We are also interested to join the Interim talks propose by Brazil, We are interested to trade rice for wheat with Vietnam and are interested in putting up an embassy and a trade mission in Hanoi (Vietnam response needed),We are also reporting an increase in our agricultural and manufacturing output for the fiscal and we are restoring our nuclear plants to power our growing cities,we are strengthening our service sector to create more jobs
    • Chinese report: At least 700 Meccan terrorists were killed when Chinese special forces assaulted and destroyed a big Meccan base camp in the dessert of Saudi Arabia initial reports states that Chinese troops captured short range missiles and heavy guns from the rebels as well as killing scores of terrorist commanders,Chinese forces are continuing pursuit operation against the remnants of the terrorist forces
  • ThlyhoyoMeccan Army: We are not weakened or Scared by the loss, We send troops to Syria to take Raqqa and other territory. [SECRET] We Send 20 Troops to China with high amounts of explosives [SECRET] We begin to fire rockets at Chinese Military Bases in Saudi, Many were shot down but some managed to hit. We tell Members of our army to try and disperse to Gaza, Libya, Syria and Iraq while 1 Unit stays in Saudi

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  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We urged North Japan to shelve its Wabino Initiative to sometime in the future given the tension of the present situation,the current Ceasefire is very fragile and in the light of the resurgence of Islamic terrorism in the middle east it is best not worsen the current situation by adding controversy to the volatile situation it is better to discuss the Japanese question in an Interim body suggested by Brazil (Urgent North Japan response needed), on the Middle East situation we fully agree with China's military campaign against the terrorists and we assure that we will not interfere with their anti terror operation and will lend a hand if China permits (China response needed)
    • Chinese response: We are happy that you agree with our action but of the moment we have the situation under our firm control and we appreciate your offer of assistance in fighting the terrorists,with that we send our thanks and we promise this would not jeopardize the current Ceasefire
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: COUP DE TAT The Communist party of Argentina has taken over the government amidst rallies and riots that has broken out because of government ineptitude ,thousands has taken to the streets in protest,finally the military joined the insurrection launching a lightning strike on the presidential palace killing President Renato Hombre and proclaiming a Revolutionary Government,the next day the Communist Party proclaimed a socialist government as military generals swore their allegiance to the new Communist administration,They declared that Argentina will officially leave the Coalition and join China as allies,they also plan to nationalize all industrial sector and implement a central economy
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We are pushing for an Interim talks between China and North Japan in our capital of Brasilia we urged both parties to participate as well as other nations to resolves the thorny Sino-Japanese controversy we hope for full cooperation and honesty on all parties,we find the issue could be resolve peacefully if both side set aside their personal agendas and work for genuine peace (China and Japan response needed) ,on the other hand we strongly condemn the Meccan army's terror campaign and we support the anti-terror campaign launched by China to suppress this extremist Islamic group ,We must stop terrorism in all shape and form
    • North Korea response: We now hunt down the Meccan army dogs,sending army special forces to hunt terrorist bands we have located another Meccan Army base area near the Syrian border containing thousands of Meccan guerrillas and had launched an offensive using ground forces supported by heavy tanks and air cover fierce fighting is reported in the area
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The State of Japan expresses their deepest appreciation for Brazil's active persuasion for peace and diplomacy, and for responsibly balancing the condition of the world's fractured political powers. The diplomatic effort pursued by the Japanese government has continued to collapse due to China's irresponsible and neglectful so-called "out rightly reject any Compromised to the Secessionist Wabino Document", as directly quoted from our Chinese counterparts. China sees our peace deals and compromises, even sacrificing 1/2 of Japan's mainlands to a Chinese puppet state and proposals to add Article 9 of Japan's former constitution, a threat to its personal imperial ambitions. Naicho agents have reported a total of 344 recorded incidents of cruelty, torture, and legal abuse committed against Japanese civilians inside the occupied mainlands. From these findings, Japan is able to safely declare that China has absolutely ignored almost all conditions of the ceasefire treaty set in 2051, and shown no remorse for their actions. In condition for Japan to join the negotiation table, China is required to act to follow the stalemate guidelines achieved at 2051, in order to prove they can obey it: Troop numbers must be regulated to peacetime levels, or below the troop numbers in 2056. All carriers and military vessels surrounding the Northern Japanese territories must return to Port Qingdao, which will cease open hostility between China and Japan. Illegal North Korean and Vietnamese troops will be deported to their respective countries of origin. The human rights of the Japanese people must be upheld and ensure fair treatment of Japanese nationals. Lastly, China must promise to respect the final verdict negotiated by the Brasilia Interim Talks. Japan too, will mutually respect a final verdict enacted by the committee. (China and Brazil response needed) The Japanese government has suspended the Wabino Initiative (At its current state), giving the international Interim Brasilia Talks power to recommend amendments to the plan. We sternly remind the international community that Japan is not a secessionist state, but an occupied country. Other occupied world powers, such as the United States of America, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey and Egypt, have all been affected by rebellions for freedom from Chinese occupation.
    • China response: We regret to inform both Brazil and North Japan that we cannot respect the outcome of both the Brasilia talks or the Wabino documents and we will not be force to cede territory without the approval of the CPC (Communist Party of China) General Assembly, A secret ballot has been conducted on the Japan issue and thus resulted in an overwhelming negative vote,the next assembly will convene in 6 years so at the moment the matter is decided on outright refusal of the Japanese demands
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We are doubling our troop level at the border as sensor indicate huge military movements this are detected just over the borders this seems to indicate a large movement of tanks and ground troops .we demand an explanation from the Chinese for what purpose this large miltary movement is being done (Chinese response needed), We do condemn the terroristic action of the Meccan army and we approved of Chinese military action against them,and we agree not to interfere and will even offer aid to the War against Terror, we are reporting an economic growth of 5 percent in gross national product (GNP) we had record wheat harvest and has built bunker crop to ideal levels we ready to export wheat to our economic trade partners,we are concentrating in expanding our industrial base especially our arms factories,we are also ready to expand our service sector to generate more job for citizens
  • Flag44Chile: We are happy to announce the resurrection of our nation,we have now a parliamentary system of government,we are very democratic and we want to join the Coalition,we are against communism we are hoping democracy win against tyranny, We are build back our war torn industry to revive our economy we hope that we can do our best for democracy
    • Spanish deplomacy: We welcome Chile to the ranks of Democratic and free nations,we also welcome the Interim talks now being held in Brasilia we hope for its success in easing tension between China and Japan (China and Japan response needed) we are urging cooler heads to take over the talks, We voice our strong condemnation of the terrorist group known as the Meccan army for fomenting hatred and terror in the Middle anew and we throw our strong support to China's war on terror,We are willing to help in any way possible to fight the terrorists if China permits (China response needed),We are glad to announce a growth of 6 percent in our economy we report a bounty harvest of wheat and barley our industrial sector report a 7 percent growth rate leading the is our arms manufacturing sector as well as a modest 4 percent growth in our service,We are opening up more nuclear plants to power our growing industries and light our cities, We are now in stronger position in our economic sector and hope to export more products to other nations


The ugly head of terrorism rise up to challenge the present World Order ,China and her allies respond by launching a massive anti-terror campaign in the Middle East whereas the Japan controversy still linger as the Interim talks in Brazil got underway, the incoming year promise to be more controversial and heated

  • Thflag44444United Liberation Army (ULA) Philippines: after decades of oppression by the dastardly Chinese overlords the Filipino people has finally taken up arms,many join our ranks day by day we are collecting weapons capturing them in raids and ambuscade we are led by Maine Mendoza AKA Kumander Dub[61] with her husband Alden Richards as vice commander we estimate that we have some 80,000 armed members and growing we control most of the countrysides with the Chinese concentrated in the cities and towns,our biggest concentration are located in North Luzon and Mindanao,We are planning to conduct a big summer offensive and we plan to hit many of the urban areas,We appeal to the Coalition for arms to help us fight the Chinese overlords (Coalition members nations response needed)
Filipino Guerrillas destroying the Chines attack

