BT Foresight and Futurology Unit is a futurology division of British Telecom.

The unit is accredited as being a top think tank by various sources [1]
The founder of BT's futurology lab was Peter Cochrane who left in 2001 to found concept labs and remains a guru in the industry, his web site [2] lists his current interests.
Ian Pearson was BTs [3]] first futurologist he left in 2007 to setup an outside consultancy speaking organisation called futurizon [4].
As of 2008 the BT Foresight and Futurology Unit consists of (in alphabetical order).

Dave Brown
Lesley Gavin
Jonathan Mitchener
Robin Mannings
Ian Neild

Ian Neild and Ian Pearson were the editors of the last two technology timelines [5]
They all present and write about future technologies and impacts; further details can be found by web searches

Update, in 2009, Dave Brown and Jonathan Mitchener left BT to pursuse careers outside of BT.

"BT Exact Technologies" was the name of a division within BT but no longer exists

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