Arabian Republic
جمهورية عربية
AF flag PeaceforArabs

"الوحدة والديمقراطية والحرية"
("Unity, Democracy, Freedom.")


"يتوحدوا ليحققوا أكثر إشراقا أيام "

"Unite to bring brighter days"



Official Languages English, variable
State Ideology Populist Democracy
Government Confederal constitutional monarchy
Head of State President
Population 6.47 billions
Currency Dirham

Arabian Republic, officially United Republic of Western Asia, is a confederal constitutional monarchy that encompass the terriotories once known as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Sunni Iraq, , Palestine, Yeman, Oman, UAE, and one of the Nine superstates that rise on Earth from late 21st century - early 22nd century.

As a super power in Earth Sphere, the country is also unique as two things:

1. The last constitutional monarchy, as well as religious-based nation on Earth.

2. The only nation that is success in restoring peace, prosperity and reputation of the Middle East region.

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