Filipino Guerrillas destroying the Chines attack

Philippines vs China - Show of Force (Hell March)

Philippines vs China - Show of Force (Hell March)

  • Free Republic of North Japan: 1. The Diet has convened to settle the CPC's recent ballot, and with bitter disappointment, votes 38% in recognition of the decision, 32% voted against, with 30% abstaining. Physical violence immediately broke between the opposition and government. Major protests have been organized throughout Hokkaido against the "undemocratic" decision, but safely cooperates with security forces to protect social order. Prime Minister Kenji Wabino has confirmed he is looking for alternative solutions with the cabinet, including new accords for Japan's independence that may let China's CPC reconsider its position, but still maintains his condemnation of the escalations unbecomingly executed by the Communist Alliance, and the Freedom Coalition's unfortunate position on the peace deal. The Diet shall endorse a new initiative regarding the Japanese mainland in Summer 2062. In the meantime, we request China to attend the Brazilian-sponsored Interim Talks to negotiate minimization of their troops to 'peacetime' level, permitting Japanese commerce to freely trade in the mainland, and allow Northern Japanese authorities free assessment in the mainland, particularly assessing development, its economic situation, demographics, culture, and to transport government documents out of Tokyo. We also want North Korean and Vietnamese troops removed from the Japanese archipelago. (China response needed) In the midst of indefinite conflict during the mid-21st century, our movement to empower and clean the Japanese homelands from obstacles brings hope to the peace process. As the representative of the Japanese people, we shall strive to see the archipelago's liberation, and understandings with the Chinese government. Japan still holds its value for pacifism, which will never be abandoned from the minds and hearts of every national. 2. The Diet have overwhelmingly enacted the Constitution Law, rendering the conditions of surrender issued by the Potsdam Declaration null and void, and guaranteeing the implementation of a new constitution, with elements from the State of Japan, the Empire of Japan, and the Free Republic of North Japan. Japan is committed to ensuring peace, liberty and national dignity at the core of law. 3. Our position of rising politically-motivated attacks against Chinese forces in the Arabian Peninsula is like any other nation. We condemn all forms of ill terrorism, as its principles opposes peace, has no dignity, and shatters our values. However, we also inform China's insistence in blocking Mecca from religious authority as counter-intuitive, and will support a fair agreement that will return sacred Islamic sites to an internationally-recognized religious administration, responsible for managing the holy sites and controlling the movement of pilgrims. The Imperial Maritime Fleets deployed in the Gulf is prepared to work with the UAE and relevant forces where appropriate. (UAE & China response needed) 4. The Japanese government issues its recognition of the new Argentine government, and requests to exchange permanent missions. FM Aomori: "Throughout the Meiji, Showa and Heisei period, Japan has connected itself with the calming south of the American continent by starting diplomatic relationship with the Argentine Republic, and our people immediately enjoyed immigration and lifestyle in the country. We are confident that the Toutoi period (Masoko's reign) is the excellent time to restart the suspended diplomatic relations, especially because we are both members of the same alliance and the potential for greater partnership is higher." (Argentina response needed) Japan also wants to restart diplomatic ties with the Chilean Republic, a diplomatic and free state, which has recently joined the Freedom Coalition. (Chile response needed) The government of Japan issues a letter of appreciation to the Fujimori dynasty in Peru for accepting 85,500 Japanese refugees fleeing the mainland during the 2014 invasion, and invites Hanashi Fujimori, the eldest grandson of Keiko Fujimori and President of Peru, to receive the Order of the Paulownia Flowers, Japan's highest regular honor. (Mod response needed)
    • Economy: Japanese economic interest in South America and Africa, major domestic reforms and maximized productivity has improved Hokkaido's GDP, equivalent to Venezuela's GDP in 2014. The Manufacturing and Technology industries has increased due to private businesses and innovations, while Agriculture, Real Estate and Seafood is steadily improving. Major Japanese firms are making preparations for mass-deployment into the mainland, once the Japanese government completes such negotiation. The Japanese economy is now able to cope in the scenario of the Japanese mainland returning to its sovereignty.
  • LovesIcelandic Union: The Icelandic Union is back after maintaining decades of secrecy and withdraw from the Developing world. In the meantime while the conflicts with the UAE and other nations happened, we had been building a large army, one of the most advanced and one of the largest seen on earth using cloning and growth enhancements. After years perfecting the scientific method for cloning, we have created an army much larger than North Korea has ever had along with a massive arsenal of vehicles. We dare not face China as they have the largest army by far, so we shall lie in waiting, until our massive defense force, on par now with most countries, need to be called to Action. We also are using masive amounts of money in building the fleets, while cloning costs little money, it still costs some. Due to the spending we are extremely low on resources, as we have ran out of the Titanium found in Iceland's volcanic rock. We urge the other coalition nations to support the food and resource shortage or we may turn to China for help. If you help we can send several Mexican Glob Bots, as well as many Chinese MIG-100's recovered from the waters after the Great war. Also, on the terms of Weapons we are also interested in the Plunger Missile as it would do good against The DPRK's Submarines, please consider all the information, thank you.
  • Congolese flagDemocratic Republic of Congo: President Kabila continue to strenghten the forces on the border with Congo. The lack of democratic elections is a disappointement, but not unexpected (after all, the country as been in the hand of a single family since 1997). However, Pierre-Philippe Kabila, unlike his predecessors, does not hide his dictatorship under false democracy, and outright rule without any elections. He invite Japanese firmsto come to his country. The President also offer the weak country of Congo to unite with the DRC (MOD answer needed).
  • China-0China: China has imposed Martial Law on the Philippine islands in the light of a massive rebellion by Filipino guerrillas led by Kumander Dub,We are rushing additional troops,to counter the rebel planned summer offensive the PLA has launched a massive military campaign involving close to a million troops,Filipino civilians are forbidden to travel outside of the urban areas without special travel papers,zoning are in effect that forbid civilians from coming out of their villages at night,dusk to dawn curfew are imposed in the cities and towns,a 15 million yuan reward for the capture or death of Kumander dub is issued,We warn other nations not to aid the rebels in anyway or suffer the consequence we will not let other parties to take advantage of this security emergency
  • Mexico2Mexico: We are concerned about the imposition of Martial Law in the Philippines but we are staying out of the insurgency although we do not approved the Chinese tight fisted campaign against the the Filipino insurgents,we appeal for sobriety on both sides (China and Philippine rebels response needed),as of now we are strictly non committal to the issue, we approved of the present anti terror campaign by China in the Middle East,presently we are concentrated in our internal issues like, our economy and the rebuilding of all of cities to its former splendor,we are building more nuclear plants to ease our power shortage as well as increase our crop yield,we sending trade delegate to Chile to open up trade diplomatic relationship (Chile response needed)
  • Flag of OhioRepublic of Ohio:We have increased our Army strength.we ask once again for the trade of glob bots from mexico[mexico response needed].we would also like to trade with New York,Georgia,Spain and The Icelandic Union[players response needed].
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We condemn the imposition of Martial rule on the Philippines by China, We suggest a peacetalk between the rebels and China (China and Philippine rebels response needed),although we feel symphaty for the Philippine resistance movements we cannot send them arms because it will violate the Ceasefire we had laborously worked out for,we feel the the rebellion has no chance against China's overwhelming military power,we hope for a peaceful comprise instead,we hope both side pursue a more peaceful path
  • ThlyhoyoMeccan Army: We Tell our troops to disperse from the base camps and head the Syria, Iraq and Libya. There we vow to take territory. We do suicide attacks daily in Saudi and China. We capture a Chinese Man and execute him brutally.
    • Mexico diplomacy: We strongly condemn the terrorist attacks by the Meccan Army, we ask permission from China to join the anti terrorist effort in the Middle East by means of joint intelligence to pin point the terrorist leaders and the facilitation of their capture (Chinese response needed). On the other hand we strongly protest the imposition of Martial Law in the Philippines we urged both China and the Filipino rebels to the negotiating table and prevent further bloodshed (China and ULA response needed)
  • 56666Vietnam: As to Japan's outrageous demand for the withdrawal of our security forces from defending a friendly territory we reject outright only a request from China will make us pull out our forces,we are there to defend a democratic territory besiege by reactionary forces and to maintain peace and stability we urged the North Japan as fellow ally to stop this crazy agitation which endanger its place in the democratic alliance we should help each other not try to intrigue each for personal gains we will look not unified to the outside world,if you do continue to foment dissent in our ranks and we will be forced to call for your expulsion from the Alliance (North Japan response needed)
  • SpainSpain: We are rushing more warships to the Gulf in light of renewed Islamic terrorism and upsurge in pirate attacks on maritime ships and oil tankers in the area,We are protesting the imposition of Martial Law in the Philippines by China,we agree with the proposal that peace talks should commence between the Filipino insurgents and the Chinese government (Filipino and Chinese response needed)
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: Haha we will crush you, Filipino dogs our army needs practice, so you guys are good targets for our latest weapons and tactics,how dare you monkeys challenge the might of China you will be crushed in no time at all,As we speak we are rushing our elite divisions to your shore we will burn and destroy all your base areas and annihilate your supporters along with all your fighters,We kill and capture all your weakling leaders especially your weak woman commander Kumander Dub ,we will hang her lifeless body in Rizal park for everyone to see,You weak Filipino dogs will be crush and your spirits broken
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We urged both the Filipino insurgents and China to come the negotiating table to resolve their difference instead of doing so violently in the battlefield ,We are willing to mediate for an immediate Ceasefire between the rebels and the Chinese security forces (China and Filipino rebel response needed),we demand the North Koreans to stay out of the ongoing conflict and withdraw its armies from the Philippine islands,and not stoke the fire of war,We urged Kumander Dub to stay her forces and to agree to a negotiated settlement with China, We urged the Chinese to lift the Martial Law that they have imposed and open peace negotiation with the Philippine rebels,we hope cooler heads would prevail on both sides,the bloodshed and needless killing must stop immediately
  • LovesIcelandic Union: We condemn all of North Korea's Actions throughout its history. We need a larger army to take them on statistically, but with Spain, who seems to have a unique disliking for the country, we could pair up and together we would be a formidable force (Spain's Response needed). Also, Ohio, if we gave you some of our rare minerals we could take some weapons as a trade (Ohio Response Needed). The Icelandic Union's current focus is in military supremacy in case the "Ceasefire" breaks as a whole. Also, The Icelandic Government urges china to negotiate with the Philippine rebels. We have an oil base there and will kindly grant it as part of an agreement with china. (China Response Needed)
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania:We ask that China and North Korea be civil about The Philippines, as the same thing happened with the former United States, as they rebelled, the Brits enforced martial law, and that made them want to rebel more, and so the country that lasted almost 245 years. I also ask for a union between all former states like the former European Union. [States Response Required] We wish to buy Maryland and Washington DC from China, name your price, and we will pay, within reason. [China Response Required]
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We call on North Korea to withdraw its forces from the Philippines,as well we ask China to lift the Martial Law it has imposed on the Philippines,We call on the Philippine rebels to come to the negotiating table to resolve further bloodshed in the the Philippine archipelago (China,North Korea and ULA rebels response needed), On other matters we are reporting a tremendous growth in our industrial sector as well as our farming sector we are reporting record harvest of our bunker crops namely wheat and corn,we are now ready to export this crop to any country that is interested,As for the suggestion of an EU like Union in North America it would solely depend on the other American republics,the Coalition is already establish but its a military alliance only,we are interested in an establishment of a common market were all North American nations will combine their natural resources and maybe have a common one currency (Other North American nations response needed)


The savage Philippine rebellion breaks out and provoked China into an iron handed response imposing General Martial Rule on the archipelago zoning whole regions in search and destroy operations against the Filipino insurgents,other nations has protested the heavy handedness of the Chinese,but China insisted that the Philippine problem is strictly an internal matter and no outside interference will be tolerated. Meanwhile, the Ceasefire is holding despite problems in the negotiating front no large scale violation has occurred,In the Middle East China and her allies are launching their anti terrorist campaign against the Islamist terrorists.

  • NkoreaNorth Korea: We send 300,000 special forces troops into the Philippines to hunt down and destroy the rebels,We are happy killing this Filipino dimwits who dared to stand up against the mighty Democratic forces ,well we have news for them, we will destroy all their base areas and annihilate all their fighters,We have deployed special intelligence units in the villages to root out the rebel leaders especially their commander Kumader Dub its only a matter of time before the rebellion is crushed ,We warn other nation not give aide to the Philippine rebels or we will attack them too,we will teach this natives to bow down to the power of China and her allies
    • Indonesia: Just like the Philippine's bravery, we will not be frightened by communist Korea's threats. Never shall the people bow to tyranny.
  • China-0China: We welcome our comrades from North Korea in sending friendly forces to help us fight the insurgents ,We are confident that we have the rebels on the run after the capture of one of their big base camp in Mindanao in which thousands of guerrillas were killed or captured,We will continue our vigorous military campaign until we have defeated the rebels and captured or killed all their leaders,On the other hand we report a 7 to 8 percent growth in our greater China economy (Mainland China only) and a healthy 5 percent growth in the economy in our world colony with North America leading in crop production,we are confident that we have enough bunker stocks of rice,wheat,corn and other important agricultural products to feed our World colonial population
  • Thflag44444United Liberation Army (ULA) Philippines: We are not frightened by the vile threats of China and North Korea, although we have lost many comrades in the ongoing battles aganst the communist forces,our will to fight is undeterred tens of thousands continue to flock to our cause,despite continued communist atrocities in the villages and towns our people are not disheartened hence this only solidify their longing for freeedom and independence,as of now we refuse to any talks with China until they adress the blatant human rights violations against our people,our beloved commander in chief Kumander Dub is not frighten by the North Korea's boast to hang her in Rizal can try Korean dogs but you will not succed she is protected by the Filipino people,we will not stop the fight until the last Chinese soldier leave our shore,Long live freedom
    • Indonesia: We ask to start an alliance with the United Liberation Army. You are our neighbor, and a great partner when our countries flourished after independence. We want to start this alliance in remembrance of our past leader's commitment, and hope for the liberation of both countries. (Philippine response needed)
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania:We ask for Ohio, Virginia, Texas, and Georgia to join the Union of American Republics, and we begin restoring the Liberty Bell. [Secret] We begin planning for a nuclear war with China because of the degenerating cease fire. [End Secret]
  • Mexico2Mexico: We urged China to negotiate with the ULA rebels to avoid further bloodshed,we also call on Kumander Dub to restrain her forces to avoid further provocation of China and her allies,We are open to mediate the peaceful settlement of the Philippine insurgency (China and ULA response needed)
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We question Mexico's reluctance for supporting liberation movement. As a leader of the free world and protector of victims from imperial aggression, Mexico and the Freedom Coalition must stay committed to promote the ideologies of democracy and liberty to suppressed cultures. However, we stand by all nations wanting dialogue between China and the ULA.
  • YezoflagFree Republic of Northern Japan: The Bei'Kokkun, Japan's mainland intelligence agency, reports that civilian condition in the mainlands is worse than the 2032 Shikoku Famine and the Great Japanese Rebellion, as economic development implodes and human right abuses increases. Since the 2051 ceasefire went into effect, a strict, permanent curfew was issued, and the establishment of morality police. The Shino faith was declared a "dangerous cult", though religious structures are left untouched. Mainland Japan's major population centers migrated to Kobe City, Kyoto, the Nagoya Ghettos, Aomori, Hirosaki and Morioka. Japanese civilians intending to immigrate into Northern Japan are commonly humiliated and attacked by Chinese guards before they were permitted to travel the strait's train. Tremendous income inequality exists, as no individual identified as "Japanese" is wealthy through legitimate means, while a thriving market, considered black money by Chinese authorities, was organized by Yakuza groups and disenfranchised liberation militants to help make money flow. The economy is broke, and lack of Chinese funds will soon transform the mainlands into a third-world country stricken with poverty. The Diet voted to seek an advisory opinion from the Supreme Court of Japan, where they have unanimously declared that any justification for North Korean and Vietnamese troops entering Japanese soil are obsolete and in violation of the Sino-Japanese truce of 2051, but due to the aggressive political nature and the disappearance of international law set forth by the former supranational organization, the United Nations, the government "mustn't act recklessly". From a statement by Supreme Justice Nakamuro Kazuki, she said: "The Japanese government is one of the last nations that still embraces the UN Charter, despite their horrors and difficulties throughout the unsettling decades. We were the first aggressors of the modern world [Japanese Empire ~ WWII], and we shall become the last that seeks liberty, justice and peace. Our people were unified under the flag of the Hinomaru, and never before were we very self-conscious about defending it. In this situation, foolishness will destroy us." Once again, the government requests China to attend the Brazilian-sponsored Interim Talks to negotiate minimization of troops to 'peacetime' level, investigation of the policies imposed in mainland Japan, and request all North Korean and Vietnamese troops removed from the archipelago. Continued neglect of the 2051 treaty that explicitly prohibited invasive military deployments in the mainlands and cruel treatment of Japanese citizens will be replied with the appropriate consequences. (China & Brazil response needed) (SECRET) NHK, Japan's national broadcaster, restarts its regular service from Sapporo. The station can be heard throughout the entire Japanese mainlands and the Korean Peninsula. Naicho agents begins an information operation to inform the population of its existence, as Japanese civilians begin hearing the first Japanese radio service in decades. Because the NHK does not violate China's "anti-propaganda" policies in occupied territories, it may be thought as a "quasi-legal station"(SECRET) The Japanese government dismisses Vietnam's and North Korea's blatant segments as "completely expected from Chinese satellite states". We will ignore nations that maliciously undermines our sovereignty and our people's rights to self-determination. We generously ask both territories to refrain from provoking the ceasefire and avoid unnecessarily meddling in foreign affairs. China is issued a diplomatic request for them to ensure that Vietnam and North Korea does not aggravate countries, thus endangering the ceasefire. (Vietnam & North Korea response needed) In the archipelago south of the Japanese islands, bloodshed razes the Philippians caught in the revolutionary war against the Chinese occupation. The Japanese people value life, and we believe it is necessary to establish a ceasefire to prevent the disruption of the ceasefire, and the protection of all affected. Japan as a former ally, that saw the Philippines fought to the last soldier during the South China Sea war, offers to deliver humanitarian aid (With Chinese permission) and bring 1800 asylum seekers, with the condition that the Philippians brought are not connected with the ULA. Henceforth, we shall recognize ULA as the reformed representatives of the late Philippines, but will not openly support the movement due to outside political pressure. Japan is willing to attend a future international convention that will observe the Sino-Philippine ceasefire, and will support an international investigation of alleged human rights abuses by the Chinese occupation in both Japan and the Philippines. (Philippines & China response needed) PM Wabino will make a state visit to the People's Republic of the Congo, assisted with the Finance and Industry Minister, and the General Hokkaido Business Group and the Japan Business Federation (Exiled in Hakodate) groups. We intend to discuss trade and cultural exchanges, and hopefully an advance in diplomatic ties. (Congo response needed) A new initiative drafted by the Deputy Foreign Minister may be approved by the Diet due to its projected success rate, and seen as the "most realistic vision for Japanese self-determination". Public access to the documents is expected to be permitted in months time.
    • Indonesia: we support Japan's plan to start an international investigation to expose China's crimes in occupied lands. we also recognize Japan's claims to its sovereign territories, and would like to start diplomatic relationship. If possible, we also want to start an alliance. (North japan response needed)
  • Indonesian Revolt: The persecution and destruction of the Indonesian islands by the bastardy Chinese communist rule cannot be tolerated. A decade of secret operation is able to empower the resistance, and our victory will mean Indochina is liberated. The untouched West Papua island and the abandoned Sulawesi are our central area of operation, which are close to and Papa New Guinea. The preparations are complete, mostly because the Chinese and North Korean dictatorship's extermination plan against the Philippines. We formally declare a war of independence against Chinese colonization, and begin sending our revolutionaries into the Eastern rain forests of Borneo island to trash the Chinese Borneo Administration and liberate main cities and villages. Our operations contain the destruction of Chinese-owned farms and infrastructure, and capturing Chinese soldiers. We ask help from the United Liberation Army, the Japanese Imperial Army, the Australian government-in-exile, and the Freedom Coalition to support our movement for liberation. If they cannot, so we demand a truce with China. We also ask to start an alliance with the United Liberation Army (ULA). (ULA, Japan, Australia, Freedom Coalition, plus China responses needed) We will bring justice, and save the oppressed people of our unified nation. The new order of Pancasila will brighten the loyal young and old.
  • Meccan Army: 1000s of people begin to join the Meccan Army. We begin to Capture Chinese Troops daily and brutally murder them on tape. We begin a massive operation to begin to burn Farms in china, We send 100s of agents there and they secretly burn farms. This could lead to famine in the Chinese Empire. We have burned over 400 Farms and more to come
  • Th45 United Arab Emirates: We condemn The Meccan army on the brutal murders. [SECRET] We begin to tell 1000's of people in Mecca to "Occupy Mecca" In a protest, In response 1000s listened and did, 100s of 1000s of people swarmed into the Masjid al Haram and prayed there for the first time in years. 1000s Of Women And Children and Men are inside the Masjid. We Highly support the Rebellions and we send Oil, Weapons and supply to them [SECRET]
  • Loves Icelandic Union: We condemn China and her actions. They and North Korea have lost our trust.Fleet #13, #45, #2 and #103 have arrived at the Philippine islands and have begun setting up garrisons to help and support injured and hungry ULA troops. We deploy clone armies and begin setting up weapons, though we have not fired a shot and this is simply for extreme cases. Though we are armed if China attacks us and are only here to provide protection for the ULA troops. Fleet #93 is also en route to blockade any captured ULA cities which NK or Chinese forces hold.
    • Mod response: You cannot enter the Philippine area of responsibility without winning a naval battle with the Chinese Navy please fight a battle first in the Battlefields Note: War will be declared between you and China if you do and a war section will be created
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: With alarm we take note of the hardening stance of China against the resistance movements sprouting in several of her world colonies,we urged China not to escalate and halt the massive militarization of areas that is seething in insurrection,We urged instead that peace negotiation be initiated by China and the various rebel movements to settle the issue peacefully and to avoid further bloodshed,we are officially staying out of the rebellion to safeguard the current Ceasefire and preserved the delicate peace that is being maintain, we offer sympathy to the rebellions but we will not provide arms for this will interpreted as an act of war,we urged China to grant some autonomy short of independence to the rebel countries (China response needed)
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania:We tell China, North Korea, Iceland, and The ULA to stop fighting or we will intervene. Pennsylvania is not to be messed with. We also declare war on New Zealand to have a larger influence around the globe. [Secret] We actually declare war on New Zealand to have a launching point for an invasion on mainland China if the ceasfire goes up in flames. Our plan is, launch an invasion in close to Bejing, capture Bejing, use Bejing as a barganing chip to have them release their colonial posessions as their own nations, and grant Tibet and Manchuria independence [End Secret] We begin increasing defence expedintures, and begin splitting our nation into States:
    States of Pennsylvania

    The States of Pennsylvania

  • Flag of Australia'Australian Liberation Front (ALF): 45 years ago, China conquered us without prior warning. It was too late when we mobilized our troops, they had already taken our country. Now, 45 years later, we have arrived to take back our country from the bastardy tyrants known as the Chinese. We have been subject to their human rights abuses for long enough. Our main headquarters is on Madagascar. This is where our government in exile is. We will liberate all of Australia from there. We also send 50,000 rebel troops to Indonesia to help them, as they were our allies until China invaded us. We ask the Freedom Coalition and Japan to help us take back our own land.(Japan and Freedom Coalition response needed)
    • Republic of Pennsylvania: We will support the Aussies to the end. Someone needs to put the Chinese in their place!
    • Vietnam response: We warn Pennsylvania from waking up the dragon (China) see what happen to those little american republics when they fought China in the Battle of Tennessee, We can crush you just like that
  • Loves Icelandic Union:We will be declaring war against China, any nation who wishes to stand with us should speak soon.
    • Chinese battle report: With our comrades from North Korea We are eager to report the capture of 2 big ULA base areas one in Bicol region and the other in Samar provinces,thousands have been killed and thousands of others were captured including some high ranking leaders of the Filipino resistance,thousand of arms and ammunition has also been captured,the massive dragnet operationss continuing in pursuit of the retreating rebels

  • Loves Icelandic Union:Due to the recent events we urge The Republic of Pennsylvania and possibly Spain to stand with us if we go to war against NK and China.
  • 56666Vietnam: We re-institute general draft to increase our armed forces in anticipation of a renewed war with the western capitalist countries,we send troops to Indonesia to help China toput down the rebellion there,We will not be cowed by this reactionary forces which is secret supported by the the capitalists,We urged China to review the Ceasefire guidelines and demand absolute compliance by the Coalition nations to the guidance of the peace agreement,and refrain from helping the rebellions,we appreciate Mexico's non intervention in the internal dissent in China's world colonies and we hope Mexico can persuade her allies to follow suit (Mexico response needed)
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania:President Kiehlmeier tells Vietnam "You wouldn't last a day without China and Russia". He also tells North Korea "You would collapse without China and Russia. You're all bark, no bite. Kim Jong Un is a fat pig and cant survive without the farmer China. Come face me on your own!"
    • Vietnam response (Civil): You may have notice we have been biting your capitalist butts off
      • Pennsylvanian Response: At least we are not puppet states of China!
  • Loves Icelandic Union:We urgently ask Pennsylvania for confermation of support if war is to be declared. The Filipinos don't have much time left and we may have a chance if we fight back now. (Pennsylvania Response Urgent and very soon)
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania:We agree that China and its allies must be stopped. We shall mobilize our forces, [Secret to all exept Australia, Indonesia, and Iceland] all that we ask is a blockade of Chinese troops to the Oceanic front, so Australian, Indonesian, and Philippinian forces can dwindle down Chinese forces already there, and then we strike the territories, liberating them.[End Secret]
  • Loves Icelandic Union:Seeing we are in agreement we'd like to suggest an all out offense. (No war has been declared)
    • Mexican diplomacy: We caution Iceland and Pennsylvania not endanger the current Ceasefire by their dangerous Unilateral actions,We have worked hard to have this peace agreement with China realized that one wrong move could drag the World back to war (Icelandic Union and Pennsylvania response needed),We urged them to come to the negotiation table and work their grievance peacefully,We urged China to lossen up their iron grip on their world colonies to defuse the situation (China response needed)
  • SpainSpain: We support The Philippine,Indonesian and Australian rebellions but were afraid we cannot send military aids to the rebels for it might break the Ceasefire with China but we do send some food aid so that it might help them in their struggles (ULA,Indonesia and Australia response needed), We caution Iceland and Pennsylvania from going to open war with China because they will be no match to her and her allies,it might be better to negotiate with them than going against them militarily in the battlefields (Iceland and Pennsylvania needed), We urged China to talk to the rebels to find out thier grieviances and address them (China response needed)
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralian Liberation Front (ALF): We thank Spain for supporting us by sending food. We also thank Iceland and Pennsylvania for supporting us by declaring war on China. We send our troops to Tasmania.
  • Loves Icelandic Union: We'd like to inform you we have not declared war yet, though we are glad many countries share similar views.


A string of rebellions in China's colonies is threatening the current Ceasefire, China has tightened its iron grip on its World territories with the help of her allies, Other nations are threatening to go back to war,but the majority are still supporting the Ceasefire, The peace still holds.

  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania: We have reconsidered our decision, and we have pulled out of military conflict, and instead are supporting them Medically and Financially. We ask for the return of several US documents from China, such as: The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitiution, and The Bill of Rights, to State Republic Control, where it will rotate between states. We have begun designing a new constitiution, largely based off of The US constitution and will be ratified in two days. We have ordered that on every July and Centennial anniversary of The US, we shall fly The US flag instead of The Pennsylvanian flag. We have designed new patches for our military.
Th45 United Arab Emirates: After meeting with the Cabinet the President of the UAE Has decided to Cut all oil going to China and its allies. Due to China's small Oil industry there is little chance they can get oil. We will resume supplying you with oil After you give us back the Masjid Al Haram. We support Pennsylvanian in getting the US Constitution back and we add that to the Oil Embargo deal.
  • LovesIcelandic Union: Here in the great nation of Iceland, we beleive in honor and patience so we will respect Pennsylvania's desicion to pull out. We may do the same in ful fashion, no more military or medical aid to the filipinos and will let them be crushed without controversial conflict, as long as The Pre-war US state of Utah is granted to us. We may support the Rebels, though we support the ceasefire as well, and we'd like to keep it so this compromise is presented. (China response would be great)
  • China-0China: Ad to the UAE threat to an oil embargo,we are not very concern as you know we have switch to nuclear power long ago (with oil just 25 percent of the whole energy need) to power our cities and industries,we have also developed synthetic oil and were extracting vast amount of oil in the South China and the Sabah oilfields, we control vast oilfields in Iraq, Iran and the the former Saudi Arabia we can develop this if the need areas.As for Iceland's demand to take Utah im afraid we cannot grant this request for it will be an insult to our Imperial prestige.
  • LovesIcelandic Union:We would like to make one final offer, we would like to assist you, china, in your battles with the unallied rebellion "terrorist" groups such as the Rebels, so you don't have to deal with it. It is a sacrifice we must talk about with the other coalition nations but we'd like to consider it in exchange for a minor ex-US state.
  • NkoreaNorth Korea: Haha you Iceland should not demand from China the state of Utah,China won it fair and square in battle and many brave Chinese lives were paid for it, I suggest you just stay in a corner and don't bother China if you don't want to be crushed, you made a right decision to back down from your war threat with Pennsylvania or we will would have crushed you easily the way we are destroying those pathetic rebellions in Asia,so behave ok lol
  • Mexico2Mexico: We are glad of the decision of Iceland and Pennsylvania to follow thepeaceful route in their dealings with China, We urged them to stop military aids to the rebellions to ease tension with China,they can food aids as we are planning to do, We urged China to ease its military presure on the insurgent forces and open negotiation.
  • LovesIcelandic Union: If this trade does not pass more lives may be lost. We are simply asking for some extra land. We are sure China can go on without one mINOR US state. All we want is some extra resources as they dwindle on our land. We are sure Utah doesn't mean much to you so please consider this decision. We can also throw in a Small favor we can do for you of your government'is choice.

"Prussian diplomacy" A rebellion starts up in the Prussian territory of Russia in hopes to free Germany from Russia's grasp but doesn't want to go to war with China. New Prussian president jamming him self bismark the third{or second I don't know} and says he would like Prussia to be free and he hopes to open up trade with free nations and China.

  • Mod response:you must put your username and country in the nations list if your interested to join
  • Republic of Pennsylvania:We ask for the states of New Jersey and Delaware to be granted to Pensylvanian Soverignity. [Chinese Response Required] We ask this for us to stop aiding the Rebellions in China, and if we don't get what we want peacefully, we shall get through war.
  • Th67890Cuban Union: WE HAVE STAYED DORMANT FOR MANY YEARS. AVOIDING DETECTION FROM THE WAR MONGERING COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. BUT WE HAVE DECIDED TO REVEAL OUR SELFS AS THE CUBAN UNION. Our leader is Ramaldo Castro, a descendant of the great Fidel Castro. We have deployed a fleet of 50 advanced submarines around our shores equipped with technology that makes it virtually impossible to spy on our activities. We also have two fleets of 6 cloaking planes flying over our land to hide land operations and projects. We will not reveal our capabilities, however we have been building up our forces for a long time. Our foreign council will be considering alliances in the future. However our motives remain secret.
    • Chinese battle report: We have captured a big rebel base area belonging to the Indonesian guerrillas ,killing thousands of rebels and captured scores of their leaders and commanders,the rebel formations are on the run pursued by our Chinese government forces and friendly volunteer Indonesian militias,tens of thousands of arms and heavy weapons were also captured
  • ArgentinaflagArgentina: We are rushing our troops to the Philippines,Indonesia and Australia to help China in its fight against the insurgents,we urged other nations not to help the rebel movements or suffer our collective wrath,we warn Iceland and Pennsylvanian not force us to war they will be reduce to mere coloniies within sevaral battles (Iceland and Pennsylvanian response needed),we also station our troops in mainland Japan to safeguard peace and order there and prevent japanese nationalist reactionary forces from infiltrating into mainland Japan,We praise China for its decisive actions against the insurgencies and cogratulateit for its big victories against the rebels
  • Th67890Cuban Union: Foreign council has concluded that we will be openly avid to trade deals with china and north Korea, as we are a communist state and we share common values. We ask for the recourses to grow and unite the Caribbean and become a major force in the region. [Chinese and Korean response needed] We have also assembled a force of 20 thousand marine land troops and 5 large capacity transport ships to occupy and eventually annex the former states of Haiti, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. Naval and airport bases will be under construction in the occupied territories as soon as they are occupied, which will be expected by next year. We are sending 2 cloaking planes equipped with satellite and radio jammers to each territory to keep our more extensive projects secret. We have also started a massive industrialization of the city of Havana, in two years the city will be able to produce troops faster and will have long range missile launching capabilities, reaching as far as Philadelphia.
  • 56666Vietnam: We congratulate China for its great victory against the Indonesian rebels,we are also rushing our troops to Indonesia to help crush the rebellion,We welcome Cuba and hope it joins the great Democratic alliance ,we are also interested in trading rice for tobacco (Cuba response needed),We warn Iceland and Pennsylvania not to test the patience of China and her allies or they might find themselves deep in a war they cannot possble win (Iceland and Pennsylvania respond needed),We appreciate the Coalition led by Mexico for respecting the Ceasefire and not helping the rebel forces,we are glad to report a 10 percent growth in our economy last year led by the farming sector with rice production the top producer,we are ready to export rice to any country interested
  • Th67890Cuban Union: We gladly exept the trade deal between us and vietnam and we begin to increasw tabbaco production, and cargo ship construction to increase our trading abilities. We assign 20 Cuban submarines specialized in defending cargo and 20 fighter jets to protect the trade route to vietnam. We also would like to collaborate with vietnam on a diplomatic level. An embassy in havana and an embassy in vietnam would greatly increase relations and encourage further cooperation with china and north korea and vietnam. (Vietnam resonse needed)
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania:We are saddened to know that we do not have almost any support. We withdraw from the anti-China Coalition, and although we are members of the Freedom Coalition, we ask the Allies of China to help us in Project Interstellar, which shall put humans on the moon for the first time since 1972. We also ask for the cession of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland to Pennsylvania, as China has done nothing in there areas since the War. We ask for Florida, Virginia, Georgia, and Ohio to join the American Union, which is much like The former EU, which shall have a universal monetary system, The US Dollar. It may not be the US, but it is a start to American Re-Unification. We hope that these nations see the light and join the union.
  • LovesIcelandic Union:If we could get support on our endeavor to gain Utah we will support Pennsylvania gain their states. We also would like to urge Ramaldo Castro to join the Coalition of Free nations.
  • NewyorkflagNew York: We send non military aids to the various rebel groups in Asia but is stopping short from giving arms to the insurgents,we urge China to open talks with the rebels (China response needed), We caution Pennsylvania and Iceland from provoking China into war,we urged them to respect the current Ceasefire and worked with other nations instead to ease World tension (Pennsylvania and Iceland response needed),As for Pennsylvania's propose American Union we will study it carefully ,but at the moment we are not in support of it,but a special committee is studying the proposal very carefully (Pennsylvania response needed)
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We also caution Pennsylvania and Iceland not to go to war with China we advise to negotiate with the Chinese and instead promote trade with them,we are pouring more capital to our industries to expand our economy and increase our production especially our crop output, we are interested to trade with Pennsylvania we can trade corn and Tabasco for wheat and other products (Pennsylvania response needed)
  • ThSS1G8BE3Brazil: We propose a Peace talk between the various rebel movements in the Philippines,Indonesia and Australia and we offer Brasilia as the venue of the propose talks (Philippines,Indonesia and Australia response needed),We are urging both sides to stop the fighting immediately and strat negotiation,bloodshed will not solve their but will only aggravate it,we urged China to lift the Martial Law it has imposed on the troubled areas and suspend its military campaign (China response needed),We also urged North Korea and Vietnam to withdraw its military forces from the rebel infested region (North Korea and Vietnam response needed),We urge dother nations not enter the conflict to not worsen the current situation
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania:We accept Florida's offer and we understand New York's Concern. We ask again for New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland to be given to Pennsylvania from The Midwest Government. [Mod Response Required]


Last year saw the rise of several rebellions breaking out in Asia,As China scramble to crush this insurrection some nations has come out in support for the rebels but some especially Brazil has proposed that peace negotiation between China and the insurgents,On the other hand the current Ceasefire is holding on despite much difficulties and challenge from some sectors

Cuban Union: Our Annexation of Haiti (entire island), Jamaica, and Puerto Rico has gone smoothly and we begin Shifting our recourses towards conquering the rest of the Caribbean. We spend one billion on laboratories in Havana to research medicine(Secret) We begin a Project centered in Havana's laboratories to produce a virus called XEN-A24. It Affects humans by turning them savage and cannibalistic. Almost Zombie-like in the way it spreads so quickly.(secret)

  • Flag of JapanJapanese Foreign Affairs: We wish to re-open diplomatic and economic ties with the Cuban Union. In addition, we wish to send our health care research team to Havana so we can share data to develop groundbreaking medicine. (Cuba response needed) The Central Japanese Bank (Moved to Sapporo) has also decided to forgive 800,000,000$ worth of debt, which restarts Japanese-Cuban economic investment, although critics claim it's because the US dollar as an abandoned currency will not benefit the Japanese economy.
  • Flag of JapanSovereign State of Japan: As the 15-year mandate was about to expire, the annual 2064 Diet assembly threw the future of the de facto Free Republic of the Northern Territories into question along with the creation of a constitution to permanently replace North Japan's current constitution. PM Kenji Wabino, backed by the military and the homeland movement, demands to dismantle North Japan and pronounce the existence of a unified democracy, the Japanese nation-state. With a unique political background and culture, and aspects that are impacted by the destructive invasion of China and newer prospects for the Japanese nation-state, a new constitution with an empowered purpose will be written. Carrying the ancient banner, or rather, the universal symbol of the Japanese, the Hinomaru, the territories will be named the "Sovereign State of Japan". Her Imperial Majesty and the people themselves has declared their support for Mr. Wabino's proposal. The Diet-in-refuge's historical rejection of the proposal has extravagantly led to a chaotic power struggle between factions, over the fear of provoking foreign aggression and the end of Japanese statehood. With the support of the Japanese people and an alliance with the Nippon-Kuni movement, the Diet voted to establish a new 333-article constitution combining old and new ideologies, including the rule of law, the preference for pacifism, homeland supremacy, neo-Japanese nationalism, the Japanese culture, and the "vow for eternal existence". A new government is formed, with Japanese MP Kanta Abe, a descendent of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, elected as the second Prime Minister of the Sovereign State. In the conclusion of the Sapporo ceremony, the government, homeland movements, and the Empress ratifies the official reestablishment of Japan. The Hinomaru is hoisted. The new state requests international recognition, and promises to continue supporting the fracturing ceasefire and further contribution for world peace. (World response needed) With violence intensifying in the Pacific, Japan voices its dissatisfaction of development. Without delay, a ceasefire must be agreed to accommodate infrastructure damage and respond to the humanitarian crisis in the region. We join Brazil in requesting the rebel movements in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia to negotiate the terms of the ceasefire in Brasilia. We offer to send humanitarian missions to devastated areas, as long as they agree to a truce. (Philippines, Indonesia, Australia response needed) As an occupied nation, Japan empathizes with the liberation movements who has lost their home to a superpower, but will not stand for meaningless bloodshed.
  • Flag of Japan'The Homeland Convention (Japan): A second, and a much relaxed proposal is created regarding Japanese sovereignty in the mainland. The Homeland convention aims to exercise a balanced, stable, and a pacific strategy that will also win international recognition of the deal, and permanently end hostilities. It includes warming ties with China, acquiring territories, turning Japan into a quasi-tributary state to pay the debts of China's war effort, and advancing the steps to Sino-Japanese peace. We are confident that the Chinese government will accept the plan. CONDITIONS:
    • 1. The Sovereign State of Japan will acquire the Keihanshin area, Sadoga-Shima Island and Aomori prefecture. The Sovereign State of Japan will also become a quasi-tributary state, which requires the government to pay debt to China regularly as compensation for the war. Japan cannot absorb anymore territories into direct control unless an international tribunal orders a withdrawal from the archipalego, or the Communist Party Congress votes to acknowledge Japanese independence.
    • 2. The Homeland Enterprise is established, which is an alliance of political organizations that supports settlers to purchase public property [Communist policies exist in mainland Japan, classifying all land as public property.], retrieve former private property, and settle in the homeland. If Japanese nationals live in Chinese-controlled territories, the organization collects income tax (Shared between China and Japan 50%-50%), forwards it to the Japanese government, and provide the individual benefits and protection as a Japanese citizen. Because the Japanese Justice Ministry and the Immigration Office cannot administrate citizens outside of its territories, it's an efficient solution to expand settlements and loyalty to the state, instead of third-party rebel forces. This can stop rebellions in the Japanese mainland, which is a major concern for the Chinese occupation. Citizens in Japanese territories will only pay tax to the government of Japan, not the organizations; they will still receive benefits in their local area instead. Kanto branches are not allowed to establish active service, in order to preserve peace between Japan and China.
    • 3. The Japanese government will cooperate with the Chinese Administration to eliminate illegal insurgencies in the mainland, and also work with domestic and economic issues through dialogue.
    • 4. A demilitarized zone must be formed between the Japanese state and the Chinese administration to prevent conflicts, illegal trespassing, and possible violations of the treaty. The demilitarized zone will be observed by an international convention. The designed areas for the demilitarization zone cannot be changed. If needed, Japan and China can willingly enter the demilitarized zone, if neither sides object and the advancement is limited.
    • 5. As long as the treaty exists, Japan and China must renounce hostility against each other. Aggressive force and hostilities between the forces are strictly prohibited, including acts of intimidation from an opposing side. The only military force permitted in the Japanese archipelago are the Japanese Imperial Army and the People's Liberation Army. Any other military forces belonging to a different nationality are required to leave within 3 months.
    • 6. The Foreign policies of Japan and China shall not disgrunt the national security of the ratifying nations, nor obstruct the framework of the Homeland convention.
    • 7. The Sovereign State of Japan will remain a member of the Communist Alliance, with the condition that Japan not send the Imperial Army into war. However, other types of operations that requires Japan's assistance will be accepted (For example, joint-drill exercises for the Communist Alliance, maritime security operations, etc). Japan will re-open diplomatic relations with North Korea and Vietnam once they withdraw their troops in accordance to Article 5.
      Occupied Japan 3
    • 8. Kyoto is the permanent seat of government, nobility, and the imperial residence, while the self-proclaimed financial centre of Japan is the Kobe Metropolis. Freedom of passage is ensured, and a sea and land route between the mainland territories and Hokkaido is established that can transport exports between the enclaves, which the Chinese coast guard may not regulate. The Kanazawa-Toyama-Aomori rail line will be opened for cross-boundary transportation.
    • 9. Japan must limit its military budget to no more than 4% of its expenditures per year for the first 10 years once the convention is in effect. The Chinese Administration, likewise, must limit its deployment into peace-time levels. The responsibilities of the PLA divisions stationed in the Japanese mainland is to work with the regional administration, pursue rebel factions, and to cooperate with the JIA on bi-national operations.
    • 10. Japanese nationals who holds a verified Citizen Verified Identification Passport [CVIP] are treated as dominions of the Sovereign state, and must be respected by relevant authorities. A CVIP is used for registration, identification for government and private purposes, and international travel. Passengers of the Kanazawa-Toyama-Aomori line must hold a CVIP or a new-issue Zairyu card in order to travel.
    • 11. The Japanese Consul for the Domion of Area 2 is to occupy the National Diet Building and the National Archives building in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The main Japanese embassy will mediate affairs in Beijing, with Greater China representative offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong E-SAR, Macau E-SAR, Singapore SAR, Linjiang (Japanese-Korean affairs), and Lhasa. The Chinese embassy in Japan will be established in Kyoto, a representative office in Kanazawa, Kobe and Osaka, along with a financial interest office in Kobe.   
  • The Japanese archipelago, despite its symbolic importance as the final stronghold of Asia to China, serves no economic nor strategic benefits for China. Replacing the occupation with the Sovereign State of Japan, which strives for non-alignment, tolerance and economic prosperity, can protect China from an eastern invasion. Thus, the Chinese government can put its expenses into improving Greater China's economy. We hope that the Homeland proposal can serve as an example where dialogue can succeed, and a prime situation of maintaining the ceasefire. We inform our Brazilian counterpart that the method is an effective way to pressure China into recognizing peace with the indigenous population. Therefore, we ask for their support, with absolute certainity that the ceasefire won't be at risk. (Brazilian response needed) (World response needed - Position of the Homeland proposal) 
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaRepublic of Pennsylvania:We begin creating our lunar lander, The Freedom, as it is nicknamed, we also begin creating a re-creation of The Saturn V. We back Japan's Regaining of The Japanese Mainland, either way, The Wabino Initiative, or The Homeland Proposal, as we wish for China to begin releasing colonial possessions.
    • Wabinojapan
      Japanese Foreign Affairs: The Japanese government express their genuine appreciation towards the Pennsylvanian Republic. Our objective is to ensure that China can peacefully withdraw from the Japanese archipalego and recognize Japanese sovereignty. As such we are committed to recreate an era of propserity and world peace, and likewise awaits the release of colonial possessions from Chinese hands.
    • Cuban Union: We Gladly except the Support from japan and we Propose for an embassy in japan in Exchange for an Embassy in Havana. We are currently working on a Drug called filtration that increases human alertness and productivity by 50 percent and we are willing to sell them to any country. Japan has helped us tremendously in speeding up the production of that drug. (Secret) That "drug" is actually XENA-24. And we Tell The Japanese team sent to our Island to keep this a secret. So japan Knows the secret but no one else does(End Of Secret). We ask Japan because of its economic Connections to help us distribute this drug into global markets as it would be a huge success and our foreign economic advisers say this drug could pull in billions(Japan Response Needed). We also increase Our secrecy of operations around Havana with more radar and satellite blocking planes and we tighten up our borders to prevent spies from snooping into our country.
    • Japanese Foreign Affairs: We welcome the exchange of embassies between both governments. With confidence, the Sovereign States hopes to mark this upgrade as a landmark for a greater history and cooperation between the two nations. (SECRET) We reassure the Cuban Union that the XENA-24 drug and its research data will stay confidential, but our government cannot be held responsible for any unintentional incidents involving the drug. However, Japan wishes to keep their citizens unaffected from the drug, and will develop a dummy version of the drug to sell in its territory, which instead forces the body to consume more fat to accommodate moderate weight problems. The actual drug is permitted to transport through Japan's trade routes. The Health Ministry is yet to become suspicious of the deal. (SECRET) Cuba's groundbreaking and non-risk Filtration drug as a potential solution for unproductive members of the work force has exhilarated research facilities. Transportation of the drug through Japan's trade routes is now safe to go. Because of health concerns regarding the drug in Japan's climate and safety regulation issues, the R&D in charge of the Filtration will develop a Japanese version of the drug with different side effects.
    • Cuba: Most of the Caribbean has united into Cuban rule do to our conquering of the major Caribbean islands. We Establish a State owned Drug company called "Health For Earth Corp", or the HFE corporation and we put it in charge of production and distribution of medical aid and the filtration drug across the glone. A building in havana is designated for its headquarters. We Begin Building HFE labs in Havana and Puerto prince to mass produce Filtration drug. We Place a CEO for the company and we fund 1 billion to help in its operations and trading. (Secret) We Used the labs to create cures for the XENA-24 virus in the case it backfires on our general public and we Start to send shipments of the cure to japan for the same reason in case it backfires on them as well. A back up cure is also being researched just in case the first one doesn't work. The virus also can only be activated if the HFE command center in Havana sends out the activation code.(End of Secret)). We designate a portion of our embassy building in japan for economic trade deals to help boost the HFE business in the Asian region. We allow the HFE to use a 20 million dollar supercomputer facility in Havana that is beyond secure to store their files and operation intel and will protect the confidentiality of all users of the Filtration drug. We begin the first sale of the drugs on a site operated from Cuba and they begin selling like wildfire to the African region of the world as they are proven to have bad economics and would be almost desperate for this drug. We Estimate a profit of 2 billion off of Africa in filtration sales, along with aid and donations from the company. The CEO of the company, Ragon Castrez, spoke to a crowd of 30 thousand in Puerto prince at the opening of the HFE laboratory and stated, " Our company is devoted to sending aid to the depleted countries of the world, and to rapidly boost the economy of the world by increasing production rates all across the world from former united states to china and I am devoted to this cause. It will help the Cuban people in return". This causes the CEO's approval rates to increase by 60 percent Cuba wide. We begin to build up our fishing industry, and tobacco industry and we begin building more Cuban cigar factories for extra revenue. Further anti spying and confidentially measures have been implemented, especially to protect the filtration drug, as many foreign companies might try to steal and duplicate the drug and profit on our idea.
      HFE CEO

      HFE CEO speaks strongly about company in Puerto prince

    • LovesIcelandic Union:We congratulate Japan, as well as we send our massive stockpile of Moon-capable rockets from stripped nuclear arsenal left from the War to Pennsylvania, for free. We plan to join the American Union in the future if the opportunity presents itself.
  • New VA Flag - w sealRepublic of Virginia: The current President announces that all Virginian land will ceded to the Republic of Pennsylvania.
  • GeorgiaRepublic of Georgia: After the events in the past years and the expansion of some of our neighbors on the continent, we declare a new mission to gain more land for our control. We start the invasion of Alabama, using all of the military tech we have developed. The invasion has started to go well, and we have already made it to the outskirts of Montgomery, whose fate will be decided in the Battlefield. We ask no one to interfere, but instead look to see if the Chinese puppet state can defend itself. Thank you.
    • Flag of JapanJapanese Foreign Affairs: While we intend to respect the Georgian Republic's request for non-interference, Japan will not hesitate to intervene if the situation escalates. As such, Japan wants Georgia to ensure minimum impact is done in order to protect the ceasefire's stability.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralian Liberation Front (ALF):We do want peace with China, but we want our country back, or at least part of it. We will also say that when we regain all or part of our former lands, we will be a peaceful nation with ties to both alliances, much like Japan. We will not intervene with the Georgian conquest of Alabama, as we have our own war to fight. There has been some discussion of name and flag-changing when we get independence, with the Oceanic Republic being the most voted-for name currently, although voting is in its initial stages and confined to all Australian citizens in exile in Madagascar. Meanwhile, the Invasion of Tasmania is still ongoing as we try to consolidate our power there. An Invasion of West Australia is also planned.
  • Rebel FlagUnion States of America: It has been many years since the United States of America was whole, we have watched behind the scenes all these years as the world has been taken over by the tyrannical communist regime bullying other nations to stay under their control, well we have had the last straw. Behind the communist rule of the People's Republic of China, we have grown as a rebel group; gaining more and more people as the years go by and the world changes. Currently having about 2,500 people supporting us and willing to fight to the death for us. We begin our quest to capture Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. We know for the far future, our rebel group will not be taken seriously and many world powers will think of us as a small weak little movement that can be crushed out in a matter of months, but we are not! One nation, one family, one United States of America.
  • China-0China: We are sending more troops to North America to augment our garrisons in light of the renewed threat of american insurgent to attack several areas in the Mid west,we report a 12 percent growth in our Economy and 6 percent inflation,were pouring more investment into North America to build its industrial base and generate more jobs for the localpopulace
    • Japanese Foreign Affairs: Japan refuses China's renewed justification for deploying overwhelming quantity of troops in the American continent, and accuse the LPA of indirectly assisting the Midwest's fight against the Georgian front. This provocative series of militarization may even endanger the international status quo and certainly create more destructive clashes in the future. In order to clarify 'empty holes' in the ceasefire agreement, Japan requests all parties from the Communist Alliance, Freedom Coalition and the Non-Aligned Movement to immediately renegotiate amendments in the ceasefire agreement to ensure a much stronger peace and stability. Agreements regarding new insurgencies, rights of sovereignty and progression of peace in the Pacific is included. We offer to mediate the talks in Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture. (World response needed - Takashima Conference)
  • Mexico2Mexico: We are reporting a 7 percent economic growth with the bulk of the growth coming from our manufacturing sector,farm output has grown a tremendous 17 percent with wheat leading all the bunker crops, no boreder incident has been reported with the Chinese border guards,even a game of friendly soccer were played between Mexican and Chinese troops all long the border we hope for continued friendly relation with China (China response needed)
    • Government of Japan: Our delegation in Mexico City wishes to establish a trade and investment agreement, which would see both countries, separated by the Pacific Ocean, invest more in each others economy and revive trans-pacific trade. We believe that the deal would further support Mexico's praiseworthy growth, increase job and innovation opportunities, and solidify Central America's role in the world economy. Our delegation also wishes to discuss the sharp presence of unaligned militias and struggling liberation movements, foreign policy and our approach to China's unwelcoming deployment of armies in the Americas and the Pacific. It will allow us to agree on a common goal and repair a fracture of unity in the Freedom Coalition. (Mexico response needed)
    • Free City Of Canterbury: The archbishop of Canterbury has requested to the government of the United Kingdom (UK response needed) that the small city of Canterbury becomes an independent country, it believes it can survive independently, and we await a UK response
  • ThUKRHREP1Florida: We are putting more industries back into operation in an effort of improving our our fast growing economy,We also report an economic growth of 6.5 percent for the fiscal year of 2065,We urge China to open negotiation with the various insurgent groups fighting within the borders of its vast World empire (China response needed),we also urge the rebels not to foment further violence and seek a peaceful solution to their demands (Rebel groups response needed)
    • Japanese Foreign Affairs: With the intention to dialogue and the mediation of hostilities, Japan invites Florida to join the Takashima Conference as a leading member, as the state was the first organized state-hood American resistance during the American rebellion and its role for world peace. Florida and Japan shares the common objective in liberty and human rights, which participation in the Takashima Conference shall advance peace and assistance to many under the chain of to